Language And Mindfulness

Rand Brittain posted, in response to "Legend of Perfectly Defensive Samurai"

This is a fun little arc, but do you ever worry that encouraging poorly-spelled internet memes in this fashion will encourage some form of poorly-spelled karmic retribution?

Dr. Moran responded,

On the contrary, I consider it an act of spiritual generosity, a treasure field of merit.

Wasn’t it Iesvs Nazarenvs himself who said,


I think in principle that it is mindfulness in spelling that is important and not outcome. To add “UR” to your lexicon increases the potential facility and precision of ur expression—it makes ur language more adaptable and increases your ability to communicate. It’s when you delete “your” or lose track of the circumstances where you should use it that your language skills begin to wither.

Now I think that there is virtue in living within a certain palette on occasions. The photographer cannot reasonably exclude blues from a given work; a painter, on the contrary, may find that deliberately doing so increases the work’s grace and power.

In a CV, I should think, I would avoid such phrasing as “IN UR QUALIFICATIONS” or whatnot.

I should not wish to sell myself to others as “totally” having experience with Java, or to write under accomplishments, “Moved every zig.”

Even though, in a real way, I did.

Even if that’s the core, the heart, the essence of life—to be moving every zig, and for great justice; to be in ur base, seeing with ur perspective; to HAVE that quintessential spiritual openness through which the flying spaghetti monster’s noodly appendage slips; to say arr when it is the time to speak like a pirate and yarr when it is time to speak like a pirate with an extra y and to speak silently, if at all, and without explanation, upon a ninja day; to live and love and badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM and strive always to *learn* … oh God, even if that *IS* what it is to live.

Because people would probably not hire me.

So, summing it up:

Sometimes, I think, it’s okay to use “UR”. And other times, it’s more important to leverage core languaging efficiency and applicate broader communicatives. Sometimes, you skate on the surface of the void and make a scattering of light. Other times, you talk.

It’s not about how you spell things.

It’s about the mindfulness with which you spell them.

And with all great good wishes to you who’ve read these words—

Lol; namaste.

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