Lightning Saint Elesha

Concept: Unruly runaway daughter of a Guild merchant prince; explorer and wandering merchant; army-slaying warrior.
Caste: Dawn

Supernal: Archery

Anima: Twelve divine arms unfold like lotus petals, grasping Elesha’s bowstring to draw it back, or making benedictory mudras, as appropriate.

Defining Principle: Let’s make a deal.
Defining Principle: I’ll never use my wealth for wickedness, like my father.
Defining Tie: Uratan, the Divinity-Bearing Horse! (Camaraderie)
Major Principle: Violence must be employed with the greatest restraint.
Major Principle: I love discovering new things.
Major Principle: Just because it’s a rule doesn’t mean it’s right.
Major Tie: Cynis Tamira (Protective Bemusement)
Major Tie: Kenara (Respect)
Major Tie: Cally (Confusion)
Major Tie: Luka (Cahoots)
Major Tie: The Guild (Hatred)
Minor Principle: Overwrought titles are the best titles
Minor Principle: I don’t strive against others; it’s more important to enjoy myself.
Minor Tie: The Realm (It’d Be Great If They’d Stop Trying to Kill Me)
Minor Tie: Animals (Compassion)
Minor Tie: The Box (Curiosity)

Strength 3
Dexterity 5
Stamina 3

Charisma 5
Manipulation 1
Appearance 1

Perception 4
Intelligence 2
Wits 3

Willpower: 6

Archery* 5 (On Horseback)
War* 1

Integrity 1
Presence 2 (Drive a Hard Bargain)
Resistance* 1
Survival* 1

Lore* (The best education a merchant prince can buy) 3

Athletics* 2
Awareness* 5
Dodge* 5 (On Horseback)

Bureaucracy* 5
Ride* 5 (Urathan)
Socialize 2

Artifact 3: Summer Thunder
Contacts 3: Satisfied Customers
Familiar 2: Urathan, the Divinity-Bearing Horse!
Resources 3: Successful wandering merchant
Languages 1: Rivertongue, Guild Cant


Wise Arrow
Trance of Unhesitating Speed
Arrow Storm Technique
Revolving Bow Discipline

Graceful Crane Stance
Monkey Leap Technique

Sensory Acuity Prana
Keen Sight Technique

Frugal Merchant Method
Deft Official’s Way
Speed the Wheels

Drifting Leaf Elusion

Master Horseman’s Techniques
Flashing Thunderbolt Steed
Elusive Mount Technique

Ox-Body Technique

Hooves Like Sunlight

XP: 2/10
Solar XP: 2/10

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