Lay Locks Hagoail

Lay-Locks Hagoail

Imagine, if you will, the archetypal child's drawing. It's a scrawl of crayons formed into the rough approximation of reality: a little square house, with chimney. A few excessively circular trees, some flowers, a scrawled blue sky with scattered clouds and a smiling sun.

In front of the house there's a small figure, vaguely feminine, a triangular body with a small circular head and lines radiating from for hair. Skinny, stick arms with circular hands and feet. Three long fingers per hand. Two black eyes, empty, and a shaky smile.

This is Lay-Locks Hagoail.

Not just the girl, nor the house, nor the trees, but them all.

She is the house and the grass and the flowers and the sky and the sun.

And she is hungry.

Lay-Locks Hagoail Lay-Locks Hagoail. a being of flat-surfaces and crayon colors. really, really hungry.


Spirit 3 [6]
Delirum 1 [6]
Awakening 3 [6]
Gatecrash 1 [6]

Skills and Passions

Skill: (Superior) Living Crayon Drawing 3
Passions: Drawing 3
Skill: Talking about Lay-Locks Hagoail 2
Passion: Personal Restraint -2


(13 + 3 from Spirit)

Bond: I must self-perpetuate [2].
Bond: I am bound to serve any who's name I utter [2]
Bond: I refuse to return to the empty world below [3]

Affliction: Those who speak my name are driven to preserve or become me [3]
Affliction: I am a painted world of color, shape and children's whims [3].
Affliction: I am a hungry void [3].

Region Property: Lay-Locks Hagoail must be a thing of pattern and color and shade. [2]

She may possess one category of Plot Device; up to seven Blessings.

Lay-Locks Hagoail spent 1 CP on bonus MP.

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