Kamala Duggal Love

• Always, I am denied Love
• Everything in my way shall suffer.
• It is comforting to know my misery shall have company.
• I will never be so alone again.
• I hate Lord Entropy for what he does to me

What Lets Me Oppose It

The Dream
• Magnificent Bastard
• Uncanny Powers of Assessments
• Understands the Heart
• I have destined love towards the Darkest Lord
• I am free to do whatever I desire

The Cost

Something Cool
He’s a magnificent bastard, cunning, manipulative, calculating, but always charming. He seems to know what’s going on even when he shouldn’t. Plus, you know, he wears a suit woven from the torn destinies of Lovers, and damn does it look fine…

Light Side of Human Experience
Yeah, Love hurts, its savage, dangerous, and destroying… but only because when it works right it is so damn beautiful and wonderful.

Something you live
I mean, it is Love, it comes from inside.

Troubled Life
He doesn’t really know why, but life has been one long string without love for him. Grew up in a string of foster homes. Not with bad people, mind you, but he never felt loved… always too much trouble when he was young, he guesses, always seemed to worm his way out of people’s hearts.
It wasn’t till he learnt subtlety. Which is, in the end, how he got close to people who he loved, even sleep with a few, but just the same they never loved him back. There were people who loved him, of course, girls mostly, but he never loved them. Always something unrequited in the way.

Still Troubled
You’d think being made the God of Love would fix that problem… but it just made it worse. Something metaphysical in his nature was risen higher, made to ward off even his own Power. He isn’t really sure if it’s part of who he is, or the product of Lord Entropy’s dangerous authority in the world. He suspects his Imperator knew this when he chose him, and chose him because of it. Can’t have Love winning, can you?

It seems the most natural thing in the world for the Power of Love to pick a fight with Lord Entropy… and this is precisely what he’s done. Of course, he’s been doing his best to play the bitch so far, let Entropy have his way while the noose tightens…

True Love:
The problem is there is another noose, already tighter, around his own neck. He loves, deeply and truly, Lord Entropy. Something in his nature has made him soulmate to this mortal enemy of his very being, to love him as he has loved no other in all his life.

Song of the Dark:
And he is going to make Lord Entropy suffer for that. He is going to out Dark the Darkest Lord, and drive the Ymera of Destruction to self destruction, one way or another.

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