…gets you access to anything. (1)
…has a kind of mutable immortality. (1)
…dictates opinion. (1)
…acts as a vector for mob mentality. (1)
…makes people other. (1)
…is larger than life. (1)
…makes people forget their inhibitions. (1)

Superior Memetics 3
Bartender 3
Technophile 2
Shine 3

Aspect 0
Domain 0
Persona 3
Treasure 2

*Active Immortality (6)
*Shapeshifter (Technological augmentation) (2)
*The Sovereign’s Gift (Reputation) (1)
*Connective personality. (1) (Aspect 3, Simple -1, Global +1, One trick -3, uncommon +1) (An Aspect miracle of the skill “Analyst”, after a few seconds of interaction it forges a connection strong enough to work Treasure Miracles through a single part of a collection.)

Bond: I can create dimensional roads and rooms which allow people to physically travel via the internet. (1)
Bond: I have access to all sorts of technology. (1)
Bond: I am a ghost of the social networks. (4)
Bond: I direct a team of superheroes. (4)
Affliction: I exist as a living internet meme. (2)
Affliction: Those I possess and guide become larger than life. (2)
Affliction: People who interact through me tend to rub off on one another subconsciously. (1)

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