Story One

<Katekhon> So, just waiting on AB. Great. Any questions or anything?

<RandBrittain> What is the purpose of meaning?

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<Katekhon> It gives you a reason to have stuff.

<Katekhon> Back in a sec.

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<AgentBroccoli> Hi, y'all.

<DominusCaelo> It is a broccoli.

<Katekhon> Or an agent thereof. Hey, AB!

<Katekhon> Gang's all here.

<AgentBroccoli> :D

<kajarainbow> Hi!

<Katekhon> One quick thing—about how long have y'all been enNobled?

<DominusCaelo> A couple of months.

<AgentBroccoli> 10+ years or so.

<DominusCaelo> Not long enough for the sheen to wear off yet.

<Katekhon> Yeah, I wanted you guys to have a sense of how long you've been a Familia, and have a sense for how familiar you are with Noble society (& vice versa)

<Katekhon> Kaja?

<DominusCaelo> Although I have no intention of letting anybody see how impressed I am by the grandeur of divinity.

<DominusCaelo> That would not befit a hero and magus of my stature.

<kajarainbow> Not too long.

<Katekhon> Isn't one of Entropy's laws "Fake it till you make it?" Or am I mixing that up …

<AgentBroccoli> We'll just keep slipping you the flask.

<DominusCaelo> I think that's one of Ianthe's.

<Katekhon> As in under a year, Kaja?

<kajarainbow> Yeah.

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<Katekhon> Hah, probably right. "The Self-Help Maxims of …" definitely should be a Deceiver pseudo-Estate

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  • DominusCaelo cues "Love-Colored Master Spark" to get in the right frame of mind.

<HG_Chris> geez, it's been a while since I've done IRC—what's the syntax for doing that, Rand?

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<DominusCaelo> slash me

  • HG_Chris thanks Rand.

<HG_Chris> Gotcha.

<HG_Chris> Anyway, shall we get started?

<Cerise> Ok! I'll be sure to write something after this session. ;)

<Cerise> (Sorry, bad joke.)

<Cerise> (On "Slash me")

  • DominusCaelo readies his wizard hat and robes.

<HG_Chris> (Ohhh … I get it now. :D)

<DominusCaelo> Actually I don't have those. Christopher tends to dress like a JRPG protagonist.

<HG_Chris> I only have the vaguest sense of what that entails. But we'll worry about that another time.

<HG_Chris> OK.

<HG_Chris> At the center of Locus Ophan is a great Armillary Sphere; rings slowly rotate and gyrate within other rings. Each ring is marked with an uncanny script; blank spaces remain, but not so many as last you were here.

<HG_Chris> And in the center of that sphere stands Ophan; not so much beautiful as striking, all in whites and golds, her eyes fixed on a single spot — she turns to keep them fixed as the ring turns.

  • DominusCaelo takes notes; understanding uncanny scripts is meat and drink to a sorcerer with any ambition!

<HG_Chris> You have each been summoned here by one of the mad-eyed Wanderers who make the Chancel their home; you were told nothing but "Ophan awaits."

<HG_Chris> By Ophan's side stands the oldest of the Wanderers; he holds a piece of papyrus in his hands.

<HG_Chris> With attention still fixed, your Imperator speaks, her voice bright with holy power: "You have come."

<HG_Chris> (Here's what I have in mind with the Sphere—except no stand, and, y'know, really big.)

<DominusCaelo> "We're here if you need us."

<Cerise> The stream of blood flows in a rough circle around Ophan. "Um, yes."

<PrinceVolund> "At your service, naturally."

<HG_Chris> "I have need of you. There has been an invitation." The oldest Wanderer shuffles by her side, fiddling with the papyrus in his hands. "The Ymera Merodak has announced a Triumph."

<HG_Chris> (Volund, you recognize Merodak as one of the Magisters of Withering on Aelfheim.)

<HG_Chris> "Heaven has been asked to witness it. Heaven and others."

<PrinceVolund> ("I'd love to see his Triumph…")

<DominusCaelo> "What needs to be done, then?"

<HG_Chris> "We do not care about its Triumph. But there is something there I need for my…" her alabaster hand gestures to the spot she's staring at "Work."

<HG_Chris> "I need a moving image of the Ymera called Ananda."

<HG_Chris> The Wanderer interjects: "It is said the Council of Four will be present."

<PrinceVolund> (Oh, goody.)

<HG_Chris> He adds, almost ashamed: "… along with representatives of Hell."

<DominusCaelo> "I've heard he's something to see! But I think I have a way of capturing his image."

<Cerise> "Yes, if you think it's a good idea…"

<DominusCaelo> "…although possibly not a way to store it safely."

<PrinceVolund> "We might have something lying around."

<HG_Chris> Ophan seems to shudder with numinous energy at the word 'Hell'. "It must be his face. I have need of an image of his face. It is needed for the Work."

<DominusCaelo> "The thing must be done, then. The thing can be done, I'm sure!"

<HG_Chris> The Old Wanderer looks up at Ophan, who seems now totally lost in that empty space on the ring, shuffles in his spot, coughs a little. "My Lords and Lady. If I may…?"

  • DominusCaelo gestures with his staff, indicating permission to go on.

<HG_Chris> "Please, follow me." The Wanderer shuffles away from the Armilla, toward the great outer ring of the Chancel. "Locus Merodak is reached via the Palace at Versailles; to be specific, via the fake Galerie des Glaces."

<HG_Chris> "I believe I know a portal that will bring you very close."

  • DominusCaelo mentally nudges an apprentice, commanding that he look this up on Wikipedia and show me the picture so I can pretend I've seen it before.
  • PrinceVolund follows The Wanderer, careful not to tread in Cerise

<HG_Chris> (Oh, right— this.)

<DominusCaelo> "Who doesn't love a hall of mirrors?" I ask, unconsciously examining my hair.

<PrinceVolund> "The blind, probably."

  • Cerise is herself careful not to be underfoot. "A hall of mirrors? Why?"

<DominusCaelo> "A mirror would be helpful, actually."

<DominusCaelo> "Fortunately, I already have one. Such is my foresight."

<HG_Chris> The Wanderer shrugs. "Merodak is the Harvest, Records, Overcoming, and Doppelgangers. I imagine that last part has something to do with it."

<HG_Chris> (Cerise, of course, is familiar with the Power of Doppelgangers—the Other Ricard Hrady.)

<DominusCaelo> "A mirror harvests appearances, or at any rate admiring glances. And we'll be doing the same thing while we're in the neighborhood."

<DominusCaelo> I remove the Mirror of Night from a buttoned pocket.

<DominusCaelo> "I'm pretty sure I can lay an enchantment on this mirror that will make it ready to become home to Ananda's image."

<DominusCaelo> "This is assuming he hasn't veiled his face or some similar precaution, which might be necessary if mortals are to be present."

<HG_Chris> (I still haven't exactly figured out how our Chancel works, with all that symbolism stuff. Let's take it as read that we come to a place that has some kind of symbolic connection to palaces. =/ )

<DominusCaelo> "If that's the case, I'm assigning you to remove the veil somehow so I can deftly capture his face in the mirror."

<HG_Chris> (Oh, the Mirror of Night makes its appearance!)

<Cerise> "I think I know the power of Doppelgangers. If it's the right one."

<DominusCaelo> "Trip over something! Or have him trip in you."

<DominusCaelo> A little bit of Persona should make the Mirror a proper home for a god, or at least his image.

<DominusCaelo> I'm a little bit uncomfortable with this power, so, um…

<DominusCaelo> "One second, I'll be right back."

<HG_Chris> At the appearance of the Mirror of Night, Volund feels a vague and sudden surge of nausea; the mere sight of it makes his eyes burn a little.

  • DominusCaelo slips behind a stray "Here be dragons" and attempts the magic. The channel opens… and power flows from above. It's uncanny and inappropriate. A magus' power should flow from within.
  • PrinceVolund stills himself until Chris is gone.

<DominusCaelo> But nevertheless it works. At any rate, the Mirror is enchanted to capture and protect the image of Ananda's face, at a cost of 4MP.

<DominusCaelo> Why does the HG have the same name as me, anyway?

<DominusCaelo> Copycat!

<HG_Chris> (Ha!)

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<DominusCaelo> Anyway, I slip back. "Okay, everything's ready. We just have to get him to show us the money."

<Just_the_HG> So that's 1 PMP, with Chancel discount.

<DominusCaelo> I don't actually have to spend MP on anything if I don't feel like it, so you can price it however you like. :)

<Just_the_HG> I really need to thank Jenna for that. =P

<DominusCaelo> I shall graciously spend the point in any case.

  • DominusCaelo allows somebody else to take point on Ananda-wrangling, vaguely aware that he's probably talking too much.

<Just_the_HG> OK—I need to, uhh, powder my nose. Back in a sec, and then on to Versailles.

<DominusCaelo> Oh, well in that case I'll just go on talking.

<DominusCaelo> The subject will be my handsomeness.

<PrinceVolund> "We will get you your shot at his face."

  • DominusCaelo doesn't see why his face isn't as good as Ananda's, anyway. Ananda doesn't have Shine 5!

<PrinceVolund> It's a perfectly fine face.

  • DominusCaelo examines his face in the Mirror. The Mirror stubbornly refuses to capture it.

<DominusCaelo> Stupid Mirror, doing what I told it to!

<Just_the_HG> OK, so for the sake of narrative convenience, I'm going to say Volund reflexively employed The Sight on the Mirror Of Night.

<PrinceVolund> "Please, just put it away for now. The Galerie will have enough places for you to examine yourself."

<PrinceVolund> (Yes, that Sight thing, go!)

<Just_the_HG> Sticking out like a sore thumb in the Chancel, which is practically suffused with the being of Regalia, the Mirror of Night gives an intimation of subversion, of upheaval, of turning the proper order upside down.

  • DominusCaelo tosses the Mirror into the air and allows it to fall into a pocket, which he promptly buttons.

<DominusCaelo> That explains why it failed to recognize my superior studliness.

<Just_the_HG> I'm sure that's it.

<Just_the_HG> OK! So the Wanderer walks a wandering path through the Chancel, coming to an icon of a tower, at which he recites a few words. A gate opens, and on the other side is one of the gardens of the palace of Versailles.

<Just_the_HG> It's twilight on the Prosaic, but no people are about except for a handful of men in livery, bearing the insignia of a sickle—Merodak's symbol.

  • DominusCaelo saunters through, prepared to let himself in if nobody shows him the way.
  • PrinceVolund enters the garden.

<Just_the_HG> The liveried servants quickly, a little clumsily, rush over to the Nobles. "Please follow us! Please follow us!" As quickly as they rush to the Nobles, they rush off toward the palace, beckoning you to follow.

  • DominusCaelo doesn't see why not!
  • Cerise quietly slips through, as unobtrusively as a stream of blood can. And she flows after the servants.
  • PrinceVolund will follow but not rush.

<Just_the_HG> Before you know it, you're through the maze of apartments and hallways and what-nots, and in the Fake Galerie des Glaces.

<Just_the_HG> "My Lords and Lady. To enter the real Galerie des Glaces, please look in the mirror to your left." He waits for them to oblige. "Now find your third reflection." Waits again.

<Just_the_HG> Mirrors on both sides of the Hall make a near infinite number of copies.

  • DominusCaelo focuses on the third stunningly-handsome devil. His expression is not quite right, so I fix it.

<Just_the_HG> "And—don't worry, we'll leave presently—tell it a secret. When you are done, you will be in the
real Galerie des Glaces." With that, they hurry off.

<DominusCaelo> As the door shuts, I tell my siblings, "You realize this must never leave this place, of course?"

<PrinceVolund> "Who would we dream of telling?"

  • DominusCaelo nods.

<DominusCaelo> "I am incapable of growing proper facial hair."

<Cerise> "I know how much gossip can travel."

<Just_the_HG> Chris' reflection looks back at him, gives a quizzical look, and nods; the Power of Heaven leaves the company of Cerise & Volund.

<DominusCaelo> For the record, and to avoid confusion with the HG, Christopher always goes by his full name.

<DominusCaelo> He imagines that this makes him seem saintly.

  • PrinceVolund looks at the third reflection and gives a smirk to it saying, "My father is not the true king."

<Just_the_HG> Oh, one of those Christophers. :)

<Just_the_HG> Volund's reflection smirks back — but a different smirk—and then he's gone, too.

<Cerise> "I don't know whose blood I once was."

<Just_the_HG> The Pool of Blood shudders a little, and voila—Cerise joins the other two in the Real Galerie des Glaces.

<Just_the_HG> What was an empty Hall, a museum, is now full of… well, I guess you'd call it life.

<Just_the_HG> They're immediately greated by two of Merodak's Nobles—The Other Ricard Hrady & Yven, Saint of Harvests, a Sidhe like Volund.

<Just_the_HG> Ricard speaks: "My friends! So good of you to come on this most joyous occasion!"

<DominusCaelo> Is it polite to call him Other Ricard to his face?

<Just_the_HG> He insists on it. It's kind of a thing.

<PrinceVolund> "Truly most joyous, Other Ricard. Glad to witness it."

<Cerise> "Greetings, Other Ricard!" Somehow Cerise's voice seemed to perk up.

<DominusCaelo> "May fortunate stars shine upon this meeting," intones Christopher formally, waving his staff vaguely. "Yven, Other Richard. I long to hear about the nature of your achievement."

<Just_the_HG> "Cerise! An especial joy." Other Ricard gives her a wink; he nods to Volund, and addresses the Dominus Caelo: "Oh, yes. It's quite a thing my brother's done. Merodak's over the moon!"

<Just_the_HG> Yven gives a deep bow to Volund. "Ophan herself could not join us?"

  • PrinceVolund nods in response, "Ophan is always watching."

<Just_the_HG> Let me do a little info dumping here.

<Just_the_HG> So the Real Galerie looks just like the Fake, Prosaic One, except with even more mirrors. It's practically all mirrors, with the occasional gilding to offset it.

<DominusCaelo> Even the floor?

<Just_the_HG> Even the floor.

<DominusCaelo> I need a room like this.

<Just_the_HG> There was a professor where I went to undergrad who did that to one of the bathrooms in his house. He was… well, exactly what you'd expect from someone who'd do that.

<Just_the_HG> OK.

<Just_the_HG> So at the front of the room, there's a great table, at which sits Merodak, who looks like a Babylonian god; he sits along side Surolam, Ha-Qadosch Berakha, Meon, and—yes—Ananda.

<Just_the_HG> Who actually is wearing a veil!

<DominusCaelo> Curse my incredible foresight!

<Just_the_HG> ;^D

<DominusCaelo> Siblings, I choose you! Strip that Imperator naked.

<PrinceVolund> (Like, sheet over face veil, or wedding veil veil?)

<Just_the_HG> To the left sits a table, at which two Angels sit: Hukkok & Jehoel; to the right, a table of Fallen Angels, one of whom is Lucifer himself.

  • DominusCaelo is feeling just a leetle bit outclassed. I didn't even know that was possible.

<Just_the_HG> There are all sorts of weird recording apparatuses about—lenses, microphones, stenography machines, all operated by Manetho, Power of Records (one of Merodak's).

<Just_the_HG> OK, that'll do for now.

<PrinceVolund> I think we're all feeling that

<Just_the_HG> The Other Ricard, dressed impeccably in late 19th century Viennese style, claps his hands together. "Let me present you to my Ymera!"

<Just_the_HG> There are sundry other Nobles present, milling about, having drinks, being sociable, etc.

<PrinceVolund> "Yes, yes let's."

<Just_the_HG> At their approach, Merodak stands, voice booming: "Well!!! What is THIS?! Heaven cannot spare a THIRD angel for my TRIUMPH?!"

<Just_the_HG> Hukkok and Jehoel pay no attention. The Fallen smile.

  • Cerise feels no more outclassed than she usually does, which is always.

<DominusCaelo> "Ophan is present in us," says Christopher calmly. Being belittled is actually helping him feel more confident. This fellow isn't numinous at all.

<Just_the_HG> Merodak narrows his eyes at Christopher. He pauses, then lets out a roaring laugh. "WELL SAID! Well said INDEED!!!"

<Just_the_HG> The Other Ricard, somewhat unhelpfully at this point, adds "May I present to you the Familia of Ophan, the Angel who is Regalia, Blood and the Heavens."

  • PrinceVolund grins, "Indeed."

<Just_the_HG> Merodak waves his hands at Other Ricard, a little impatiently. "Yes, YES. I know. Now. You are here to witness a great triumph. A GREAT TRIUMPH!! It will begin shortly. In the meantime, please, enjoy my home."

  • DominusCaelo bows perfectly prepared to do so. Come to think of it, Christopher isn't numinous, either.

<Just_the_HG> There's a bar toward the back; several members of the Butterfly Cleave, status mavens of the Noble world, are drinking martinis.

<Just_the_HG> Gimme one sec, folks.

<Cerise> (And I need to BRB too)

<Just_the_HG> So, Ananda—he's off to the far left of the front table; Meon, Power of Desecration is to his right, and Ananda's own Power, Qayim, Duke of Murder, stands behind him.

  • PrinceVolund inclines his head to Merodak and makes his way off to the left side to make note of some of the other Nobles.
  • DominusCaelo desires alcohol but daren't risk it at an important function.

<Just_the_HG> Other Nobles—I really should've just put up a post.

  • Just_the_HG makes a mental note.

<Just_the_HG> So the Butterfly Cleave members: Amanda Prentiss, Power of Pride; Siggy Siska, Power of Intoxication; and Johan Ritter, Power of Scandal.

<Just_the_HG> Notably absent among the Nobles is Annabelle Morice, Power of Overcoming — the only member of Merodak's Familia not to be present.

<Just_the_HG> (Other Ricard should've said Sister before; not Brother.)

<DominusCaelo> The Power of Intoxication! My old foe!

<Just_the_HG> Siggy looks like a man with … Falstaffian appetites. He has a rep for making WC Fields look like a teetotaler, though he's not drinking at present.

<Just_the_HG> Word is that he can get you any intoxicant you wish, for the right price.

<Just_the_HG> Qayim, by the way, has not taken his eyes off of Cerise since the Familia entered.

<Just_the_HG> You back with us, Kaja?

<Cerise> (Yes.)

<Just_the_HG> OK.

<Just_the_HG> So you've got some time before the Triumph gets underway. You can work the room a bit, or you work on getting that image of Ananda now.

<DominusCaelo> Hm, I could try and get Ananda's clothes off, but I need some liquor in me first. And that might prove to be a bad strategy, anyway.

<DominusCaelo> Forward, Cerise!

<Cerise> Quietly, Cerise says to her Familia, "I would so love to see the face of the Next Age. Do you think if I asked kindly, he would oblige?"

<DominusCaelo> "I suspect it would break all the mirrors in the room to see it."

<DominusCaelo> "But see it we must, though I doubt he'll unveil willingly."

<DominusCaelo> "I suggest that Cerise distracts Qayim, who is making eyes at her."

<DominusCaelo> "While he has no Sovereign present to defend his virtue, Volund will trip and tear the veil off."

<DominusCaelo> "Then I'll discreetly capture the image in the mirror and make sure nobody else sees it happen."

  • PrinceVolund whispers "I was thinking of just going invisible with the Crown, fly over there and lift it off."

<DominusCaelo> I figure Ananda doesn't have much Aspect or anything, being Imperial and above that sort of thing.

<DominusCaelo> "Just make it look natural."

<Just_the_HG> Wait, the crown renders you invisible? How'zat?

  • DominusCaelo fingers the Mirror in his pocket.

<Cerise> "Oh dear, Qayim is?"

<Just_the_HG> Qayim, rather unapologetically, is.

<Just_the_HG> BTW, Qayim might be better known as Cain.

<Just_the_HG> He prefers Qayim.

<Just_the_HG> Bad press with the other.

<DominusCaelo> "I am an expert on all things romantic. He totally is."

<PrinceVolund> (Err, mimics abilities of the Sidhe, I figured invisibility was covered with that, though the extent of its abilities we haven't really discussed.)

<Just_the_HG> (Well, OK. We'll say it does that for now. But that kind of feels like an end-run around the 'one well-defined function' bit about wondrous anchors.)

<PrinceVolund> (let's just say I left it at home for now, since I never really said I was wearing it.)

<Cerise> (Hmm, how conscious are Aspect miracles generally? I mean, if I was to have Cerise just happen to be underfoot at the right time to cause a servant or someone to slip on her, knocking his veil…)

<Just_the_HG> That seems like a reasonable thing for an Aspect miracle to do. An aspect-fueled puddle could have some influence over where the person who slips on it ends up.

<Cerise> (Aspect 3 or 4? Either way I'd be spending 4 AMPs.)

<Just_the_HG> The "Inhuman Perfection" thing seems redundant in this case — at least the inhuman part — but it seems like lvl 3'd be sufficient. 4 AMP, in any case.

<DominusCaelo> Aspect 4 could allow you to slink along under the tables with cheetah-like quickness.

<DominusCaelo> But somebody needs to distract Duke Murder so he would come to his Imperator's defense.

<Just_the_HG> Right; there is the matter of going unnoticed, since Qayim is pretty much non-stop eyeing you.

<Just_the_HG> Qayim, again, is standing right behind Ananda, who himself seems to be just hanging there, veiled, and very much not interested in talking to Meon, who looks awfully grouchy.

<DominusCaelo> "I think my plan is best. Volund, are you up for the task of knocking an Imperator flat on his face in front of Meon?"

<DominusCaelo> "If not, have a drink first."

<PrinceVolund> "Or I can distract Qayim. I'm up for either."

  • Cerise begins to slink toward Qayim.

<DominusCaelo> "You know what they say: give the man what he wants."

<Just_the_HG> Qayim stiffens up at Cerise's approach, he leans forward, whispers something in Ananda's ear, and meets Cerise half way. His voice is tired, but a little relieved. "Domina Sanguinis."

<Just_the_HG> To stand near Qayim is to feel his guilt wash over you. Everything you've done to cause yourself shame comes rushing back, as if to occupy the space his guilt creates.

<Just_the_HG> "It's so good to see you. I've… wished to for some time."

  • DominusCaelo begins discreetly poking Volund with his staff. Go, go!

<DominusCaelo> Exactly how you discreetly poke someone with a six-foot staff is left as an exercise for the reader.

<Just_the_HG> Ananda shifts in his seat; his face is veiled, but his lithe, perfect limbs are a promise of overpowering joy. He is dressed in a loose, flowing tunic, and rather short short pants.

  • Cerise is caught speechless, between guilt and joy. For just a moment.

<Just_the_HG> (Who wears short shorts? Ananda wears short shorts. )

<DominusCaelo> I told you, I'm not going to hit on Ananda! Not sober!

<PrinceVolund> While they are speaking, I make my way toward Ananda approaching so that Qayim doesn't notice. I'll make myself trip over Meon's (?) chair and into Ananda. I'll use some Aspect to make it convincing.

<Just_the_HG> Meon looks at Cerise and Qayim with something that appears distressingly close to delight.

<PrinceVolund> (I guess it would be the back leg of whoever's chair.)

<Just_the_HG> Yeah, Meon's. Fortunately he seems to be taking some perverse glee in Qayim & Cerise's tete-a-tete atm. So what level of Aspect Miracle are we talking?

<DominusCaelo> "O thou Mirror of Night, may Ananda's visage be caught in your sight!"

  • DominusCaelo unleashes the Mirror's power and holds in one hand in his pocket, ready to move when the time is right.

<PrinceVolund> (4; with the intent of getting that veil off! Flailing limbs and all!)

<DominusCaelo> And what the heck, the Ring can assist with a convenient gust of wind.

<DominusCaelo> Thank you, faithful accessory!

<Just_the_HG> Qayim's so distracted by Cerise he doesn't notice Volund wend his way behind the table; he opens his mouth to speak, when the normally sure-footed Sidhe's shoe catches Desecration's chair. To any who are not paying strict attention, which is everyone except you three, it looks like a bungle. It is not.

<Just_the_HG> Volund effortlessly sprawls toward the Lord of the Age to Come, perfect grace behind a facade of clumsiness; a gust of wind pushes Ananda's veil toward Volund's hand, which he catches with ease — seemingly trying to grab hold of something to steady himself, but he has rarely been so steady.

<PrinceVolund> Does this mean I fall into his lap?

  • DominusCaelo extracts the mirror from his pocket and allows the incident to be caught in reflection.

<Just_the_HG> If you want! You fall wherever you choose.

<DominusCaelo> Just hit the floor. I'll make sure nobody sees.

<Just_the_HG> When the veil falls, Ananda's face is exposed. Let's not bother with descriptions. Beautiful doesn't do it justice.

<DominusCaelo> Fortunately, I cannot see it. And neither does anybody else. But the Mirror sees all!

<DominusCaelo> Once Volund is back on his feet and I can shut the Mirror down again, I'll risk a quick peek.

<DominusCaelo> Maybe with just one eye.

<Just_the_HG> Remind me of the miracle level you're whipping out with the Mirror?

<DominusCaelo> I'm unleashing its power via a level 6 miracle.

<Just_the_HG> OK, right.

<DominusCaelo> I'm assuming that actually directing it at something is a mundane action while I'm sustaining that, and that the mirror will keep it cloaked as long as I need it to.

<DominusCaelo> It's also currently got the enchantment on it that makes it a suitable home for the face of a god.

<Just_the_HG> Yes, I did not forget the enchantment—clever, that :)

<Just_the_HG> Yeah, that's fine. So we're saying the way it works is by, I dunno, "sucking up" the image of what it reflects? Because in a room filled with mirrors, the normal thing—uhh, for some value of normal—is for Ananda's face to fill the room.

<DominusCaelo> Yes, I don't want that to happen, so I'm cloaking it. Hopefully everyone else will think nothing happened at all!

<Just_the_HG> OK. Gotcha. So.

<Just_the_HG> In the brief moment between the veil being ripped off, and Ananda's hands covering his face, his image threatens to overwhelm the room. But it doesn't. The Mirror of Night draws in the image, swallows it, and gives it a home.

<PrinceVolund> I'll have ended up behind his chair on hands and knees.

<Just_the_HG> The use of the Mirror of Night, incidentally, creates that same feeling of sickness in Volund's gut — a bit stronger this time, even.

<Just_the_HG> Qayim rushes back to his Imperator's side. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!"

<Just_the_HG> Meon literally could not be happier. It's disgusting. Literally. He winks at Qayim, "Serve your Imperator before yourself, eh, Kinslayer?"

<Just_the_HG> A hush falls over the room otherwise. All eyes are on Ananda, trying to discover the cause of this disturbance.

<Just_the_HG> Actually, can we call it a night here? I have to get going in about 20, and this seems like a reasonable place to stop.

  • DominusCaelo considers proposing a toast.

<DominusCaelo> Yes, that's good. I propose a toast, distracting everybody with my awesomeness, and then take the snapshot home to the boss, declaring myself the winner.

<Just_the_HG> Hah. Not quite so fast—but you'll have some time to think of a hell of a toast.

<DominusCaelo> I'd also like to thank my good friend Volund for taking one for the team.

<Just_the_HG> And he didn't even need to get drunk first.

<Just_the_HG> That's why he's a prince!

<DominusCaelo> That's what a Familia is for—to have capacities I lack.

<PrinceVolund> I though about vomiting to top it off

<Just_the_HG> And, incidentally, you've all found my HGing weak-spot: slap-stick.

<DominusCaelo> We are precise and highly-trained comedians.

<Just_the_HG> Can I admit I was kind of hoping to see someone slip in a pool of Cerise?

<DominusCaelo> I think we should keep forwarding that plan, but never get to use it until the campaign's climax.

<DominusCaelo> Until she finally trips up Harumaph himself and saves Creation.

<Just_the_HG> That must happen.

<Cerise> XD

<PrinceVolund> new bond!

<Just_the_HG> "How I made Harumph slip in a pool of me to save Creation"—best Project ever, or best Project possible?!

<DominusCaelo> You'd make the Project "How people failed to slip in pools of me" for easier Destiny acquisition.

<DominusCaelo> Then finally tripping up Harumaph in its triumphant conclusion as you finally break destiny's evil hold on your frictionlessness.

<Just_the_HG> Love it.

<Just_the_HG> OK, guys, this was fun. Next week: What ARE we Triumphing, anyway?

<PrinceVolund> I think Ophan answered that best already.

<Just_the_HG> Well, that's how Ophan rolls.

<Just_the_HG> She jus' don' give a shit.

<PrinceVolund> Yep, with eyes, oh, so many eyes.

<Just_the_HG> ;^D

<DominusCaelo> Anyway, now that pressing business is taken care of, Christopher can get blamelessly drunk.

<DominusCaelo> And maybe rob the place.

<Just_the_HG> FYI, Cerise is, among other things, one hell of a hangover remedy.

<DominusCaelo> My apprentices can give me a cranial massage.

<Just_the_HG> Ever since Kaja added the affliction "Those that drink of me shall know health."

<DominusCaelo> Thanks to my careful acquisition of Shine 5, this is guaranteed to be productive.

<DominusCaelo> At least for them.

<DominusCaelo> Perhaps close proximity to my head will make them smarter.

<Just_the_HG> it could be the first time someone truthfully uttered the words "I like giving you a massage!"

<Just_the_HG> OK, must jet. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

<PrinceVolund> They fight each other to be there when you awaken from the drunken stupor.

<DominusCaelo> That is all part of the life of a trainee mage.

<DominusCaelo> Danmaku battles are the proper way to resolve all disputes.

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