Lightning Saint Elesha

Concept: Unruly runaway daughter of a Guild merchant prince; explorer and wandering merchant; army-slaying warrior.
Caste: Dawn

Supernal: Archery

Anima: Twelve divine arms unfold like lotus petals, grasping Elesha’s bowstring to draw it back, or making benedictory mudras, as appropriate.

Defining Principle: Let’s make a deal.
Defining Principle: I’ll never use my wealth for wickedness, like my father.
Defining Tie: Uratan, the Divinity-Bearing Horse! (Camaraderie)
Major Principle: Violence must be employed with the greatest restraint.
Major Principle: I love discovering new things.
Major Principle: Just because it’s a rule doesn’t mean it’s right.
Major Tie: Cynis Tamira (Protective Bemusement)
Major Tie: Kenara (Respect)
Major Tie: Cally (Confusion)
Major Tie: Luka (Cahoots)
Major Tie: The Guild (Hatred)
Minor Principle: Overwrought titles are the best titles
Minor Principle: I don’t strive against others; it’s more important to enjoy myself.
Minor Principle: There's no enlightenment in nonsense. The things before there were things have nothing to teach you. Seek enlightenment in the world.
Minor Tie: The Realm (It’d Be Great If They’d Stop Trying to Kill Me)
Minor Tie: Animals (Compassion)
Minor Tie: Gaia (Respect)
Minor Tie: Ysyri (Hatred)

Strength 3
Dexterity 5
Stamina 3

Charisma 5
Manipulation 1
Appearance 1

Perception 4
Intelligence 2
Wits 3

Willpower: 7

Archery* 5 (On Horseback)
War* 1

Integrity 1
Presence 2 (Drive a Hard Bargain)
Resistance* 1
Survival* 1

Lore* (The best education a merchant prince can buy) 3

Athletics* 2
Awareness* 5
Dodge* 5 (On Horseback)

Bureaucracy* 5
Ride* 5 (Urathan)
Socialize 2

Artifact 3: Summer Thunder
Contacts 3: Satisfied Customers
Familiar 2: Urathan, the Divinity-Bearing Horse!
Resources 3: Successful wandering merchant
Languages 1: Rivertongue, Guild Cant



  • Wise Arrow (1m, Supplemental, enemy takes -1 Defense. Can hit enemies behind full cover after aiming, but at +3 Defense)
  • Trance of Unhesitating Speed (4m, 1wp, Simple, divide Initiative evenly between up to five decisive attacks. Attack roll 10s add +1 damage. No aim needed)
  • Arrow Storm Technique (5m, 1wp, Simple, make one decisive attack against a primary target and [Essence x 3] other characters within medium range of him. Base damage=Perception, and divide Initiative evenly for total)
  • Flashing Vengeance Draw (3m, Supplemental, add (Essence) successes to Join Battle. First round attack against character who hasn't acted yet is unblockable)
  • Hunter's Swift Answer (5m, 1wp, Reflexive, make a close range attack on a successful disengage)
  • Revolving Bow Discipline (6m, 1wp, Simple, Perilous, make withering attacks against an enemy within short range until you miss or crashing. Crashing awards 1wp)


  • Graceful Crane Stance (3m, Reflexive, scene-long perfect balance)
  • Monkey Leap Technique (2m [1m for multiple consecutive uses], Supplemental, jump a full range band)


  • Sensory Acuity Prana (5m, Reflexive, scene-long double 9s)
  • Keen Sight Technique (3m/6m, 1wp, Simple, various visual bonuses for one scene, or Indefinite for higher cost)


  • Frugal Merchant Method (1m, Simple, perfectly assess quality of good offered for sale)
  • Deft Official’s Way (5m, Reflexive, add Bureaucracy on read intentions rolls that contribute to bureaucratic outcomes scene-long)
  • Speed the Wheels (8m, Simple, speed up task by [Essence] degrees: century->season->month->week->day->minutes)


  • Drifting Leaf Elusion (1m, Reflexive, beat attack rolls that equal Evasion after they're made)
  • Shadow Over Water (2m, Reflexive, ignore Evasion penalties)


  • Harmonious Presence Meditation


  • Master Horseman’s Techniques (Harmony of Spirits Style, Horse-Summoning Whistle, Master Horseman's Eye)
  • Flashing Thunderbolt Steed (4m, Reflexive, mount adds one automatic success on movement for one hour and can benefit from Graceful Crane and Monkey Leap)
  • Elusive Mount Technique (4m, Reflexive, make a mounted disengage)


  • Ox-Body Technique


  • Hooves Like Sunlight (4m, Supplemental, add Intimacy to Uratan to his Speed for one move action; gain 1i on success)
  • Nock-and-Canter Unity (4m, Reflexive, take an aim action [+1wp for a second aim]. 1/scene, unless reset by crashing, incapacitating, or unhorsing a non-trivial foe)
  • Laughing Stallion's Escape (3m, Supplemental: Waive Initiative cost of mounted disengage. Opposing characters lose 1i)

XP: 2/40
Solar XP: 4/32

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