Infinite Keep

The Infinite Keep is the Chancel of Olóriel, the Angel of Seals, Architecture, and Silver, keeper of the stairway to Heaven. Its foundations are laid in the depths of the Earth, while its topmost towers stretch up to the gates of the Brightest Realm. In between, there are a limitless number of rooms, passages, and vaults, many of them empty, but many more are filled with strange creatures, servants, and treasures. Over the past thousand years, the Power of Seals has locked away dangerous monsters within the rooms of the castle, keeping them away from the fragile world of humans. At the same time, the Power of Silver has filled just as many rooms with silver, platinum, gold, and other treasures from his business dealings. The three Powers of Olóriel rule within the Chancel over its various mysterious dwellers, and are charged with filling each of its infinite rooms with wonders.

The lowest areas of the Keep, where it still remains close to the Earth, (its main corporeal locus is fixed on a ruined castle in Scotland) resembles the home of a medieval European king in the age of his full glory. Most of the rooms are decorated, and liveried servants move constantly about, cleaning, polishing, and protecting. This is the area where guests are received and the Powers keep their chambers.

The highest areas, where the tips of the highest spires give access to Heaven, are bright and elegant marble chambers, filled with windows and balconies that let the inhabitants of the Keep look up at the foundations of the Bright Realm. Furniture is uncommon in these areas, but visiting angels occasionally bring gifts of flowers or stardust which are hung in pots from the ceiling. The only regular inhabitants are the cherubs, inhabitants of worlds near Heaven on the Tree who resemble half-sized, teenage angels. They occasionally do some work to keep the place clean, but are more likely to be at play until some threat arises.

The spaces in between Earth and Heaven are less well-defined. Some of the rooms found in the nebulous central region resemble normal rooms, but others are enormous vaults with windows looking out on unknown, starry voids. The Powers of the Keep constantly decorate these rooms with new treasures, but the number of empty rooms remains infinite. These spaces do, however, have an advantage in their proximity to unknown realms: they provide an excellent environment for the arts of High Summoning. The Power of Seals has created several special summoning chambers in which she practices her arts.

The Infinite Keep:

  • High Summoning (1 pt)
  • Normal Magic (3 pts)
  • Magical Inhabitants (2 pts)
  • Spirit Gate to Heaven (4 pts)

Total: 10 Chancel points

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