Kal Newmen, Saint of Deals, Dominus Negotium

Skill: Superior Merchant (5)
Cool (1)
Shine (3)

Aspect 1
Domain 0
Persona 0
Treasure 5

….are sacred (3)
….are the foundation for civilization (2)
….have two sides (2)


I am Merchant Supreme of the Deveels [1] (anchor the Deveels and the Bazaar at Deva)
I have the [b]iphone [1 (anchor my cell phone)
Any deal that I am a party to is kept [5] (anchor the Kal monetary system)
If I don't already have what you want I can get it [5]


Nobody cheats me! (2)
Violence is ineffective around me. (4)


Teleportation [2 CP]
Merchant of Impossibilities [3 CP]
Unlimited Application Tactic [2 CP]


The Kal Monetary system is backed by me. One Kal is enough to pay me to be a witness for a deal - all you have to do is throw it into a pool of water say "O Kalnos Bal accept my offering that I may deal with you". I'll appear in it (guidance miracle) and witness your deal. It is also the down payment to my attention in order to cut a deal with me. There are maybe 1,000 Kals in circulation.

The Deveel are merchants - well, maybe I shouldn't say merchants, more like Merchants Supreme. They are the reason devils got the reputation of crafty bargainers and all those "sell your soul" stories. But really only a very inexperienced Deveel would go after souls, after all the deveel bought up the old gods worship, which is why money is worshiped now.
The Bazaar at Deva is where the devils go to trade with each other. If something has a price it can be bought there and if something has value it can be sold there.


How I Became Even Richer
How I Made the Mir the Standard Monetary System

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