Locus Automne

Locus Automne…

  • No decay or rot sullies its contents
  • Its paths and places will shift if left without a point of reference
  • Any flower that was bloomed in Creation blooms here as well
  • Its leaves are the fundamental building blocks of the realm
  • Its waters emulate whatever resides in them
  • Is very far away

The Chancel is a tree-covered planet held forever in the peak of autumn. Mortals know it as Mars. It is a part of the sphere of Earth and is protected by the mortal perception of it being very far away. Due to its strategic value as a source of many powerful alchemical reagents the Chancel has maintained a very strong miraculous defense throughout the Valde Bellum.

The place has been in isolation since the beginning of the Third Age. It is the location of the latest Unicorn Hunt.

Its Powers are Autumn, Alchemy, Crystal, and Rivers.

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