Kal On

Kal on…

Mafdet: Kal finds her selfish and does not understand why she won't enter a deal even if it helps everyone. Kal however knows better then to offer her tangibles. He always offers intangibles. (He has Merchant of Impossibilities)

Luke: Kal is always trying (and sometimes succeeding) in getting Luke into advertisements and commercials. Once it become public knowleage that Luke is doing something everyone starts following suit.

Inle: He makes a good body guard and his buttons are user friendly.

Philip Heartwasp: Kal don't like what he did to money. I blame him for there being no solid currency for nobilis. Kal plan on getting him to cough up the money some day.

The Mademoiselle: Not quite sure.

Samar: Kal is always selling him stories.

Krrr'zzmizsh: Kal thinks he's a thief and stays away from him.

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