La Nahia Harumph Tchinu

La Nahia Harumph-tchinu, Investigative Reporter, Dominus X

Aspect 0 ( 5 AMPs)
Persona 2 ( 5 PMPs)
Treasure 2 ( 5 TMPs)

Passion and Skills:
Skill: Seductive -1
Passion: The truth will set you free (or one of you will die trying) 4
Passion: Its better to die trying, then live empty. 4
Cool (0)
Shine (2)

Bonds and Afflictions:
Bond: I'm a Good Maniging Editor of Humming Bird N&PH. 3 (Anchors the Humming Bird Newspaper and Publishing House)
Bond: Those marked with my sigal can call on my nature. 1 (Anchors those marked..or maybe the marks them selves?)
Bond: I _am_ important to The War. Really! 2
Bond: I have the right to be here. 2 (Anchors my "media badge")
Bond: Noble and Imperator society is really god damn messed up, and I want to fix it. 3
Bond: So are the least on this side of the Wall. 2

The Questions asked by la Nahia Harumph-tchinu:

  • demand a impossible truth for an answer
  • provoke the world into misdirected violence
  • beget more of their kind
  • dissolve the bonds between the strong and week
  • excuse la Nihia Harrumph-tchinu's presence
  • serve la Nihia Harrumph-tchinu will.
  • Are embodied in la Nihia Harrumph-tchinu's speech and writing.

Shape-shifting 1 (a handful people she can look like)



but with note book and pencil.

Once she was just a reporter, angry at the world, trying franticly to fix things. Supported sometimes, but more often the very corruption that she wanted to fight was the same thing that paid her bosses bills. Slowly she realized she was just a pawn, a justification, a mask.

She wanted something more, she wanted to have the power to fix things, to make the world over, to be an agent of change. One day as she prayed to a god she did not believe in, to heaven she knew didn't listen. As she sobbed into her sheets, in anger at the world.

Oh, If Only a Devil or a servant of the Dark, or all the thousand spirits that would take a desperate human soul had answered her. If only the strange sigal she felt drawn to scrape was some blaspheme or curse!

If only!

But rather it was own self that answered with a question "Who do you fight for?" And in that moment the whole life she knew..her whole self became those words, became the tool of a voice from beyond Creation. Or rather she woke up to the truth point that was how it had always been.

And that was how she stole a newspaper, and took the face of girl, or is it how she came to be?

Life Path
Lotus Flower: I bring my flock..

  • Truth
  • Untrobled: People don't like reporters. Thats okay, I don't need you to like me to help you.
  • Descriptive (maybe active) : I ask what they can't
  • Organization: Humming Bird Newspaper and Publishing House


  • I love them
  • I listen to them
  • but questions drive out Lies.
  • Marvelrus Construction: I want to _understand_ them.
  • The more you hide…the more you _need_ me.
  • Why don't I want to wake the Power of Passion? Why do I love her lies?

Water Lily

  • Media Pass. You don't want to stop me. don't.
  • Make a pointed argument: The world is really messed up and its lies all the way down.
  • There is a cult around the Mark of the Humming Bird. I have some power over them and they over me.
  • I owe Ha-Quadosch Berakha more then my life.


  • Excrusian Deceiver

Persona Miracle Chart:
0: See how people connect to her questions, or things that would be good to question
1: Make a person a little bit more provoking. Make them want the world to be different..just a little bit. Describe a part of something's life in some of her writing. Make someone do what she wants a little bit. Make a art-style more likely to be imitated. Make something inspire just a little bit more rebellion.
2: 'walk-with' one of her questions as it flows through the world.
3: Hide herself in one of her books. Inspire workers to strike. Or to ignore their union bosses. Create little pieces of her slelf. Inspire violence. Excuse my own presence.
4: Make a movie provoke violence at un-involved people. transform someone into a speech or a book or a newspaper articular. Cause a certian tree to want to fly. Cause "Could you pass the sugar?" to be demanding a painful absurd truth from the target. (Like maybe "No I _hate_ what you did to my life, my daughter, and wish I had killed you at birth!", "Or no I cant pass the sugar because I ate it all!")

How I exposed the Camorra to them selves and forced them to throw them selves out of the halls of power.

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