Skill: Ancient techno-sorceror (5)
Skill: Shine (5)

Bond: Together, we can do anything (4)
Bond: I must be able to interact with the mystical as though it were scientific (2)
Bond: I must be recognized as the master of the spectrum of visible light (1)
Bond: I must bend animal totem into warmachines (1)
Bond: I must remain in my command center to watch this world (1)
Bond: I trust my CoyoteRobo butler to do what needs to be done (1)
Affliction: I am ageless, without form, out of phase with this dimension (4)
Affliction: I am haunted by the White Witch and the Black Knight (2)
Affliction: As long as I exist, I will fight to keep the Earth safe! (3)

… is greater than the sum of it's parts (2)
… requires multiple individuals working together (1)
… overcomes great obstacles (1)
… achieves amazing results (1)
… requires a leader (1)
… creates the most powerful bond (1)


Lord of Light
(Lesser Animation of Light (4)
Simple Miracle (-1)
Full Flexibility (+1)
Local Only (-1)
Rarity (+1)
4 CP)


The Colour Rangers - Fight together for justice and to defend the Earth
The Spectrum Matrix* - Harness the unique meaning of each Colour
The Magitech Arsenal - Tools and tricks for the fight against villainy
The GodRobos* - Guardian animal spirits bent into warmachines
The Command Center - Allow me to observe and interface with Earth
CoyoteRobo* - Trusted, suped-up trickster-spirit-butler-robot

A * denotes a Miraculous Anchor. All others are Wondrous. Liath has no Mundane Anchors. They die too easily.


Long ago, in the murky pre-history of Earth, before the revisionist effect of Prosaic reality clouded the world's past in legend and mystery, three people discovered the true meaning of Teamwork. In a world ruled by reptilian rage and uncontrolled magic, they battled monsters, demons and even Harumaph's Riders. But then She came. The Queen of the Excrucians, Erisgikal Lilishiva-sama. She rode into the world in the largest and most traumatic Breakthrough the Earth had ever seen. The White Witch, the Black Knight and the Grey Wizard fought Harumaph's Bride and in the battle the Witch and the Knight suffered mortal wounds. In a last ditch effort they infused their power into the Wizard, who dueled the great Strategist Empress for a solid year straight, before the battle finally ended.

Eriskigal Lilishiva-sama was banished from the Earth, trapped in her own madness, never again to return. Even though the Grey Wizard, now known as Liath, had lost his physical form and connection to this material plane in the battle, the death of his companions would not allow the Wizard to rest. He further refined his powers on other planes, even contacting and rousing from rest the Imperator of Teamwork. Alone, without his allies to stand beside him, Liath vowed to protect the Earth even if he could not exist upon it, through a combination of magic, hard work and trusting the power in people working together as one.

The Imperator blessed the incorporeal Liath. From that moment on every moment of The Power of Teamwork's life has been building towards creating a perfect squadron of mortal heros to protect the Earth. Using magic refined to the point of resembling technology, the Grey Wizard bent animal gods into massive warmachines, harnessed the omnipresent power of the light spectrum to create flashy transformations, and built an ever evolving arsenal of weapons and magical techniques for his warriors to wield. Over the years many teams have fought and died under Liath's tutelage. The responsibility of power passes from one team to another, and the Grey Wizard watches over them all.

And then Harumaph's Bride somehow returned!

In one fell swoop, one of her Shards obliterated the entire sentai who had protected the Earth over a decade. Worse, it was the corrupted soul of the Black Knight, drawing from the stolen and tainted Black Spectrum Power, who murdered those heroes as Liath could only watch. From high in Earth orbit the Queen of the Excrucians laughed as Liath's finest were crushed beneath her boot. The day was lost, but the Grey Wizard learned an important fact. Eriskigal Lilishiva was, like him, not fully within this reality. She had come close enough to Creation to be able to send her many Shards into it as an invasive army, but the greatest work of her monsters was to recreate the painful Breakthrough that would birth her into our world.

Liath vowed not to let that happen. He quickly had his coyote robo-butler search the world for teenagers with attitude with which to recreate his team. He would need champions, fast!




When the Queen of the Excrucians returned, the previous squadron of heroes were brutally slaughtered by the Excrucian tainted Black Knight. Now, Liath and CoyoteRobo are searching for new heroes to fill their brightly coloured boots. So far, they have found three.

Ken Kowasaki - Japanese-American former stunt-biker and rock star, Ken Kowasaki walked away from it all to have a wife and family. And then the Excrucians killed them all, leaving his pain to fuel their flower rite. Though it was thwarted by the Power of Anguish, Ken was lost and vengeful. Liath offered him the leadership of the New Colour Rangers, and with it, he has found a new reason to live. He is Ranger Red, keeper of the EagleRobo.

Misha Cherenkov - Raised by a KGB assassin squad, Misha is a human weapon, trained from birth to take on new identities, infiltrate enemy groups, and kill on command. At the age of 16 she broke away from her masters on a deep cover mission in Britain and managed to find amnesty and psychological treatment. Confined to a mental institution only the Queen's closest advisers even knew about, Liath offered her freedom and a new mission; save the world. She is Ranger Blue, keeper of the WolfRobo.

Burraga - An Australian Aborigine hunter, warped in time due to getting lost during a vision quest, he just waltzed into the 21st Century one day and started kicking ass and taking names. His life seems a bit like an action movie, since Burraga is constantly getting in fights, wooing women, exploring strange forgotten tombs and hunting enormous creatures. When he discovered Liath's command center on his own and recounted his tale with the Grey Wizard over dinner, he was a shoe-in for the job. He is Ranger Yellow, Keeper of the SharkRobo.

ColourRangers are given a Henshin-Phone, the current version much resembling a iPhone. This gift serves as a communication device that never needs charging (or paying for) that can also take pictures and go on the internet and everything a modern smart-phone could do. More importantly, it serves as a link to the Spectrum Matrix. When the right app is activated and the command words "Colour Change!" are shouted, rays of the purest version of their particular colour pour out of the device and wrap the Ranger in their glowing, primordial might. This forms into a skin-fitting armored uniform that protects them from damage as well as serving as a life support system that can survive in the emptiness of space. Their strength and speed are enhanced, their senses aided by HUD read-outs, and they gain access to the Magitech Arsenal by directly summoning them from the Colour Matrix. The Henshin-Phone is also used to call forth the GodRobos.

Currently seeking a Pink (preferably a girly-girl?) and a Green (some sort of comic relief)

After them … all bets are off. Silver? Gold? Just not Black/White/Grey, but the rest of the Spectrum is open. Orange. Purple. Maybe he'll need an army to fight the Bride of Harumaph.


For a wizard and a guardian of the Earth, Liath sure likes to make guns and swords. Every Colour Ranger has a convertable gun-sword they may access at will, manifesting from thin air through the Spectrum Matrix, even when untransformed. While in their powered-up form they may summon a unique melee weapon suited for their fighting style (Red: Oversized Katana, Blue: Crazy Bladed Yoyo, Yellow: Spear). These weapons may furthermore be combined into the Rainbow-Cannon, a massive weapon requiring the whole sentai to support, aim and fire. Further additions to the team will serve only to boost the might of the Rainbow-Cannon.


Liath has captured many animal-spirits and gods throughout the years, binding them to the Spectrum Matrix and bending them into seemingly mechanical (but still self-willed) giant warmachines. Though capable of moving and acting on their own, they usually lay dormant, activated only when the Colour Rangers or Liath calls. They have been known to instinctively come to their master's aid in times of great need. After their pilots die in the battle for justice, the Grey Wizard usually frees them and thanks them for their service.

The current GodRobos for the current set of Colour Rangers are SharkRobo, WolfRobo and EagleRobo. Each is a formidable warrior on their own, with SharkRobo mastering the seas, WolfRobo the land and EagleRobo the skies. They can combine into Colour-Oh, a massive-man-shaped robot suitable for fighting giant monsters. His SpectrumSword can unleash the Super Rainbow Finishing Strike which usually impresses the heck out of most opponents, and they usually die or surrender out of awe.


A unique GodRobo, the ancient and mighty trickster coyote only agreed to be bent if he remained no larger than man-sized and specifically not equipped to be a warmachine. Instead he is Liath's eyes and hands in the world, a mostly autonomous, incredibly crafty, and technomagically enhanced spirit-made-metal. As his programming insists, CoyoteRobo usually spends his time in the Command Center, attending to Liath's will and overseeing his projects. He finds this incredibly boring. He is much happier when the Grey Wizard looses him into the world to spy, perform magic, kidnap, recruit or brutally slaughter beings in ways the Colour Rangers could never be associated with. He is the left-hand of the Grey-Wizard. His metal is grey, a darker shade of Liath. His bargain came with only one catch; as Liath's personal GodRobo he will never be free of his service until the wizard is dead.


Is just one of those extra-dimensional power sources that pseudo-sciency-space-wizards like to draw upon. Like the Force. Or the Morphing Grid. Or the Power of Greyskull. To listen to the Grey Wizard in his explanation:

//"I conquered the Colour Matrix in my youth. It exists in a Platonic plane of pure colour. There the true meaning of that particular shade and colour are made manifest. Do you wonder why red makes you angry? Why people refer to yellow as the colour of fear, or jealousy as a green-eyed monster? Why do blue rooms make people sad? Why do we associate so much emotional resonance to each of the colours?

Simply because there is power there. Great power. It took a long time learning to harmonize and resonate with that power. I cannot command it so much as direct in. I find suitable humans with resonances that harmonize with a True Colour and hook them up to the Matrix. They mainline the power right into the body and soul, turning them into full on superhumans. But it is not their strength or their weapons that are their true strength; colour is strongest when mixed, when united. The spectrum is really one, and the closer the sentai gets to acting in that manner, the more power they can draw upon.

I know the Spectrum Matrix is sentient. I know each colour is like a god, a child, an emotion and a blinding, searing ray of death. Or life. It is a power that is untapped and all around us. It is all we see everywhere we go. At times I have thought it irresponsible to expose teenagers to such a dangerous force. The Matrix, on the other hand, as always proved itself protective of those I entrust to it. It spills forth into this world, allowing only the strongest souls to serve it, and making them glow every brighter.

Of course there is the old chestnut about the flame that burns twice as hot."//


A mobile, invisible, fortress and laboratory. Within, a plethora of experiments are dreamed up by Liath and enacted by automated devices and overseen by CoyoteRobo. Here the Magitech Arsenal is refined, the GodRobos bent and the world scanned for dangers. Usually it resides in Mythic Reality (as do most of the Colour Ranger antics), but it can be forced into the Prosaic, at the cost of it's cloaking.

Here is also the only place Liath can really manifest. A series of projectors, gasses, generators, mirrors and harmonizers work non-stop to keep the barest hint of a physical manifestation of the Grey Wizard on Earth. Mostly it just looks like a big floating head made of grey smoke.

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