Krikl The Grumpy Christmas Elf

For a spontaneous game set in a snow-globe world, with both players having the Snowglobe as their Estate.

Krikl, the grumpy christmas elf

Aspect 2
Persona 2

Mortal Stuff:
Toymaking 3
Elf Magicks 2
"Ev'rything was better in the good old time!" 3


Grumpy old elf 1
Toys are Serious Business 1
That reminds me of this totally unrelated event 50 years ago… 1


the toys I built always end up causing trouble one way or the other 1

The Snowglobe

  • So close, yet so far away
  • Shaken up
  • is on display
  • every snowflake has a story
  • reflects what lies inside
  • comes alive with your memories
  • liquids are gases, gases are liquids
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