Krrr'Zzmizsh On

Krrr'Zzmizsh On

Mafdet - we both come and go as we please, but she seems to do so without regret or shame. I can't help but admire that - and there is just something about cats that make you feel privileged just to be around them.

Luke - he understands the joy of seeking out new things. But must he do it so… loudly?

Inle - an interesting fellow who seems to think much about the important things. He always seems a little aloof and inscrutable, though.

Kal - bargaining and Deals rely on the incorrect (and, dare I say, faintly offensive to an enlightened person) belief that we can ever truly own anything.

The Mademoiselle - a charming woman. I hope one day to be able to understand her; until then, I am content to enjoy her company.

Samar - he always seems to appreciate the tales of my travels. Someday, I'll talk him into coming with me, and show him that there is much of interest in reality, as well as in fiction.

Philip - I suppose it's in his nature to be faintly unnerving. Just as it's in my nature to need to be somewhere else whenever he's around.

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