Story Four- Pieces Of Ygg, Part Two

<Uqbarian> What's up, Rand?

<RandBrittain> Nentuaby has dropped out, forever.

<Uqbarian> So I saw.

<Uqbarian> It's a shame.

<RandBrittain> This leaves us without a player.

<borogove> how much of a problem is that going to be?

<Benhimself> Do we want to play on and assume Pandora gets plotted, recruit a replacement, or what?

<RandBrittain> I dunno.

<Benhimself> I am all for not cancelling our game, as I enjoy it.

<Uqbarian> Ditto.

<borogove> another vote for not cancelling.

<Uqbarian> It can't hurt to ask in the forum for replacements, can it?

<RandBrittain> I suppose it can't.

<Uqbarian> Or in IRC? :)

<Benhimself> Fortunately, rebirth is a fairly easy power to explain spotaneously taking a new aspect.

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<RandBrittain> See how quickly I found an applicant!

<RandBrittain> He wants to know what it is we do.

<RemyDuron> yeah

<Benhimself> How fickle and transient mourning is.

<RandBrittain> Short version: We're a bunch of high-end Powers of the Light who are secretly planning to retake the Garden of Eden from the Dark.

<RandBrittain> Our Imperator is the Phoenix, whose Estates are Fire, Flowering, Resolve, Radiance, and Rebirth.

<borogove> I'm not sure 'secretly' is really part of it anymore, though.

  • Benhimself coughs.

<RandBrittain> We are currently short a Rebirth, since Pandora's player has left us.

<Uqbarian> I don't know about 'high-end' either.

<RemyDuron> hmm, so I'd have to be Rebirth, or could I find something else related to Phoenix?

<RandBrittain> I would appreciate it if you used Rebirth so I don't have to retcon things.

<RemyDuron> hmmm

<borogove> we're on, what, 34 points? that probably counts as high end.

<RandBrittain> Yes, I gave them extra points to start with, which is what I meant by high-end.

<Benhimself> There's always the rite of rescue.

<Uqbarian> I guess.

<RemyDuron> not sure if I want to join a game in progress, sorry to get your hopes up

<RandBrittain> We've only gone through three stories so far.

<RandBrittain> Which I have conveniently logged.


<RemyDuron> and I'm not too crazy about Rebirth, so you should probably keep looking, sorry again

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<Uqbarian> Oh. That was quick.

<borogove> well, quick is better than drawn out.

<RandBrittain> I guess I'll have to make a new thread.

<Benhimself> Yeah, I've found the whole 'you can play, but you have to play THIS estate' rarely works.

<Uqbarian> (Not that I mind too much, because I remember Remy from before his banning.)

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<borogove> (I don't remember him, but bannings are usually a bad sign.)

<borogove> hey.

<crusher_bob> hello

<Uqbarian> Hey, bob! We're talking about finding a replacement for Nentuaby.

<crusher_bob> hmm?

<crusher_bob> sigh

<RandBrittain> Indeed.

<crusher_bob> have been watching economy melt down

<crusher_bob> think there were some other players interested, but thought some other nobilis games had started up

<crusher_bob> sucking the player pool dry

  • RandBrittain works on a thread anyway.

<RandBrittain> Easier to grab one player than five.

<Uqbarian> And I'd definitely prefer to keep Rebirth if possible.

<Benhimself> Do we want to play on tonight, sans Pandora, then?

<RandBrittain> I suppose we can.

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<HollyhockGod> So, I think you have a day or two to decide what, if anything, you guys want to do.

<HollyhockGod> What with the rocks falling from space and all.

<Fiona> [sorry, I have to go rescue a lizard. back shortly]

<RyanSherbrig> I think we gathered that more information would be a good idea?

<RyanSherbrig> And thus taking a trip to the World and finding some mythic-reality road that would take us up into the sky to see what's what?

<RyanSherbrig> (Or, heck, most of us can survive in space, we could check things out in prosaic)

<Alexa> We were thinking about on the one hand, contacting the Worldshapers, and on the other, going up for a closer look.

<HollyhockGod> Either works, or both, or neither!

<RyanSherbrig> The two ideas aren't mutually exclusive.

<Alexa> Exactly.

<HollyhockGod> I should remind you, though, that mythic is good because not all of you can fly.

<Alexa> Which of us can't, again?

<RyanSherbrig> On the other hand, you know, if we find some causa causans, getting there *before* the worldshapers could be helpful.

<HollyhockGod> Um, I don't think Ebba can.

  • RyanSherbrig summons a Byakhee!

<HollyhockGod> A what now?

<Fiona> [back. it was a skink.]

<Ebba> (can't all ememplars fly, in theory?)

<Fiona> also, I can't fly.

<HollyhockGod> No, because humans can't fly.

<Alexa> "Byakhee, Byakhee, I don't know why…"

<RyanSherbrig> We'll give her some paper mache wings.

<HollyhockGod> You can jump good, though.

<RyanSherbrig> "Now flap!"

<HollyhockGod> Also, you're made of wood! (sometimes)

<RyanSherbrig> Five is doing things impossible for humans but possible for animals and machines!

<RyanSherbrig> Controlled exhalations for rocket thrust!

<RyanSherbrig> But yeah, a road is good.

<Ebba> hurry Ryan, start sexing up a horse, so it can birth a being capable to taking us to the stars!

<RyanSherbrig> Um.

<HollyhockGod> I *suppose* you could use Aspect 8 to jump into space, then use exemplar powers to move around.

<HollyhockGod> Yes, you need a Sleipneir.

<Alexa> Ryan has a car, right?

<RyanSherbrig> A car with perfect timing!

<RyanSherbrig> (handiest thing ever)

<Fiona> cars aren't nearly cool enough to take us into space.

<Alexa> Is it a talking car?

<RyanSherbrig> It just kind of growls angrily.

<Alexa> Can it swim?

<HollyhockGod> Well, road plus car technically works.

<RyanSherbrig> Yup! Eternal, too.

<Alexa> Is it airtight?

<HollyhockGod> Also, you may have Chancel residents capable of spaceflight.

<RyanSherbrig> We're all Eternal as well. Breathing is strictly optional.

<Alexa> Oh.

<HollyhockGod> So, who wants to go, and, if you don't want to go, do you want to do something else?

<Alexa> Shotgun!

<RyanSherbrig> I will go, of course, as the only one who can command the Car.

<Fiona> [possibly pandora doesn't want to go?]

<HollyhockGod> I rule that Pandora received an urgent call from her husband.

<HollyhockGod> Something about "baser nature."

<RyanSherbrig> ("Ride around in what's technically an Excrucian? I'll pass! And coordinate the effort from here.")

<RyanSherbrig> ("Where surely nothing can go wrong!")

<Fiona> I'm in. even if cars aren't as interesting as 8 legged horses.

<Alexa> (A shame, because she also got the vision.)

<HollyhockGod> Or possibly she left to become an Excrucian and betray you all.

<RyanSherbrig> "You are more than welcome to make your own 8-legged horses, Fiona."

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<HollyhockGod> Wow, my threads work fast!

  • RyanSherbrig creates one with a realm miracle, in fact.

<RyanSherbrig> "Just don't ride it around past midnight."

<Alexa> What does the car look like?

<HollyhockGod> I recall that it's a red Ferrari.

<RyanSherbrig> A lime-green horror from beyond reality twisted into the shape of a sleek sports car.

<RyanSherbrig> (The horror from beyond reality bit is probably only percievable to the Sight)

  • Alexa keeps her Sight closed, then

<RyanSherbrig> (Hello, MrSitouh!)

  • MrSitouh waves.

<Alexa> (Hello!)

<Ebba> won't we need the sight to see more about the rocks falling from space?

<Alexa> Oh, yes. Probably.

<Fiona> just don't look at the car with it on.

<Ebba> since they mostly look like rcoks falling from space with regular sight?

<RyanSherbrig> (Well, there's the Sight, and then there's Mythic Perspective.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Although it's possible the car looks Wonky to both.)

<RyanSherbrig> (An eight-legged horse with 'car' written on its flank.)

<HollyhockGod> I'm going to assume it looks like a car because it isn't very useful if it doesn't.

<RyanSherbrig> Mmmm.

<HollyhockGod> Is anybody *not* going?

<HollyhockGod> Then I assume we're all piling into the ungodly vehicle from beyond the fields we know.

<HollyhockGod> Who knows the way through local Mythic Space?

<Fiona> ebba?

<Alexa> Umm… do we have a street directory?

<Alexa> Check in the glovebox.

<RyanSherbrig> "You're riding shotgun."

<HollyhockGod> It's a foreign car, Alexa. :)

<HollyhockGod> I did wonder if Ebba would know, given that she came from outside Earth at some point.

<RyanSherbrig> "My plan was to drive around until we fortuitously happened to where we needed to be with just enough time to do what we came to do."

<Alexa> Foreign cars don't have gloveboxes?

<RyanSherbrig> Ryan's a High Summoner, so he might have some esoteric knowledges like that.

<RyanSherbrig> Maybe the side of the door?

<RyanSherbrig> Or we could ask a local.

<Fiona> ask some passing starlight?

<HollyhockGod> Alexa: I meant that it doesn't have maps of Creation.

<Ebba> we could try catching the light in a mirror

<Alexa> Ah.

<Ebba> and plying it with tea and stuff

<Ebba> and ask how it got here, exaclty

<Fiona> plans that involve tea parties are good plans.

<Alexa> If we know a trajectory to get to their location in prosaic space, can we deduce a corresponding road in the mythic?

<RyanSherbrig> (The road map is titled "A Right Turn at Albuquerque")

<Ebba> if we ask the mythic light, won't we get the mythic directions?

<HollyhockGod> Light doesn't necessarily know the way that humans have to go.

<RyanSherbrig> I pull over when we find something that looks conversational by the side of the road.

<Alexa> Have we left the Chancel yet?

<HollyhockGod> I don't think so.

<RyanSherbrig> We could spend all session here if we endlessly debate how we want to go about things.

<HollyhockGod> Largely because I don't think anyone other than Ryan would leave without a plan.

<RyanSherbrig> It's kind of funny that the High Summoner is the most impulsive.

<HollyhockGod> To be honest, I was hoping Ebba would say "Sure, I know all the big paths through Mythic Earth! It's easy-peasy!"

<Ebba> ok

<Ebba> "Sure, I know all the big paths thourhg Mythic Earth! It will be easy" :D

<RyanSherbrig> "Okay, Ebba gets shotgun, then."

  • Alexa pouts.

<RyanSherbrig> "Since she's helping to navigate."

<Alexa> "Yeah, fine."

<RyanSherbrig> "Anyone who wants to do anything, you've got a couple hours for me to summon my Invisible Beast."

<HollyhockGod> Okay, point two: Your Chancel is in the middle of the ocean.

<Ebba> We'll just stop at the mythic biker bar to pick up some of my starry-eyed friends and we'll right of to doo^^^^ I mean save creation

<RyanSherbrig> (Why do I envison Ryan having to threaten to turn this car around if the people in the back don't settle down?)

<RyanSherbrig> The Car's eternal for just that underwater-functioning purpose!

<RyanSherbrig> (Yay High Summoning)

<Alexa> ("Are we there yet?")

<RyanSherbrig> ("Oooh, hitch-hikers! We can squeeze one more in the back, right?")

<Alexa> "While he's summoning, do one of you folks want to try the Worldshapers?"

<HollyhockGod> Very well. Ebba, what's the quickest way from the Fire Isles off of Earth proper?

<Ebba> Hmm, how about the tree with the highway passing through it in California?

<HollyhockGod> Sure, why not. Is anyone going to call the Worldshapers or are you keeping it on the down-low?

<Alexa> I didn't meet them, so I'm not calling.

<Ebba> (

<Fiona> likewise.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, so this tree, when asked properly, leads up into SPACE!

<HollyhockGod> Ryan recklessly speeds up the branches!

<HollyhockGod> Presumably, once you've all got your summonings done and your space clothes on.

<Ebba> (Guess I'll call the world builders, as it should lead to interesting complications)

<RyanSherbrig> ("Meet us there.")

<Alexa> (She doesn't have a car!)

<RyanSherbrig> (I meant the worldbuilders. They kind of… have to have ways of getting around outside the world, I imagine.)

<Alexa> (Ah.)

<Ebba> "We are tracking stuff falling from space, which may be pieces of the world tree or something similar. We are going there to find out exactly what it is"

<HollyhockGod> Who are you calling?

<RyanSherbrig> Oh! Are there any earthly-magic ways of, if we happen to find some Causa Causans stuff, containing it without influencing its resonance too much?

<Alexa> Good question.

<Fiona> or nobilis rites?

<RyanSherbrig> If not, I'll just grab a few pickle-jars or something, stuff them in the trunk with the horror from beyond.

<HollyhockGod> You don't know of one, but you're a magical genius, so maybe you can invent one.

<HollyhockGod> Come up with a method I find convincing, and I'll allow it.

<Ebba> I was under the impression that even directing your thinking toward the raw stuff of creation tended to give it resonance already

<Ebba> since it so mauch wants to actually be 'something'

<RyanSherbrig> Hmm…. how about, instead of a magical ward, it distorts the space inside a container to loop around itself?

<HollyhockGod> It's sort of a "probablity approaches one" thing.

<RyanSherbrig> So the only thing it can interact with is itself?

<HollyhockGod> That seems vaguely reasonable.

<RyanSherbrig> All right. Of course, we don't even know if we'll find any of the stuff.

<RyanSherbrig> (Someone to do divinations of rebirth-capable stuff would be helpful, here, alas)

<RyanSherbrig> Driving to space! By way of California!

<Ebba> "We'll have to ask the tree nicely first. Talk in a respectful tone of voice, maybe show a little bark, that kind of thing…"

<Fiona> "bribe it with extra flowerings?"

<RyanSherbrig> "We're lords of creation! Surely we can command it authoritatively."

<Alexa> (Alexa is wearing a pale grey suit, and brings a warm jacket and a trenchcoat, as it might get chilly up in space.)

<Alexa> "How do you say hello to a really tall tree? 'High.'"

  • RyanSherbrig momentarily considers the benefits of eject buttons.

<HollyhockGod> Let us assume that these things are done.

<HollyhockGod> I also assume that you have some plan for locating the foreign objects you're looking for.

<Alexa> Keeping an eye out the window?

<RyanSherbrig> Have the astronomers chart their location and translating it's proximity to well-known celestial bodies?

<RyanSherbrig> Which we can then locate mythically?

<RyanSherbrig> (Its, even. Actually, Their. Tut.)

<Alexa> (Hmm. If Pandora wasn't busy, she could possibly work with the astronomers by switching her perspective.)

<Alexa> (Also, can I divine their location by their burningness? At least enough to say, well, 'Hot … cold … getting hotter!' :))

<Ebba> (Seem to have missed the question about which of the world builders I was calling, it will be the mathy guy, since I talked to him the most)

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<HollyhockGod> (They aren't on fire, so I don't think so. Maybe once they hit the atmosphere.)

<Alexa> (Righto.)

<HollyhockGod> (All right. Message sent; no response yet.)

<HollyhockGod> I'm not certain that Ryan's plan is anywhere near accurate enough.

<RyanSherbrig> We can crossreference with Pandora using mythic observatory action.

<RyanSherbrig> Or use major divinations of the future. Where will they be when they burst into flames from the atmosphere, etc?

<Fiona> can't alexa look for them from the sun's point of view? it's made of ire, right?

<Fiona> fire, not ire.

<HollyhockGod> Pandora isn't really available. Future divinatinos are clouded. The sun is actually a nuclear reactor.

<HollyhockGod> On the other hand, this is a boring problem.

<Alexa> Well, the Sun also puts out radiance, but I think we've established it's also it's own thing. (Plus what Rand said.)

<RyanSherbrig> (I was gonna say)

<HollyhockGod> Ebba, you feel a tingling in your roots!

<RyanSherbrig> (How long do you want us to debate 'Can we find the plot?')

<Ebba> hmm…

<HollyhockGod> You feel as though you're being drawn *that* way.

<Ebba> "Yay, divine intervention"

<Ebba> *this* is the way we want to go

  • Ebba points

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm. Good, that means we won't have to pass by Saturn. He's a jerk."

  • RyanSherbrig turns at the nearest available fork in the road.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, stuff happens, and there's an argument over the radio.

<HollyhockGod> Then you reach the plot!

<Ebba> drops flowers at grave of poor, dead, mars polar lander?

<HollyhockGod> There's a giant rock moving parallel to the path you're on. Maybe it's a mile or so off?

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm."

<HollyhockGod> It looks to be more or less like the ones you want, and has the right feel to your divinations.

<Alexa> "Hey, is that it?"

<HollyhockGod> Although from here it's pretty ordinary-looking.

<RyanSherbrig> "Hopefully it's not some OTHER world-destroying rock completely incidental to the ones we were looking for."

<Ebba> "I doubt that are that many other giant rocks in the area"

<Alexa> "That would be awkward."

<Alexa> "So. Can we get to it by road, or do we have to get out and walk?"

<HollyhockGod> It's not really big enough to end the world, you think.

<HollyhockGod> No, there's no road. It's about a mile away from any path.

<RyanSherbrig> Ryan exaggerates.

<RyanSherbrig> Plus, there's more too this than just rock, obviously.

<Ebba> "So we'll have to park the car and jump the rest of the way"

<Alexa> (What's Mythic Space like? Can we walk on it, or swim through it, or what?)

<HollyhockGod> It's like walking around in a giant birdcage with a tree in it.

<HollyhockGod> Gravity is towards the tree but is otherwise normal.

<RyanSherbrig> "So, we really just need… Fiona to get there? Ebba, you can jump, yes?"

<RyanSherbrig> (A birdcage of fire surrounded by madness)

<Alexa> (The tree being the Ash, you mean?)

<Ebba> "One of use could take a flower there, and then Fiona should be able to step thoug, right?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Or…"

  • RyanSherbrig gets out and opens the trunk.

<RyanSherbrig> Something unseen steps out and unfurls dread wings.

<RyanSherbrig> "Somebody could ride."

<HollyhockGod> (That is the tree to which I refer.)

  • Alexa gets out and lights a cigarette.

<Fiona> "I am ok with riding the unseen dread"

<HollyhockGod> ………

<HollyhockGod> ………..

<Fiona> "but going via a flower is easier"

<HollyhockGod> ………………

<Alexa> (Is there enough air-analogy in Mythic Space for fire to appear to burn? Mythically?)

<HollyhockGod> (Yes, but.)


<Fiona> (it's not like you can't create fir that would burn anyway…)

<Alexa> (Oh, crap.)

<RyanSherbrig> "Um, could you put that out?"

<Alexa> "Why?"

<Fiona> (aren't we not actually on the tree?)

<Alexa> (Yeah, I thought we were in *space*.)

<HollyhockGod> It's a matter of perspective!

<Alexa> (*confused*)

<Ebba> because the serpents that live here tend to frown of fire

<RyanSherbrig> (The roads might in fact all be branches of the tree?)

<HollyhockGod> The paths of Mythic Earth lead out onto the Tree, which is "space" as seen in Prosaic.

<HollyhockGod> I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear.

<Alexa> (But you said the tree was in the middle of the cage!)

<HollyhockGod> Yes, and you're also in the cage, running around on the branches.

<Ebba> (you don't have to be mad to do mythic travel, but it helps) :D

<Alexa> (So it's not just in the middle, it's filling the cage.)

<RyanSherbrig> (You're Fire's Regal. If any of them show up, you can just destroy the property of fire that burns wood while leaving the property that burns cigarettes.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Just explain quickly.)

<Alexa> (My mental image was that the roads were like ribbons between and around the branches.)

<RyanSherbrig> (And hope they don't have some sort of beef with the estate of Fire in general)

<HollyhockGod> Well, some are and some aren't.

<Fiona> (if I destroy a fire's property of flowering, does that mean it won't spread?)

<HollyhockGod> But it's good policy to avoid fire. I'm not sure whether that policy changes if you ARE fire or not.

<Alexa> (Righto. So we're on the Tree now, definitely?)

<HollyhockGod> Um….. yes. Yes, it would.

<HollyhockGod> (At the moment.)

<HollyhockGod> My point was mostly that Aaron's Serpents are unreasonable, not that your smoking is hazardous.

<Alexa> (Yeah, I got that part.)

<RyanSherbrig> "We can smoke on the doom egg. Fiona, would nettles be sufficient? I've got a few for emergencies."

<Alexa> "It's just a cigarette, Ryan."

<Fiona> nettles are fine. I can make anything like that you want, though.

<Alexa> (OOC, Alexa has forgotten or never heard about the Tree's anti-smoking regulations.)

<RyanSherbrig> "Fine, we'll see. Off to the rock!"

<Ebba> "Well, now that that is sorted out, let's go"

  • RyanSherbrig elementals over, unseen dread at his side.

<Alexa> "Okay."

  • Alexa turns into a fireball (burning up the cigarette in the process) and flies over.

<RyanSherbrig> (And here I was thinking "At least cigarettes are very small and unnoticable, by most fiery standards)

<HollyhockGod> You find the rock and touch down.

<HollyhockGod> Interestingly, gravity is slightly stronger here than it is on Earth, despite the small size.

  • Fiona conjures a flower out of the ash, then steps out of the nettles onto the rock.

<Ebba> Now is it the whole rock we should be looking for, or just part of it?

<Alexa> (What does it look like up close?)

<HollyhockGod> Ebba, this is beginning to feel *distressingly* familiar.

<RyanSherbrig> "That's partially what we're here to investigate."

<Ebba> "and why do I feel so odd?"

<RyanSherbrig> (Hmmm, Stephanotis flower is the official symbol of Gating, for the record.)

<HollyhockGod> (It's a large, light-tan ovoid covered in dirt. As you scrape the dirt aside with your feet, you see something that looks like withered plant material buried under the dirt.)

<HollyhockGod> Ebba, this is pretty much the same gravity that your old destroyed world of Yggsgard had before it was destroyed.

<Fiona> it's a seed?

<RyanSherbrig> (Oh noes!)

<Alexa> (Thought so!)

<RyanSherbrig> (Nah, I was totally expecting Seed. Well played.)

<HollyhockGod> Fiona, you reach down to touch it, and you feel the presence of living flora more or less all throughout the rock.

<HollyhockGod> Although it's somewhat dormant and weak.

<Fiona> well, when do we want it to wake?

  • Fiona assumes that is what everyone wants it to do, of course.

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm. Alexa, could you use a major creation of fire as a sort of rocket-thrust to alter our trajectory away from impacting with Earth?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Actually, that reminds me, something DID change it so it WOULD be impacting."

<Alexa> (Greater Divination for whatever I can learn through the latent heat in the object.)

<RyanSherbrig> "There might be other people here."

<Ebba> since we saw it change course, it might just turn back

<Ebba> "let's find out more before we start burning everything down"

<RyanSherbrig> "We could see if it turns on back its own, or if somebody arrives to turn it back, though."

<RyanSherbrig> "I'm sure Alexa is capable of controlled uses of her Domain."

  • Ebba absentmindedly skips from place to place
  • Alexa de-fireballs and touches down on the rock.

<HollyhockGod> Hm, Alexa, it seems to sort of naturally maintain a sort of Yggsgardian level of heat, along with things like breathable atmostphere.

<Alexa> "Are you okay, Ebba?"

<Ebba> "Hmm? fine. Just feel a little odd"

<HollyhockGod> It's sort of like this tiny piece maintains the conditions that were normal on the planet as a whole.

<Alexa> "Any idea why? And I think this thing might still be alive. What do you reckon, Fi?"

<Fiona> (can I tell what this intends to flower into?) (current theory: a world)

  • RyanSherbrig keeps an eye out for whatever or whoever might have intially changed its path.

<Ebba> "let's walk around a bit and see if anyone lives here, or anything"

<HollyhockGod> Hm. As I said, it sort of maintains the qualities that prevailed across the world as a whole.

<HollyhockGod> If the plant matter is allowed to grow, it will probably spread those conditions along with it.

<Fiona> "it's as alive as any seed is"

<RyanSherbrig> Is there some perceivable-to-the-sight-or-Mythic link to other pieces?

<HollyhockGod> Ebba, as you're walking, you encounter the decaying skeleton of a morig, a furrry creature native to Yggsgarde.

<Alexa> "It seems to be maintaining its original planetary conditions somehow."

<Fiona> "also, maybe we should find somewhere other than earth to put it, though."

<Ebba> "Um, what is this doning here"

<HollyhockGod> Ryan: No, but Earth is becoming visible in the distance ahead.

<Ebba> "there shouldn't be any more of those"

<RyanSherbrig> "Hence my earlier suggestion, Fiona."

<Alexa> (Can we see any of the other pieces from here?)

  • Ebba faint sniffle

<RyanSherbrig> (Honestly, just because I don't have Ovaries, nobody listens to me.)

<Alexa> "Ebba? What's up?"

<RyanSherbrig> (j/k)

<Alexa> (:p)

  • Ebba indicates small dead furry thing

<HollyhockGod> Alexa: A few rocks can be seen in the distance, but nowhere near enough to be all.

<Ebba> "They passed down all roads long ago, with so many others"

  • Fiona speeds up the flowering or a small piece of plant to see what it looks like
  • Ebba keeps moving around, looking at stuff

<Alexa> "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

<RyanSherbrig> "If there's a link equalizing planetary conditions among all the pieces, that we may be able to utilize that to simultaneously influence all of them to avoid impacting with Earth."

  • RyanSherbrig doesn't do the comfort thing so well.

<HollyhockGod> The plant blooms up, with the vine becoming an unnaturally bright olive and putting out a pure white flower that levitates about an inch away from the actual stalk. It looks like someone made it out of old paper, and you recognize it as the Scribe Blossom, a flower important in heraldry but not native to Earth.

<Fiona> "Ebba, look!"

<Ebba> "These I remember also. What is this place?"

<Ebba> (should plants be sprounting up in Ebba's footsteps, or anything like that?)

  • Fiona asks the flower that question

<Alexa> "Hang on… do you mean you remember these from your old home?"

<RyanSherbrig> (So, earlier question: Are there any mystically visible links or gateways or such to the other pieces? Ryan will go looking around.)

<Ebba> "Is the flesh of your body your home?"

<Ebba> "Or simply what you are?"

<Alexa> "Oh, Ebba. I'm so sorry."

<HollyhockGod> (Ebba: would you like some? Sure, especially now that Fiona has set the place going.)

<Ebba> (Ok then)

<Ebba> More plants starts to spring up, starting in the places where Ebba has walked

<Ebba> and spreading out from there

<HollyhockGod> So, I guess the question is, what do you do"?

<Ebba> (was waiting for the other PCs to put up some reactions)

<Ebba> (but I can produce some more theater if they are still thinking)

<Alexa> (was waiting for Ebba :))

<Ebba> (Ok, more theater it is :D)

<RyanSherbrig> (I've already made my suggestions/stated actions)

<Fiona> (so, we're on a seed of a world, heading towards earth. also, there are other seeds around us somewhere?)

<Ebba> "But that world fell into shadow, and nothing reamins of it but me"

<Fiona> maybe we should ask the world builders where they'd like these placed?

  • Ebba tears fall
  • Fiona looks concerned at Ebba

<Ebba> when the tears touch the ground, you get something like one of those super fash crystalline groth reations

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm."

<Ebba> where before plants were just sprounting slightly, full growth basically starts shooting out of the grount

<Ebba> (wathc out for those trees!)

<Alexa> "But maybe something else *has* remained, Ebba! All of these seeds."

<Alexa> "Oh!"

<RyanSherbrig> (Can we see other 'seeds' from here?)

<HollyhockGod> (Ah, Ryan: No, it doesn't seem to have any obvious links lying around. A few things in the background of space seem to be other rocks, but you definitely can't see them all.)

  • Ebba glares at Alexa with aspect 5 scaryness

<Ebba> "how I would dare to hope"

<Ebba> "but it all fell beneath the shadow. How can I be sure that this is not something the shadow has sent back?"

<Ebba> "and when it falls to the earth it will grow and sprout" spreaing the wonder of me that was"

<Ebba> "where there could be sorrow, but never despair. Defeat, but never doom"

  • Alexa flinches, but glares back with domain 5 heat.

<RyanSherbrig> "We still don't know what the effects of this landing on the Earth might be."

<Alexa> "Just what are you saying, Ebba?"

<Ebba> "and it will do so in a world where the rpime power is the lord of entropy"

<RyanSherbrig> (Hmmm, IS there Causa Causans on this rock? It seems to be reacting to small environmental influences fairly dramatically, although that might just be Ebba)

<Fiona> (it will start growing if I hang around, too)

<RyanSherbrig> (Yeah, Ebba and Fiona both, I should say.)

<Fiona> I don't think we should let this grow on earth. so, where else can we put it?

<HollyhockGod> (You don't see anything indicative of pure causa.)

<RyanSherbrig> "Somewhere else on the Ash?"

<Alexa> "How do the Worldshapers work? Do they use empty worlds on the Tree or something?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Or the moon, so Ebba could visit?"

  • RyanSherbrig prods the planty stuff underneath the soil, magically investigating.

<Alexa> "I think the Angel of the Moon might object. But I was about to ask if anyone is using Mars at the moment."

<HollyhockGod> Well, the Worldshapers evidently have a Chancel for building worlds in.

<Alexa> "Hold that thought. We still don't know if anyone is actually behind this or it's a, well, 'natural' event.

<Fiona> maybe there's a spare stalk on the ash or something we could hang it from?

<Alexa> "And we might want to try to corral the seeds together, stop them from hitting Earth, buy us some time."

<RyanSherbrig> "Well, a way to find out would be trying to move this one, and seeing if somebody moves it back.

<RyanSherbrig> "

  • Ebba roots begin to dig into the ground, and the place beginds to look more world like by the minute

<RyanSherbrig> Muttered under his breath. "As I suggest for the third time."

<RyanSherbrig> (Have to head out soon, just FYI.)

<Alexa> "Oh! And we should confirm whether the other seeds have the same origin. Be even more awkward if we're actually looking at multiple worlds here."

<Fiona> "Ryan- I'm ok with that idea. I just don't know how to go about doing so"

  • Ebba laughs somewhat maniacly

<Ebba> "and why wouldn't I wish to bring low the power of entropy, who has forbidden us to love"

<Alexa> "I can try some rocket-exhaust fire, maybe."

<RyanSherbrig> "Love is a distraction from our duties."

<Ebba> "and how the shadows would laugh, to bring destruction to two worlds for the price of one"

  • RyanSherbrig nods at Alexa.

<Ebba> (can I sorta suck in all the other stray bits?)

<HollyhockGod> (How?)

<Fiona> (really high aspect?)

<Ebba> (grow, stick some roots out into them, drag them in)

<RyanSherbrig> (Aspect 9 tree-growth-action!)

<RyanSherbrig> (Ironically, what we could really use here would be a fleet of flying pirate-ships.)

<Alexa> (Ha!)

<HollyhockGod> (I knew they were good for something.)

  • Alexa looks at Ebba with concern.

<HollyhockGod> Hm, root-growing…. I guess that works.

<HollyhockGod> The Scaling Gift would actually be a really good pick for Ebba.

<Ebba> (hmm?)

<HollyhockGod> I suppose we're talking about Aspeect 8, and I'll throw in being able to find all the pieces.

<RyanSherbrig> (1 character point, grow up or down as needed)

<HollyhockGod> (A Gift to let you change size at will.)

<HollyhockGod> (Technically necessary to become a world-sized tree.)

<Ebba> (thought that was just a trick of high aspect?)

<Ebba> (but have not spent any of my CP, so can buy the gift now)

<RyanSherbrig> (Growing is a thing plants and animals can do!)

<Fiona> (shrinking kind of isn't though)

<RyanSherbrig> (A technicality.)

<HollyhockGod> All right, you can buy it if you like.

<RyanSherbrig> (Although Ebba in giant size given her mood right now…)

<HollyhockGod> That and Aspect should be enough to let you take tree-from and stretch your roots out for miles and miles.

<HollyhockGod> Tunneling through several hundred pieces of Yggsgard.

<Ebba> (so 3 MP for an aspect 8 miracle?)

<HollyhockGod> Then, you gradually reduce size and draw them all togther.

<HollyhockGod> 4 AMPs.

<Ebba> (OK)

<Fiona> (deep is always 4)

<HollyhockGod> The end result is a helpful ball of broken planet about twenty yards across, nestled in your root system.

<Alexa> "Holy crap!"

<RyanSherbrig> "Ack!"

<Ebba> (astronoments baffled for giant elm tree about to strike earth!)

<Alexa> (Twenty yards? How big were the rocks before?)

  • RyanSherbrig falls off, is caught by his Beast and flown back up.

<Fiona> well, that's all the pieces. now where do we put them?

<RyanSherbrig> (YEah, I pictured the bits much larger than that individually)

  • Fiona is sitting on a root or something
  • Alexa is hovering off to one side in fire form.

<HollyhockGod> I'm sorry, twenty miles.

<HollyhockGod> My mistake.

<Alexa> (Not that size is important.)

<Alexa> "Ebba? Can you hear us?"

<Ebba> "I hear"

<RyanSherbrig> (All right, really have to be off. Thanks for game, all! See you in a week, hopefully.)

<Alexa> "How are you feeling?"

<Alexa> (Seeya!)

  • RyanSherbrig is now known as Benhimself

<Fiona> (I should probably head off too.)

<Ebba> (time to strike earth like fist of angry god) :D

<Alexa> (Hey!)

<Alexa> (Seeya. :))

  • Benhimself has quit (Disintegrated: Where's the earth-shattering kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!)

<Fiona> (laters people)

  • Fiona has quit (Disintegrated: Fiona)
  • Alexa is now known as Uqbarian

<HollyhockGod> Well, we got things done, I guess.

  • Ebba is now known as crusher_bob
  • You are now known as RandBrittain

<Uqbarian> Wow. Ebba's not going to go all supervillain on us, is she?

<RandBrittain> It's allowed!

<RandBrittain> If Pandora can, so can Ebba!

<crusher_bob> was expect one of you to try to talk her out of it

<Uqbarian> That's true … wait, what did Pandora do?

<RandBrittain> Fufufufufufu!

<Uqbarian> Eek!

<RandBrittain> Also, directing PURANETARY STRIKU at the Sable Gardens would be a great first strike!

<Uqbarian> But we want to *capture* the Gardens, don't we?

<Uqbarian> Though I guess we could bank on the enemy to stop the strike but have to expend resources doing so…

<Uqbarian> Sorry about the space/Tree confusion, btw.

<RandBrittain> Probably my mistake.

<crusher_bob> so should I expect one of you to talk ebba down?

<crusher_bob> or come up with a way for her to talk herself down?

<crusher_bob> or did we want to do PURANETARY STRIKU?

<Uqbarian> Alexa was going to try, but then Ebba turned into a giant tree.

<Uqbarian> Alexa will definitely try to talk Giant-Tree-Ebba out of smashing into Earth.

<crusher_bob> ok, should we cover some arguments here?

<crusher_bob> so we don't blow up the earth by accident?

<Uqbarian> Sure.

<Uqbarian> Though actually, I should get going soon too.

<Uqbarian> But Alexa would start with something like "Let's talk through this before we do something rash, okay?"

<crusher_bob> :D

<Uqbarian> Then "Do you really want to sacrifice your new home to recreate your old one?"

<Uqbarian> If yes, then "You know we can't let you do that."

<RandBrittain> Incidentally, with regard to what Ryan said earlier, I've mentioned before the possibility of a Gift that makes all your children monsters.

<Uqbarian> A what?

<crusher_bob> ?

<RandBrittain> Pretty much a Gift that automatically activates when you have sex and causes the child to be some kind of enormous monster.

<RandBrittain> Pretty much what Loki had.

<RandBrittain> What with his fathering the Fenris Wolf, the Midgard serpent, and Sleipnir.

<Uqbarian> So, er, what did Ryan say to lead to that?

<Uqbarian> Oh, Sleipnir, right.

<crusher_bob> thought that was mostly just because loki tended to have sex with giant monsters

<RandBrittain> My way is simpler to ajudicate mechanically.

<Uqbarian> Why do we want monstrous children, though?

<RandBrittain> Well, monsters are powerful!

<crusher_bob> (So I could have the army of the lilim in exile?)

<RandBrittain> Plus, you don't always choose your Gifts from an IC perspective.

<RandBrittain> Sometimes you have to cope with the magic powers you get given.

<RandBrittain> Sure, why not?

<RandBrittain> You'd have to find your own way of making them loyal, of course.

<Uqbarian> Would this be more effective than creating/recruiting Chancelfolk or other already existing monsters?

<crusher_bob> heh, Ebba is mostly supposed to be sad and sweet, like pom-poko

<RandBrittain> I suppose it depends on the specifics of the Gift and how you use it.

<crusher_bob> except for the possible subtext of being an apology for imperial japan

<RandBrittain> Things like how okay you are with impregnating large numbers of women with your inhuman progeny.

<Uqbarian> Yeah.

<Uqbarian> I'll pass, thanks.

<Uqbarian> Has Ebba told the Familia much about Yggsgarde?

<crusher_bob> it's been excruciated, so even talking about it is difficult, isn't it?

<RandBrittain> I wasn't really suggesting it as a Gift for a PC of ethical tendencies.

<RandBrittain> But I suppose it would be a great curse!

<crusher_bob> how do you talk about something that neve really exisited?

<RandBrittain> Was it Excruciated? I assumed they just came in and killed the place.

<crusher_bob> well, I dunno about the exact difference between being excruciated and just 'killed' by ecrustians

<Uqbarian> It's like being killed vs never having existed in the first place, I thought.

<RandBrittain> Excruciated things don't just not exist, they can't exist.

<Uqbarian> The Excrucians can destroy things by conventional or magical means, and that's different from them actually removing Estates.

<Uqbarian> Yep, that too.

<RandBrittain> Plus, a planet isn't an Estate.

<RandBrittain> Although this does seem to be a fun development.

<RandBrittain> Confession: This story was meant to be about all these rocks falling to Earth and Powers fighting over them.

<Uqbarian> Oh! Were we supposed to let them land?

<RandBrittain> Supposed to is a dirty word.

<RandBrittain> That is merely what I expected to happen!

<Uqbarian> Ah.

<Uqbarian> And are they all pieces of Yggsgarde?

<RandBrittain> But as we have seen, there are possibilities up here, possibly involving killing the First Lord with a planet straight to the face.

<RandBrittain> Yep.

<Uqbarian> Cool. Well, I'm going to scoot. Catch you guys next time!

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