King Rat

TRUE GOD (*Primordial, *Intertwined with other things)
*embodiment of the heroes journey
*a really, really big person holding our entire Chancel as an enormous sword.
*a large and complex tangle of adventures, heroes, villains, and problems in need of solving
*sex and drugs and rock and roll.
*a gardener by nature
*it exists in the emergent behaviors of things done unconsciously by the townsfolk.

True Gods, more than any other flavor of Ymera, are creatures of biology. They mate, they die, they are reborn, the have children, eat them, and then are usurped by them. They are growing, evolving, changing.

So too is King Rat. He didn't always go by that name, nor did he always bear the Estates he does now. By devouring great spirits and other True Gods King Rat has achieved a healthy level of power for itself. He has many gifts for mankind, the sharp sword, the divine word, gold and glory, but it is his embodiment of the Estate of Plants where the Ymera seems the most elemental. He is everywhere, in the dangerous wilds and the palaces of the wealthy. He is on the field of battle and in the halls of academia. He's even on the internet, nowadays.

King Rat is oft perceived as too large to deal with on a personal level. His Nobles have the best rapport with him and even then they must usually venture high above the skies of their Chancel to see the outline of their Giant Above, wielding the Keep like a blade in mid-swing, or else venture into the cellars and dungeons to converse with the Rats Below. The Rats stand at the threshold of civilization and savagery and so are the most complete messenger of King Rat's will. Of course, the name the Ymera takes in this modern era stems from the common place communication with his rat servitors. They usually speak the sum total will of the God truthfully and accurately.

He can be felt elsewhere of course. Every morning, all the civilized people of Hubtown awake and commence a routine of gardening with the sunrise. Careful tending of the gardens, parks and surrounding forests and jungles of Hubtown keep much of the people occupied throughout the day. At night, everything is revelry, as taverns celebrate with raucous music, copious consumption of questionable substances and the dance of the common folk. This may seem cultural, but it is actually another reflection of the True God's psyche. He tends to his Chancel like a private garden, enacting his will through the subconscious actions of his people. He dances through the celebration, existing in the lyrics, the splash of liquor, the lust in the eyes of the young. He can be felt in the trees, in the migratory patterns of the birds and the chitter of the squirrels. To really deal with the purest incarnation of the Imperator though, one has to fly high enough for the Giant Above to be able to hear them, or else plunge deep into the darkest dungeons of Hubtown and face whatever boss monster lurks there. In it's dying throes it will drop the mask and reveal itself as the Ymera's most honest desires and intentions.

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