Death's-Regal, Dominus Mortem

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0 CP
Domain 5 5 DMP 15 CP
2 Death is an end that comes to all things
1 Death is a passage to the afterlife
1 Death leaves memories behind
1 Death is inevitable
1 Death inflicts decay and rot
1 Death cuts all ties
Persona 0 5 PMP 0 CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0 CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I believe the Creator has forsaken us. (1)
Passion: Lucifer was right, and Heaven was wrong. (1)
Skill: Superior Charisma (3)
Skill: Philosopher (1)
Skill: Aerial Combat (1)
Cool (0)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I am sacrosanct, and cannot be punished for my deeds. (5)
Affliction: I have an on-again, off-again relationship with the Power of Life, Carmine Caldera. (1)
Affliction: Truth or falsehood can't be read from my words. (2)
Affliction: I have a heavenly, musical voice that others love to hear. (1)
Bond: I will protect those who deserve to be defended. (1)
Bond: I can find the weak spot of anything. (5)


Active Immortality
Major Preservation of the Self (6), Automatic (1), Self Only (-3), Full Flexibility (1), Uncommon (1) = 6 CP
Inle's infamous immortality actually originates from the curse of the Imperial Miracle spoken by the Imperator he had slain on his escape from Heaven. As such, Inle cannot die or even come to significant harm as a result.

Major Creation of Emotion (7), Simple (-1), Local (-1), One Trick (-3), Common (0) = 2 CP
Though Fallen, Inle's former angelic nature cannot be denied. When he allows it to shine through, all creatures know they stand in the presence of one who has existed since the dawn of Heaven itself, and fall to their knees in worshipful awe of his divine beauty or in fear of his now darker nature.

Treasure 4 (4), Automatic (1), Self Only (-3), One Trick (-3), Common (0) = 1 CP
Inle's magnificent wings not only allow him to fly for extended periods of time without rest, but reflexively yank him out of the way of danger as well of their own volition.

Soul Carving Sword "Ralos, also called Vengeance" Minor Abhorrent Weapon
Treasure 6 (6), Normal (-2), One Target (-2), Limited (-2), Uncommon (1) = 1 CP
A large, wicked night-black scythe, Ralos is a weapon of Excrucian origin, and was taken from the hands of the first of those dark riders to pierce through the Weirding Wall and assault Heaven's gates. By spending an MP, Inle can slice through a miracle and its underlying Gift or Trait and negate it completely, so long as the miraculous action to do so is sustained.


Inle's personality is complex and somewhat twisted. He's certainly broken, but still motivated by higher ideals, although some are decidedly corrupted. He will do whatever he feels he must, as he believes he is sacrosanct and that he cannot be punished, for even his darkest deeds are blessed. He is patient and pleasant as necessary, and can even truly seem like the angel he once was for a while. Unfortunately it doesn't often last long however with his darker nature, and he has a hairline trigger for violence and evasion.


Life Path

Lotus Flower (I): Key of the Descending Angel
My Power

  • Herald of the End of the Third Age
  • Fallen Savior
  • Extraordinary Fate

My Nature:

  • Glorious
  • Set apart
  • Those who I interact with eventually become a reflection of their true inner self.

"Who am I?"

Acacia (III): Key of Something that Must Be Hidden
A Dangerous Secret

  • I have slain an Imperator
  • I know a secret about Lord Entropy
  • I have seen the Lands Beyond Creation

…That Hurts To Keep:

  • Painful silence
  • Set apart
  • Constantly looking over my shoulder
  • Cast from Heaven's grace and transformed

"What have I done?"


Excrucian: Inle is on good terms with the Deceiver Tairte Ut-napishtim, the two often discussing philosophy on the nature of existence, the Excrucian War, and other esoteric topics. They often meet for tea and cakes made of Colbrand's purest light at the Fountain of Bestowed Blessings, a wondrous place of beauty just on the edge of the Heaven/Excrucian front.

Noble Friend: Inle has a rocky relationship with Carmine Caldera, the Power of Life. He saved her life once from the Strategist Pherenius Oswig, and she helped him win the case in the Locust Court that secured his freedom from the shackles of Heaven's Power of Justice. Sometimes fierce lovers, sometimes passionate rivals - for two hundred years they managed to be both at the same time, and no one knows how they'll react to each other at their next meeting.

Nemesis: Inle's greatest enemy is Sariel Bright-Star, the angelic Power of Justice. She has sworn to bring upon him righteous vengeance for his desertion of Heaven's battleground and has tried twenty-seven times to this day. Twenty-six times all failed, him being seemingly untouchable and above the law. The twenty-seventh time would have succeeded, were it not for the intervention of Carmine Caldera. When she has time, she pursues him, and refuses to rest until she has brought him low.

Domain Miracle Chart

0 Inle can sense when the Estate of Death is in danger.
1 Inle can create something related to death - the chill of death, ghostly apparitions, rigor mortis. It has substance, but can’t do very much to affect the world. He can also make something appear that it has died or decayed, but it actually hasn’t.
2 Inle can learn basic, mundane information about death just by asking. This is useful for knowing exactly how and when something died, how fatal something can be, or sensing the weight of death around someone or somewhere.
2 Inle can open up a channel of conversation with death, allowing him to talk with it and try to convince it to do things it might have otherwise done anyway.
3 Inle can strengthen or preserve death against that which would destroy or weaken it, prevent a dead thing from resurrecting or reincarnating, or make fatal factors harder to avoid, such as making a disease more virulent or make aging more rapid. He can also prolong someone’s death, extending their lifespan.
4 Inle can create death in the world with the ability to kill almost anything - including people, ideas, moods, or thoughts. He can also turn someone’s fleeting desire to kill into an unstoppable urge, animate dead things to serve his own will, and shroud himself in a terrible fog that kills the inertia of attacks made against him. He can rot and decay things into nothing but dust. He can also open passageways into and through the bleak reality of the underworld, allowing him to travel great distances in a few steps, or walk the paths of the afterlife.
5 Inle can destroy death with but a thought - whether by destroying the death in something and returning it to proper life, or destroying the ‘inanimate’ quality of death, creating zombies or wraiths. He can remove conduits to the afterlife for a soul by slamming shut the gates of passage to the next world, or remove the troublesome presence of possessing spirits or hauntings.
5 Inle can ask the whole of death what it knows about anything else. He can also glean a limited insight into the future by sifting through the deaths of millions of possible scenarios.
6 Inle can change the location, context, destiny, or purpose of death, modifying it to work in new ways. Things that aren’t fatal can be made fatal, and things that are fatal can be made permanently safe. He can also design new rules of Death that apply only to one person. [1 DMP]
6 Inle can vastly strengthen death in various ways. He can make one living creature essentially immune to death, an undead creature immune to destruction, make someone’s death an absolute certainty, make resurrection or reincarnation for a dead creature impossible, curse a whole nation to wither and die, or make someone’s slow agonizing death last forever. [1 DMP]
7 Inle can create or control death on an unlimited scale, creating entirely new forms of death. He can slay whole nations or populations with a wave of his hand, or mark a place as permanently haunted. He can infect everyone in the world with the need to commit death, or raise an unstoppable army of the dead, creating a literal zombie apocalypse. He can also create an eternal gate to the underworld, forever linking the realms of the living and the dead. [2 DMP]
8 Inle can destroy death on an unlimited scale. He could raise a whole dead nation back to life, or destroy the human race’s capability to die, by their own hand or anyone else’s. He can eradicate every person or object that has caused death in the world, or just their handiwork. He can cut off passage to the afterlife entirely by refusing to allow any soul to pass, or destroy the line between the world and the underworld, blurring their existences together as one forever. [4 DMP]
9 Redefine what death itself means, such as deciding that all dead souls must go through his reception before passing into “true death”, existing as a ghostly wraith that cannot go to the afterlife until it has received his stamp. Declare that the soul now dies with the body, making anything after meaningless. Decree that entire worlds are dead and always have been, or change the context of Death so that it is raucously celebrated instead of mourned. Create an underworld if one doesn't already exist, and name its location and rules. [4 DMP]

Aspect Miracle Chart

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