Story Four: Pieces Of Ygg, Part One

<crusher_bob> Well, everyone is here.

<Uqbarian> Except for me.

<Uqbarian> Oh, no, wait. I'm here too!

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<RyanSherbrig> Whoops! Disregard.

<Uqbarian> :)

<Ebba> Coriander?

<RyanSherbrig> Example Deceiver in the book.

<RyanSherbrig> Although I've always liked Phasael mery-Harumaph, myself. (the example next to the 'Orate' gift.)

<RandBrittain> Not when I have to type it out.

<RyanSherbrig> If I ever run that Chancel Defense game (all-Tempests with a Primary Excrucian Target chancel), I'd basically just run down the list of examples in gifts for Excrucians to throw at the chancel, two or three at a time.

<RyanSherbrig> Yeah, that's fair enough.

<Ebba> Plans?

<Ebba> My idea was to get a hold of Vesper, since he might have actually been to the Chancel, to find out what it's like inside.

<Ebba> Don't some of the rest of you have Worldwalker too?

<RyanSherbrig> Mystery said she had information for us on that front, too.

<Ebba> We can go in and take a look, once we have some idea of what to expect.

<RyanSherbrig> I actually kind of like the idea of walking up to the front door. "Hi! We're new! Thought we'd go around introducing ourselves to society."

<RyanSherbrig> "Nice place you have here. WINK WINK."

<HollyhockGod> It would be dangerous to get caught sneaking in so early in the game.

<Pandora> Yes, I have the relevant Gifts for spying and deep striking. Do have to locate an entrance, first.

<RyanSherbrig> But I'm learning Ryan is kind of unsubtle.

<RyanSherbrig> Yeah.

<HollyhockGod> So, do you want to work on that this week, or shall I let you discuss it for a while and then pull out the story I have as interim?

<RyanSherbrig> I'm fine either way.

<Ebba> I'd prefer we did planning in the thread.

<Ebba> Since my experience with Shadowrun planning it that it takes 3-4 hours and you just end up going in guns blazing anyway.

<RyanSherbrig> I'd rather wait till we hear back regarding A) What the Almanac has to say about the chancel, and B) What Mystery had to say, since information will be critical to planning.

<RyanSherbrig> Although we're placing a good deal of trust in information NPCs give us, two different sources is good as a starting point.

<HollyhockGod> All right, I'll do this story now and prepare a fuller write-up for next time.

<HollyhockGod> I'll give you a general summary now just to help you think.

<HollyhockGod> Unsurprisingly, Eden was in the Fertile Crescent.

<HollyhockGod> So the Sable Gardens are somewhere in that area now, in a place three or four different nations consider within their borders.

<HollyhockGod> Although they never fight over it because that would mean actually going there.

<Alexa> But it's a Chancel, right?

<HollyhockGod> Even Noble visitors are rarely allowed into the actual Chancel- the First Lord has built a rather massive city around it where guests and allies are entertained.

<HollyhockGod> Only seriously high-ranking servants of the Dark ever get to see the actual Sable Gardens, but according to legend they're a ruined and desolate version of what Eden once was.

<RyanSherbrig> Okay, new plan: Defect to the Dark.

<RyanSherbrig> Wait, damn, my Virtue. Hmmm.

<HollyhockGod> It's guarded by an angel with a flaming sword, who might or might not be a Power.

<HollyhockGod> Or it could be an actual angel. I mean, who knows?

<HollyhockGod> The only other people ever allowed in are those who want to end their lives but are unable to do so by traditional means.

<RyanSherbrig> Hmmm.

<HollyhockGod> If they prove themselves worthy, they are taken to the First Lord and "assisted" in self-destruction.

<RyanSherbrig> It worries and amuses me that the thought of sacrificing myself to the cause shows Darkesque principles.

<HollyhockGod> Have I mentioned before that the First Lord's Estates are Suicide, Shame, and the Id? Because they are.

<HollyhockGod> Anyway, the Sable Plaza surrounding the Chancel entrance is frequented by any number of Powers of the Dark, who often show up to conference together.

<HollyhockGod> It's more or less a convention center of human extinction.

<Pandora> Heh.

<HollyhockGod> That's the basic summary. Any questions?

<RyanSherbrig> That's meaty enough to start chewing for now, I think.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, so we're beginning with Story #4: Pieces of Ygg.

<HollyhockGod> It's been maybe two days since you returned from the party in Timeheart.

<Alexa> You can't make Creation without breaking Yggs.

<HollyhockGod> At least a few, anyway.

<HollyhockGod> It's night!

<RyanSherbrig> (I knew I should have gone Alchemy 5!)

<HollyhockGod> None of you have to sleep, but I daresay most of you do.

<HollyhockGod> Restful, yes?

<Alexa> Yep.

  • RyanSherbrig doesn't sleep, but retires to do some light and relaxing reading in the library.

<HollyhockGod> Luckily, I don't care whether Ryan sleeps or not.

<HollyhockGod> But I was asking everybody else.

<RyanSherbrig> (Tonight is GIRLS ONLY PLOT)

<Ebba> Heh.

  • Fiona doesn't sleep, but hangs around watching the stars.

<HollyhockGod> It's more like Regals-only, but whichever.

<Fiona> Unless it's cloudy, or something.

<Ebba> Ebba doesn't exatcly sleep, but goes into a state of mindlessness that is probably close enough

  • Pandora dozes lightly in one of the more recently re-planted gardens.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, so Alexa and Pandora are sleeping, but not very well.

<HollyhockGod> Indeed, they find themselves troubled by strange dreams carried to them by their Estate.

<HollyhockGod> Dreams of something burning in the sky, falling to Earth and bringing life, death, and events!

  • Alexa twitches in her sleep.

<HollyhockGod> Fiona, you're struck by a similar premonition, even though you aren't sleeping.

<HollyhockGod> As though…. something new is about to blossom on the Earth.

<HollyhockGod> Ebba, you feel… strange.

<HollyhockGod> Keyed up and tense for some reason you don't exactly know.

<HollyhockGod> Ryan, you didn't buy any Domain so you get to enjoy your book in peace.

<RyanSherbrig> Estate-driven Divinations, you've failed me again!

<RyanSherbrig> Or served me well, allowing me to enjoy The Ivory Clock, by Emily Chen.

  • HollyhockGod bookmarks this.

<RyanSherbrig> (Possibly our Meteor of Doom is in a level-4 Auctoritas)

  • HollyhockGod finds that it doesn't seem to exist.

<RyanSherbrig> (It's one of the books referred to in the flores of Unlikely Flowerings. Page 9 of my pdf.)

<HollyhockGod> (Also, Estate-driven divinations don't generally tell you about the future.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Ah, yes, that's quite true.)

  • HollyhockGod was bested in trivia! Nooooooo!

<RyanSherbrig> (But succeeds at rules-knowledge!)

  • Pandora wakes up after a couple of minutes of these dreams

<HollyhockGod> This concludes your premonitory briefing.

  • Pandora quickly magics herself into fresher clothes and steps outside the chancel to look at the skies.
  • RyanSherbrig turns the page, oblivious, and conjures himself a cup of hot tea.

<HollyhockGod> The skies currently look pleasantly starry and normal.

  • Alexa tries to stay asleep.
  • Ebba does the tree equivalent of rolling around on the bed, trying to get comfortable.

<Ebba> Some rustling ensues.

  • Pandora pops in on Ryan
  • Fiona looks pensive, and spends some time looking up at the sky from other places (via divination).

<Pandora> "Ryan. Have you noticed anything odd tonight?"

<HollyhockGod> Fiona's floral eye determines nothing unusual worldwide.

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm? How so?"

  • RyanSherbrig sets down his book, creating a bookmark in it as he does so.

<Pandora> "Portentous. I had a dream of something in the sky. Burning."

<Pandora> (Wayfinder would be stopped by Auctoritas, right?)

<Pandora> (So that I couldn't have seen the other girls when I looked back into the chancel?)

  • RyanSherbrig closes his eyes for a moment.

<RyanSherbrig> (Spending an RMP for a Major Divination of Realm, in case this will affect the Chancel as well.)

<HollyhockGod> (Yes, it would. I think it mostly shows you layout.)

<HollyhockGod> Peering into the future of the Chancel doesn't indicate that fire will be falling from the sky there.

<HollyhockGod> …except in the ways it does all the time, I mean.

<RyanSherbrig> (Any ominous and portentous possible changes in the near future? More so than normal, anyway?)

<HollyhockGod> Not within the Chancel boundaries, no.

  • RyanSherbrig casts a quick message spell (earthly magic equivalent of a cellphone, if that's okay) to contact the others.

<Ebba> (Not writing the bat signal in letters of fire a mile high in the sky?)

<HollyhockGod> There's probably some kind of system in place for that already…

<HollyhockGod> I'm not sure what it would be.

<RyanSherbrig> I'm fine with the earthly magics for now: whatever suffices to get us all together, anyway.

<HollyhockGod> That works.

  • Alexa does the magical equivalent of rolling over, flailing around and trying to turn off the alarm.

<Ebba> "Oh well, I was cogitating anyway"

<HollyhockGod> So, I assume you all end up in the board room?

  • Fiona waves the spell away, but then shows up in person.

<Alexa> "Blergh."

  • Alexa reluctantly crawls out of bed and makes her way to the boardroom, in a dressing gown, with a cigarette.

<Alexa> "What time is it?"

<Fiona> "Now? that's a time, right?"

<Alexa> "Thanks. That's very helpful."

<RyanSherbrig> "My apologies for waking those of you enjoying some sleep, but Pandora indicated to me a troubling vision of burning things falling from the sky I thought we should look into."

  • Alexa groans.

<Alexa> "Yeah, I had one of those too."

<Ebba> "Have fallen from the sky, or will fall from the sky?"

<Pandora> "Burning thing, a very large one. I believe it was a premonition."

<Alexa> "Will, I think. Bringing death and life and new things."

<HollyhockGod> Things is correct, although I didn't make that clear enough.

<Alexa> "Pan, did you get any idea of when or where it might land?"

<RyanSherbrig> "More than just some world-killing meteor, then. Hmmm. Can any of you with Majestic Domain get more information via Greater Divinations?"

<Alexa> "Not until I've had some coffee."

  • RyanSherbrig makes some.

<RyanSherbrig> "Cream? Sugar?"

<Pandora> "… that would be a splendid idea to try, wouldn't it?" Pandora looks a bit embarrassed, and then goes a little blank.

<Alexa> "Ah, thanks, Ryan. Two sugars, black."

<Pandora> (Greater Div of Rebirth, naturally.)

  • RyanSherbrig pops a few sugar-cubes into existence next to the ivory coffee-cup.

<HollyhockGod> Pandora peers into the future, on purpose this time!

<HollyhockGod> It's foggy and changeable, but you feel as though something is going to have a chance to be reborn.

<HollyhockGod> Something…. large.

  • Alexa takes the coffee and sips.

<Alexa> (Greater Divination of Fire.)

<HollyhockGod> Something… that's a right thing, but it's not right for it to be here.

<Pandora> Pandora opens her eyes. "Big doings coming up… Something major has a chance at rebirth, but in the wrong place."

<HollyhockGod> Alexa sees…. fire in the sky. A meteor shower.

<RyanSherbrig> "Could you find out where?"

<HollyhockGod> A few handy brushfires where they touch down.

<HollyhockGod> Location impossible to determine.

<Pandora> "It's still too foggy."

<Alexa> "The weather's fine, but there may be a meteor shower."

<Ebba> "If we are looking at for a meteor shower, perhaps we should dragoon some astronomers?"

<HollyhockGod> You'll probably be able to know once they actually appear, but not yet.

<Alexa> (ELO, "Here is the news.")

<Pandora> "So this is… What? From elsewhere in Creation?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm. Presumably."

<Alexa> "Funny, but I was expecting something more dramatic."

<HollyhockGod> It feels like that, yeah.

<HollyhockGod> Foreign, but not from Beyond.

<RyanSherbrig> (My OOC senses have ideas already, based on the story name)

<HollyhockGod> Fiona, you can feel it with divinations as well.

<HollyhockGod> To you what's coming feels… young.

<Alexa> "Though I guess it might be more dramatic when it turns up, but it only looks like a meteor shower to me at the moment.

<Alexa> "A whole star looks like a point of light from sufficient distance, after all."

<Alexa> "Hey, do we know what stars really are yet?"

<RyanSherbrig> "There's numerous theories."

<HollyhockGod> Stars seem to be stars. Aaron's Serpents claim they're alive and once had living forms, but it's hard to tell because they're so far away.

<RyanSherbrig> "Aaron's Serpents believe they are the children of a previous version of Creation, and that they shall join them once this Creation is over, for example."

<RyanSherbrig> "Astronomers, on the other hand, are largely convinced that they're giant masses of plasma and gas."

  • Pandora blinks at the non-sequitur. "Considering they're Outside, they're probably cannibal worlds trying to eat Creation like angler fish or something equally horrific."

<Fiona> "Astronomers are probably wrong."

<Alexa> (Does the physical universe seen from the scientific perspective map onto Creation, e.g. stars seen by astronomers are other suns circling other branches of the Ash or something like that?)

<Fiona> "They're above, rather than outside."

<HollyhockGod> Stars are of Creation- they're not of a specific world, but they hang inside the Weirding Wall.

<RyanSherbrig> "Not everything outside of Creation is horrifying and doom."

<RyanSherbrig> "That reminds me, I should summon some creatures of horrifying doom before we go out. Wouldn't want to be taken by surprise again."

<Alexa> (So in this version of Creation, the Sun is not a star in the real-world sense?)

<HollyhockGod> I think that other worlds are planets from the prosaic perspective, yes.

<Pandora> (I'm pretty sure there are stars outside, too. They play into the description of traveling Outside.)

<HollyhockGod> (Maybe.)

<HollyhockGod> (Alexa: It's a star from the prosaic point of view. Gas, hot, nuclear reactions.)

<Pandora> (Points of light in a dark firmament, at any rate.)

<RyanSherbrig> (We can visit the sun later and find out! There's a few roads there in mythic.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Just switch back to Prosaic after you get there and AAAAAAAGH!)

<Alexa> (Wear light clothing!)

<Ebba> (And make the bunny ears, people on the earth would love that.)

<Fiona> (Rite of Holy Fire saves the day again!)

<HollyhockGod> You might actually be protected by… Fiona beat me.)

<RyanSherbrig> (My car's perfect timing, at the very least, ensures that we can drive around and get there just in time.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Unless there's wonkiness involved, in which case we get there at the time of plot.)

<Pandora> (It might help to actually suggest that, then!

<RyanSherbrig> (I'll also summon the Invisible Beast, too.)

<Alexa> (Did we get an impression of how soon this event will happen?)

<RyanSherbrig> "I assume your Estates would only give you the premonitions when it becomes relevant to do so."

<HollyhockGod> Soon, but not immediately.

<HollyhockGod> Like, a matter of days-ish.

<Ebba> (I got the impression that you estate didn't bother you until it was time to do something about it)

<RyanSherbrig> "If nothing falls out of the sky, we can try shanghaiing an observatory, as suggested."

<Alexa> "It's probably soon. Days rather than minutes or months."

<Alexa> "Did you get that impression, Pan?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Or building one."

<HollyhockGod> You could build an observatory or some astronomers if you liked.

<RyanSherbrig> (Isn't one of you an Exemplar?)

<Pandora> "I'm not sure. The time aspect was a bit vague."

<HollyhockGod> I was thinking that you could just set the sky to match the stars outside the Chancel.

<RyanSherbrig> Hmmm, would that have to be a big miracle, or just as 'make it so?' deal?

<Alexa> "I think building one is kind of cheating. Let's visit an observatory. After that, maybe climb into the sky and have a look-see."

<HollyhockGod> It's cosmetic, so I'd say Lesser Change.

  • RyanSherbrig pops out an observatory with some steampunk-clockwork astronomers, and does the Lesser Change.

<RyanSherbrig> The stars shift subtly.

<RyanSherbrig> (And no longer spell out "RYAN RULES")

<RyanSherbrig> (Just kidding.)

<Ebba> "We'd actually need a network of observatories, in case the thing we are looking for is comming from a direction we can't see"

<RyanSherbrig> "I'll have them see if they can find anything in the mythic perspective."

<Ebba> "Shall I look?"

<Fiona> "I'm kind of disappointed we didn't go with the climb into the sky plan, actually"

<HollyhockGod> I don't know that you can build a whole observatory right away with Lesser Creations.

<RyanSherbrig> Okay, fine, I can fold the sky-changing bit into a Major Creation, right?

<HollyhockGod> I'll allow it.

<HollyhockGod> That's 4 RMPs, then.

  • RyanSherbrig nods.
  • RyanSherbrig cracks his knuckles, and makes a few mythic observatories.

<HollyhockGod> Where are you going to put it?

<RyanSherbrig> Its own island.

<HollyhockGod> Won't there be something in the way?

<RyanSherbrig> It's a Major Creation; I can make the island.

<RyanSherbrig> A nice place with pleasant beaches and a tall mountain with convenient winding stairways going up.

<HollyhockGod> Something… large?

<RyanSherbrig> (Oh, yes, the volcano's glow might spoil the effect some. Hrm.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Would putting it on the other side of the chancel help?)

<HollyhockGod> Monothaia is quite large enough to obscure the sky on the other side of her.

<RyanSherbrig> (Okay. It's a FLOATING island.)

<RyanSherbrig> (You've forced my hand with excellence.)

<RyanSherbrig> (I assume I can get that with a Major Creation.)

<HollyhockGod> Floating in the air, or mobile on the ocean?

<RyanSherbrig> Floating in the air.

  • HollyhockGod considers…

<HollyhockGod> I'll allow it this time.

<Alexa> (Does Monothaia get annoyed if we create new islands?)

<RyanSherbrig> It's not like I can do it trivially.

<RyanSherbrig> (Let's find out!)

<Alexa> :)

<HollyhockGod> (I don't think so, as long as they're flammable.)

  • RyanSherbrig contemplates it for some time, and then gestures, very dramatically.

<HollyhockGod> All right, Ryan, tell me about your observatory

<RyanSherbrig> An Island rises out of the ocean, dripping water, and doesn't stop at the water's surface.

<RyanSherbrig> Like something out of Myst: Aesthetic marble, with a peaceful, soothing natural environment.

<RyanSherbrig> As I mentioned, clockwork-steampunk astronomers, all lenses and gears and whirring "Hello, how do you do?" Very polite and respectful.

<RyanSherbrig> (As opposed to the tree.)

<RyanSherbrig> The observatory itself looks like most do: a large dome dominated by a gigantic telescope.

<RyanSherbrig> It's all rotatable and whatnot, and has controls for moving the island around (the chancel only, obviously) as well.

<HollyhockGod> All right. So, what will you do with it?

<RyanSherbrig> Instruct them to keep an eye out for anything unusual in the sky, and pray to me immediately if they find anything.

<RyanSherbrig> To the tune of 'flaming meteor showers' rather than 'obscure astronomical phenomenon', although, you know, make a note of the latter.

<RyanSherbrig> And check out Mythic reality skies, too. We've got magical inhabitants, so I presume that's possible?

<RyanSherbrig> (And earthly magics, if I recall correctly.)

<Alexa> Alexa looks out the window. "Nice work, Ryan."

<Ebba> Shouldn't any major event in one reality be clearly reflected in the other?

<RyanSherbrig> He's obviously pleased with himself. "Thank you."

<RyanSherbrig> Yeah, but sometimes it may be more obvious in one than the other.

<RyanSherbrig> And multiple perpsectives never hurt.

<HollyhockGod> There are probably some magical inhabitants who know how to work a telescope.

  • Alexa swigs the dregs of her coffee.

<Ebba> Shall I look into what the astronomer's on earth know?

<HollyhockGod> Fast forward one hour!

<Alexa> "I'm going to get dressed. See you folks up at the observatory."

<HollyhockGod> You get a call from the astronomicon!

  • RyanSherbrig lights on over in Elemental form.

<RyanSherbrig> "Yes?"

<HollyhockGod> "Heavenly bodies e'en now approach the terrestrial sphere, sire," says a mechano-seer.

  • RyanSherbrig checks the telescope.
  • Alexa fireflies over.

<HollyhockGod> "Here, in the great eye your wisdom created, we beheld them!"

<RyanSherbrig> "Can you pinpoint the location they'll arrive at earth?"

<HollyhockGod> Ryan looks into the eyepiece and can clearly see a cloud of bright objects.

  • RyanSherbrig focuses in on them.

<HollyhockGod> "Our feeble mortal skills are insufficiently advanced to know for certain, sire."

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm."

<HollyhockGod> "I might say that they may not even hit Earth at all, had your sight not already observed that they would."

<HollyhockGod> "I might have called it a one in a million chance."

<Alexa> "Gi's a look."

<HollyhockGod> Alexa sees the same cloud of bright objects as Ryan.

<Alexa> "Hmmm."

<RyanSherbrig> "It's probably not out of the question that something might change their course, as well."

<RyanSherbrig> "Maybe we should take that road trip."

<RyanSherbrig> (Also, I think Ryan's yet to actually get a chance to visit earth since his enNoblement.)

<Alexa> "Hey, astronomers. I'm Alexa, and this is Ryan. Can you tell yet whether these objects are self-propelled?"

<HollyhockGod> "These objects shall pass the Earth and begone within a day, sire."

  • Pandora pop-pops over to the observatory on that line. "Which road trip?"

<Alexa> "Wait, they're not going to hit on their current trajectory?"

<HollyhockGod> "I deem it unlikely, millady."

<Alexa> "Where's Ebba? She could check your calculations. No offence, ah — what should we call you?"

<HollyhockGod> "I have not yet been designated, milady."

<Alexa> "Oh. I guess that's up to you, Ryan."

<Pandora> "Well, there's always enemy action. I'd really like to go scout these things, but do any of you have /any/ idea how mythic space travel works?

<RyanSherbrig> "Mmm. You can choose your own designation."

<RyanSherbrig> "I'm lead to believe roads are involved. They go everywhere in the mythic plane."

<HollyhockGod> The mechano-seer cogitates, whirring.

<Alexa> (Prayer to Ebba) "O Domina Cerna, heed my prayer; if you come on up here, you could put that enormous brain of yours to checking these guys' findings."

<Ebba> "My enormous brain, huh?"

<Alexa> "Yeah, that too." :)

<HollyhockGod> "Unit designated 'Observer Feste.'"

  • RyanSherbrig creates a (decently fast) winged-turtle mount to give her a lift if she needs one.

<Pandora> "'Roads are involved' is spectacularly vague."

  • RyanSherbrig nods.

<RyanSherbrig> "I've yet to actually visit the mortal plane since my enNoblement, you know.

<RyanSherbrig> "I'm just going by what I read in the introductory pamphlet."

<Alexa> "Shakespeare fan, huh?"

<Alexa> "Wait, Ryan, we haven't yet taken you to Earth?"

<HollyhockGod> "I was created with a comprehensive knowledge of classical literature."

<Alexa> "How did we miss that?"

<HollyhockGod> Meanwhile, several less senior mechano-seers begin whirring and beeping.

<HollyhockGod> "Ah?" says Feste.

<HollyhockGod> They communicate with each other in binary for a moment.

<Ebba> "My enormous brain has arrived."

<Pandora> Pandora sighs. "You'd think being most of history old would leave one feeling like just a bit less of a chainik."

<RyanSherbrig> "Well, we've been busy."

<HollyhockGod> Feste rushes to the telescope, peers inside, and begins moving the telescope.

<Alexa> "Hi, Ebb. Have a look here."

<HollyhockGod> "The celestial bodies have altered their position, sire!"

  • Alexa points at the telescope.

<RyanSherbrig> "Aha."

<HollyhockGod> Feste makes room for Ebba, and hovers anxiously around several instrument panels.

  • RyanSherbrig will just make a display screen, if he forgot one.

<Alexa> "But you were from Earth before, right, Ryan?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Oh, yes."

<Ebba> Do I see more than a collection of bright objects?

<HollyhockGod> "Nothing at this distance should alter its position in the sky so quickly at this speed.

<HollyhockGod> Well, you have to move the objective with superhuman speed to find the cloud at all.

<HollyhockGod> It's altered its course.

<RyanSherbrig> ("Hey, I think I'm related to those brightly-shining objects!")

<Alexa> "Colour me unsurprised."

<HollyhockGod> "This really cannot be happening so long as ordinary causality applies."

<HollyhockGod> "Some force beyond astronomy as I know it has acted upon these celestial bodies!"

<Pandora> "Ordinary causality is a lie Earth tells itself to make the world less frightening. This is not surprising."

<Alexa> "Yeah, can you detect anything from the light they're emitting, Mr Radiance?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmmm."

  • RyanSherbrig tries a lesser divination.

<HollyhockGod> It's reflected light. They have no personal luminosity.

<RyanSherbrig> "They're not emitting it. It's reflected light."

  • Pandora tries another Major Divination, hoping that she can tell more about these objects now that they've been identified in the present.

<Alexa> "Righto. Can we tell anything about their surfaces, then? Albedo, reflectivity, possible composition?"

<HollyhockGod> "Our analysis so far has been consistent with their being an ordinary meteoric cloud."

<Alexa> "They wouldn't be whitish and smooth, by any chance?"

  • RyanSherbrig switches perspective to the mythic world, and checks out the cloud.

<Pandora> "What, you think they're eggs?"

<HollyhockGod> "The pattern of light reflected towards Earth isn't consistent with a perfectly smooth object."

<Alexa> "Thought it was possible, yeah.

<HollyhockGod> Pandora: You sense the presence of life, but it's clouded. Something out there isn't subject to miraculous divination.

<Alexa> "Of course, Eggs from Beyond need not look like birds' eggs at all."

<Pandora> "I have to keep reminding myself that that /would/ make sense. Oh, and I tried probing them miraculously. Something about life, but there's an Auctoritas or something of the ilk out there."

<Alexa> "Time for our first space mission, I think. Unless they're already in the atmosphere. Feste?"

<HollyhockGod> Meanwhile, Ebba is applying her superhuman brain to mathematics.

<RyanSherbrig> "Xeno-Oology's a complicated subject."

<HollyhockGod> Ebba, it seems to you that the objects are moving very distinctly Earthwards.

<HollyhockGod> And at an impossible speed.

<HollyhockGod> You estimate Earthfall in, oh, say, 24 hours.

<HollyhockGod> And the odd feeling you've been having lately is strengthening.

<HollyhockGod> This objects seem… portentous to you. Familiar, even.

<Ebba> "It looks like they'll be here in a day or less. They are moving quite quickly"

<RyanSherbrig> "Troublesome. Perhaps we should go to earth, and possibly try to intercept?"

<RyanSherbrig> (/me hands Ebba a baseball bat.)

<Pandora> "Oh, I think so, yes."

<Alexa> "Yeah."

<RyanSherbrig> "Right. I'll be off summoning. Feste? Others? Excellent work."

<HollyhockGod> Feste bobs, unspeakably grateful to have pleased you.

  • RyanSherbrig creates a bronze record containing an comprehensive introduction to Mythic reality for them.

<RyanSherbrig> (As said, summoning car and invisible beast. Although I'll point out that I've got maybe 10 minutes left before I have to go off and get ready for work.)

<Alexa> "Ryan, do you want to let the others designate themselves too?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Yes, of course. I had meant that permission in general."

<Ebba> "Now why do these objects feel like they are familiar, somehow?"

<Alexa> "Cool. Thanks for your help, Feste and other astronomer chaps."

<RyanSherbrig> "What do we know of in your past that could signify the birth of something large, that isn't meant to take place on Earth?"

<Pandora> "Ummmm… Big ol honking trees?"

<RyanSherbrig> "More or less what I was intimating. Does Yggdrasil have seed pods?"

<Fiona> "I was kind of under the impression that was what worlds were"

<HollyhockGod> Who knows?

<RyanSherbrig> "Well, I suppose we're going to find out."

<Pandora> "Rather, yes."

<HollyhockGod> The question is, what are you going to do in preparation?

<RyanSherbrig> Go to Earth, find a mythic road that leads into the sky in the general vicinity of their approach path (once it hopefully stabilizes) and, um, improvise?

<Alexa> (That was pretty much my plan too.)

<Alexa> (Should we alert any allied Powers?)

<Pandora> "If we're theorizing these may be Worldtree seeds, perhaps we might want to contact the world builders?"

<Alexa> "The who?"

<RyanSherbrig> "What, did NONE of you tell Alexa what happened at the party?"

<Pandora> "Those three fro… Oh, right. There are a trio of Nobles who specialize in creating little worlds to order. They mentioned a use for this sort of thing. They may know about dealing with it."

<Ebba> "Some powers we met at the party. They build worlds to order"

<Alexa> "Oh, right. You gave me the run-down, but maybe I forgot about them. How do we reach them?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Prayer? Sending spell? Cell phone?"

<RyanSherbrig> (Didn't they have business cards, or is that just me falsely recalling?)

<Pandora> "That's the question. Ebba, you talked with them longest, right? Did they give you a business card or whatever?"

<Ebba> (I think so, will have to check the log)

<RyanSherbrig> (Aaaand… I have to be off. Ryan will go off summoning if you guys want to come up with some better sort of plan.)

  • HollyhockGod will also have to check the log.

<HollyhockGod> A business card seems fine to me, though.

<RyanSherbrig> ("Just imminent danger, in the middle of it, me!")


<HollyhockGod> "We build worlds, because we can."

<HollyhockGod> And three Designs spread along the bottom.

<RyanSherbrig> (You know, a Nobilis who interprets his ascension as superpowers would be kind of fun to play in a genre-bending sort of way.)

<RyanSherbrig> (But anyway! Laters all, thanks for game, I had fun!)

<Alexa> (Seeya!)

  • RyanSherbrig is now known as Benhimself

<HollyhockGod> Thanks for stopping by!

  • Benhimself has quit (Disintegrated: "Hammer's-Regal is on the scene, hair blowing in the breeze / the day needs my saving expertise!")

<HollyhockGod> Hm, any further plans to be made while Ryan summons his fiendish servants?

<Alexa> Do we have/need a spaceship? I guess Mythic Space can be traversed without such devices.

<Pandora> (Do Designs immediately suggest a way of actually contacting the Noble?)

<Ebba> (I think it lets you pray to them.)

<HollyhockGod> (That is correct.)

<Pandora> (Ah.)

<Ebba> So why would bits of the world tree be coming here?

<Alexa> Are we sure that's what they are yet?

<Pandora> No, but it's strongly suggested.

<Pandora> With a capital S, even.

<Alexa> And could we call up the Imperator for advice, or is that a bad idea?

<HollyhockGod> You can try, but there's no guarantee of an answer.

<Fiona> (I should probably head off at this point.)

<HollyhockGod> She may or may not be able to turn her attention to you.

<Alexa> Righto.

<Fiona> (Laters, people.)

  • Fiona has quit (Disintegrated: Fiona)

<HollyhockGod> All right, I guess that's enough for tonight.

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