Locus Zein

This Locus is a large landmass roughly the size of Great Britain, and is surrounded on all sides by the empty space of multiple universes. In the sky hangs a fiery blue sun that sets for exactly eight hours every day and casts cerulean shadows about the Chancel. The ground here is made from limestone shot through with crystal clear diamond, and is the material used most often for structures and in other construction. It is surrounded on its edges with sheer cliffs and ravines, and possesses a staggering number of caves, mines, and catacombs scattered across it. The surface sometimes winds in areas up into needle-thin spires that cast shade across the land, providing some respite from the sweltering, miserable sun, but true relief only comes in the massively large city in the exact center of the Locus. At the land’s borders, held fast to the main Chancel proper with great chains of black stone float equidistant a number of islands, and what lies upon them few undertake to find out, for more so than the mainland itself these chained satellites are filled with dangerous beasts and other hazards.

The Locus is lined with endless shelves in places where you would never think to find them, scrolls fill ravines, books tumble through the air like newspaper, and wherever you look, there is paper somewhere, always covered with some sort of information. Careful though, sometimes what it tells may be something you wouldn’t want others to know, or a secret that your mind simply cannot handle. A sizable portion of the populace works endlessly just to file and sort the never-ending shelves, upon which all lost things eventually come to reside.

Much of Locus Zein is in ruin, covered in crumbling, ancient structures, and most of it would not be accessible if not for the SonicTech the inhabitants of the Chancel developed to survive interaction with their world. This wondrous technology is the cornerstone of existence for the Chancel’s people, as they use it to build bridges and walkways, works of art, even to give themselves the gift of flight. But its most important purpose is to mine and shape the black stone veins of the Ymera that makes up their world. Everything that is made and built within this place contains a piece of the Black Stone, no matter how small. However, a strange thing abounds that sometimes even the people question: stairways can never be built going up, only going down. Thanks to this, and other forces, the Chancel connects together in a very faint, but always present pattern, though maps of the Locus are never the same.

As for the people of Locus Zein, they are numerous, and are constantly always doing something. Sleep is a luxury little felt here, for sound and harmony and progress abounds. Musical skill is a special quality of the inhabitants here, and a staple of their society. Hymns to the Black Stone are sung to help coax it from the earth by the Imperator‘s priesthood, and epic ballads are composed to honor the Estates of Zein Aor Zeng’s Nobles. There is a fantastic nightlife, with great clubs in the city and wild beauty all around, especially in the people, a cacophony of noise that never stops.

Finally, as the veins of the Ymera are everywhere, and the deep hum of its stone can always be heard within the Chancel, the populace have constructed great monoliths, tablets, and statues from the Black Stone, ever-expanding the consciousness of their Imperatrix further. The greatest of these rests in the Heart of the Chancel deep within the ground, at the bottom of the bottomless depths, where around it the stone glows red with heat and swirling patterns shape the endless magma into a single, giant eye. Only the True God’s Nobles know how to access this place, for if any other were to do so, it would spell their end.

Locus Zein Locations

Zweitetrum Library

Built in ancient aeons, this library is said to contain all knowledge of anything and everything within it, making it a massively valuable prize for Nobles and Imperators alike. Few are ever allowed access to these hallowed halls crafted from singing black stone however, as knowledge must be earned, not given. This imposing structure rests on the largest of the islands chained to the land with dark rock far on the outskirts of the Chancel, and were it not for hardsound technology, no bridge or way would exist to grant passage. Most of all, it is considered sacred to the Ymera which exists within and of it, and so those who dare try to enter without making the proper rites are swallowed into its depths and never seen again.

Alserund, City of Cascading Sound

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