Greater Preservation of Relative Position (+6), Target (-2), Simple (-1), One-trick (-3) uncommon (+1), Strike 3, 4 CP total
Aramin Brusquely, Power of Complaints, finds this gift useful for severely annoying those who try to shove him about.
The user chooses a visible target at some distance. The two thereafter keep that exact same distance and angle, and act as one object when it comes to momentum, as if they were welded together by an intangible steel bar.
To evict Aramin from a restaurant he's chosen, you'd need to move that whole restaurant. Also handy for blocking missiles, catching fleeing cars, and surviving falls from 1000 feet.

Besides dispersing momentum evenly throughout his body, the gift does nothing to protect Aramin, which means if he locks himself to a fleeing truck, it's up to him and his natural beastly strength to prevent himself from being dragged all over town.
At One-trick Utility, he also can't connect several objects at once, connect two objects where neither is him, or shift the point of connection around. Furthermore, the effect ends as soon as he stops maintaining it.

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