Story Three: Ace Of Sovereigns, Part One

<Uqbarian> Good morning!

<RandBrittain> Good "morning."

<Nentuaby> Good afternoon! :)

<Uqbarian> :)

<RandBrittain> Good night, here.

<Nentuaby> My, aren't we a global lot.

<RandBrittain> Otherplacians!

<RandBrittain> Only one step away from Beyonders!

<Nentuaby> You mean those horribly annoying Q wannabes from Marvelverse?

<RandBrittain> No, not those.

<Uqbarian> Neeeeeed coffee. *groans* *shuffles towards kitchen*

<RandBrittain> You shouldn't need coffee at night!

<RandBrittain> Or in the afternoon.

<RandBrittain> So, did either of you spend more CPs?

<Uqbarian> How many do we have now?

<Nentuaby> Well, we've finished two stories.

<Nentuaby> And no, I'm saving this one. Couldn't think of anything.

<RandBrittain> Yeah, you're all at 32 CP, plus Eternal.

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<Uqbarian> I'll put 2 Penetration on my fire-moving Gift.

<RandBrittain> Ah, another one arrives.

<Uqbarian> Hi, Ben!

<Benhimself> Heyo! Just grabbing breakfast.

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<borogove> Hey, people.

<RandBrittain> Hello, boro.

<Uqbarian> Hi, gove!

<RandBrittain> Okay, we're just short one, now.

<Uqbarian> Who are you calling short? :p

<RandBrittain> Truman Capote!

<Uqbarian> That's cold-blooded, man.

<RandBrittain> You're having breakfast, so it's only appropriate!

  • RandBrittain should have made a "Murder by Death" reference.

<RandBrittain> Conveniently, by midnight, one of you shall be dead!

  • Uqbarian dies.

<borogove> Well, that was quicker than expected.

  • Benhimself is fairly glad he purchased Immortal.

<RandBrittain> His willingness to fulfill my prophecies speaks well of him!

  • Uqbarian gets better.
  • RandBrittain summons Excrucians to destroy Benhimself.

<borogove> Note to self: don't stand next to the immortal.

<Benhimself> It's okay, even if they destroy me despite my immortality, I shall exist/not-exist in the Lands Beyond Creation.

<borogove> Well, that's reassuring.

<RandBrittain> Where your High Summoning powers will be completely useless!

<RandBrittain> Or possibly I would have to make a new Character sheet.

<RandBrittain> Made entirely of one-point Gifts!

<Benhimself> Well, I'd transcend my PC nature, and make a new one.

<Benhimself> Maybe Lightning, with Constant Domain (Lesser Creations).

<RandBrittain> Dear me.

<Uqbarian> You could learn Low Summoning. Call Creation-born through the Wall.

<RandBrittain> I think you'd have to keep your old Domain, but I could see lightning falling under Radiance.

<Benhimself> Or Radiance, as part of the Excrucian attack, could fall by the wayside, and Lightning is taken as a new Estate splitting off from Fire and some of the residual Radiance left over.

<Benhimself> We'll see if it ever actually comes to that. How long do we want to wait for Bob?

<RandBrittain> An interesting question!

<borogove> Another 10 minutes?

<RandBrittain> Sounds about right.

<Benhimself> We could discuss what tonight's story arc will entail and begin preparations.

<RandBrittain> It will entail…..

<RandBrittain> formalwear!

<borogove> Oh, no!

<RandBrittain> Also, you've still got a comatose twentysomething in the basement somewhere.

<Nentuaby> Oh yeah.

<borogove> Can't forget about him.

<Benhimself> Au contraire, we can, and pretty much did.

<Uqbarian> Who?

<Benhimself> Case in point.

<Nentuaby> The… random fellow who was possessed by the ghost stalker during the Tokyo arc.

<RandBrittain> And who was then shipped to you with makeup and a ribbon on him by Rosa.

<borogove> Hey, I've got a very good flower keeping an eye on him. Or a petal or something.

<Benhimself> The bishi Pandora ordered.

<Benhimself> Or was it Alexa?

<Nentuaby> Pandora… Technically…

<borogove> Pandora.

<Uqbarian> Ayup.

<Nentuaby> %#@* loosely interpreted Cammoran contracts.

<Nentuaby> Pandora should probably go down there and check in on him, at that.

<Benhimself> Mmmm.

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<Benhimself> Well, almost 9:30… shall we begin?

<Benhimself> I'll take that as a preemptive 'Yes'.

<HollyhockGod> I suppose I might as well.

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<Fiona> Fíona

<Alexa> Gesundheit.

<Fiona> Hush, you.

<HollyhockGod> So, there's a sleeping Maebara Makoto lying around somewhere. What are you going to do about it?

<Alexa> Is that some kind of car?

<Pandora> Go visit him… presumably after bumming the antidote to whatever we put in his tea.

  • Fiona goes with.

<RyanSherbrig> "Pandora, what do you want to do about Maebara Makoto?"

  • Alexa follows along.

<Pandora> "For a start, talk to him."

  • Alexa hums.

<Pandora> "We'll figure things out from there, one supposes."

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<Alexa> "How do you solve a problem like Makoto?"

  • Fiona peeks out of the flower: how is he?

<RyanSherbrig> "Find something useful for him to do?"

<Pandora> "Probably with a mystical bus ticket and some favor to make up fro his trouble."

<RyanSherbrig> "Release him back into earthly society and convince him it was all a dream?"

<HollyhockGod> Ticket to where?

<HollyhockGod> Rosa had everybody he knew mind-wiped, you recall.

<Pandora> That was why we were going to talk to him. And whaaa?

<Pandora> No, I don't recall that.

<RyanSherbrig> Maybe the note explained it.

<Fiona> It did.

<Fiona> If I remember correctly, anyway.

<HollyhockGod> It did indeed.

<RyanSherbrig> "We could give him to Monothaia as virgin sacrifice."

<RyanSherbrig> "I'm kidding, of course."

<HollyhockGod> "<HollyhockGod> "Darlings, here's the lovely young man you asked me for. All the arrangements have been made with the police force, and I had the mind-washing teams sent around to make sure nobody in this country even remembers him. I hope you enjoy him as thoroughly as I was intending to sooner or later. Ciao, Rosa.""

<Fiona> I'd be fairly surprised if he made the virgin bit, anyway.

<Pandora> (Oh, right… bitch.)

<HollyhockGod> The impression I wished to give of Rosa was that she really is just that shallow.

<Pandora> (Anyway, going to talk to him? Yes?)

<HollyhockGod> It probably never occurred to her that you wanted him for anything else.

<HollyhockGod> Sure, go ahead.

<RyanSherbrig> "I suppose we might as well find out what he would like in this matter."

  • Pandora goes to the boy's room and, noting that much if not all of the family seems to have had the same idea, shoos them to at least arrange themselves into somewhat less of a looming mob.
  • Alexa lights up a cigarette.
  • RyanSherbrig resists the urge to assume Glorious Elemental Form with his Adharmic Crown.

<Pandora> And administers the antidote to the earlier sleeping potion, which she bummed off Ryan earlier. :P

<HollyhockGod> Maebara awakes, adorably!

<HollyhockGod> He keeps his eyes closed, though, as though he's certain he won't see anything he likes.

  • Pandora , incidentally, is wholly uninterested in the bishi look.

<Pandora> "Mmm, you're awake, yes? We need to talk."

  • HollyhockGod never described him as feminine.

<HollyhockGod> That was your totally racist Familia.

<RyanSherbrig> (*sobs* "It's true!")

  • Fiona had nothing to do with that.

<Pandora> (He came in a ruffle shirt. One makes assumptions.)

<RyanSherbrig> (He's actually tall, well-built, and strangely enough, Hispanic)

<Alexa> (Hispanic?)

<HollyhockGod> (Also lies!)

<HollyhockGod> (Although he is sort of muscular, for reasons Rosa may or may not have gotten around to mentioning.)

<RyanSherbrig> (We've secretly replaced Ryan with a Deceiver. Let's see if the Familia can tell the difference!)

<HollyhockGod> Maebara opens one eye, as though he doesn't see anything he likes.

<RyanSherbrig> (Yeah, Rosa said this guy's life was pretty much engineered to be useful for possession-purposes. Well-built and good-looking and such.)

<HollyhockGod> (Well, she said he was designed to inspire Envy. It's a separate but complementary initiative!)

<RyanSherbrig> (Oh, right.)

  • Fiona smiles faintly at Maebara.

<Pandora> "Good morning, Maebara. My name is Pandora; by title, Regal Lady of Rebirth, Eve's-Daughter First-Born.

  • Alexa stands at the back of the room, looking bored.

<Alexa> (Does he look normal with the Sight?)

<Pandora> "I am afraid you are not, to be frank, on familiar ground any longer."

<HollyhockGod> Maebara can't do a head-tilt, because he's reclining and his eyes are closed, but he totally wants to!

  • RyanSherbrig also stands back, looking a bit more impatient than bored.

<HollyhockGod> (He looks even prettier to the Sight, and also mildly annoying for some reason.)

<HollyhockGod> (Especially annoying to Ryan.)

<RyanSherbrig> (I hate him already! ANCHOR TIME.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Ooooh.)

<Alexa> (Can we tell why he looks annoying?)

<RyanSherbrig> (Because he's Too Pretty and Perfect.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Would be my guess.)

<HollyhockGod> (Yes, more or less.)

<Pandora> "I'm afraid that, due to a rather strange twist of events, you are no longer in Japan, but a place called a "chancel" which exists nowhere on Earth. Due to another, somewhat more annoying twist of fate, you have apparently also been erased from the minds of everyone in Japan.

<HollyhockGod> Maebara seems to feel that he's obliged to say something, so he says "Um, why?"

<RyanSherbrig> "These things happen. That as a given, your old life is over. What would you have us do with you?"

<HollyhockGod> Maebara sits up, hoping that being vertical will make bad dreams go away. IT DOESN'T.

<HollyhockGod> "I'm a little unprepared for that kind of question.

<RyanSherbrig> "We can give you time to think about. Ask the miniature winged elephants if you need anything."

<RyanSherbrig> (Take that, human sanity!)

<HollyhockGod> A winged elephant nuzzles Maebara affectionately as he looks on in horror.

  • Alexa stifles a laugh.
  • Fiona laughs

<Fiona> "They don't bite." *turns to Ryan* "Do they?"

<HollyhockGod> Maebara strokes the elephant anyway.

<HollyhockGod> It makes more sense than you do.

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm. No, I suppose they don't."

<HollyhockGod> "Please don't talk about me as though I were not here, noble masters," says the elephant.

<Fiona> "I'm sorry."

<RyanSherbrig> "No disrespect was intended, Probos."

<HollyhockGod> Probos ele-frowns at you, probably because she hates that name.

<HollyhockGod> Everyone laughs and learns a valuable lesson!

<HollyhockGod> Then you look out the window, Ryan, and see that there's a giant obelisk in the garden that wasn't there before.

<RyanSherbrig> (If she didn't want to exist with that name, she could have asked me before I Lesser-Creationed her into existence.)

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm. That's unusual."

  • RyanSherbrig heads out of the room to the garden.
  • Alexa looks out of the window.

<Pandora> "… right. Maebara, take your time mulling things over. We can meet most requests you can imagine, so figure out what you'd like to be doing with the rest of your life."

<HollyhockGod> It's big, and black, and it actually matches the garden rather well!

<Alexa> (Are there apes sitting around it, playing with bones?)

<HollyhockGod> Oh, and there's carving on it. No, no apes.

<RyanSherbrig> "You know, if I were going to put an obelisk in my garden, this is actually right where I would put it."

  • RyanSherbrig reads the writing!
  • Fiona borrows one of the flower in the room and steps through it into the garden.

<Alexa> "Hey, guys, did any of you put that there?"


<RyanSherbrig> "No, but if I were going to, this would be where I'd put it. It matches the aesthetic surprisingly well."

<HollyhockGod> "That?" says a gardener. "Hasn't it always been there?"

  • Alexa climbs through the window.

<RyanSherbrig> "Possibly retroactively."

<Alexa> "Does it give directions?"

<RyanSherbrig> Lesser Divination of my copy of the almanac in the realm! What's it say about the First Lady of the Light?

<HollyhockGod> She's the very first Magistrix of the Light, born from Eve's bite of the apple.

<HollyhockGod> Her Estates are Eternity, Regret, and Mystery.

<Pandora> (Um, Stuff Happening. I'm at keyboard, but I don't have much attention for the computer right now… play on around me… beep me if I'm needed)

<HollyhockGod> Her Powers are the most senior warriors for the Light.

<RyanSherbrig> (I've got it! A solution to all our problems, involving a complex series of Rebirths!)

<HollyhockGod> Deceiver-Ryan, stop trying to suck out all Pandora's MPs.

<Alexa> (Magistrix is not a word. :p )

<HollyhockGod> It's a word if I say it is!

<RyanSherbrig> (Hmmm. Spending an extra MP for long-range miracles, that's on top of the 1/2/4 thing, not part of it, right?)

<HollyhockGod> Correct.

<HollyhockGod> As you recall, her Sovereigns are called Dana Whitsunday (Eternity), Wanda Lore (Regret), and the Duchess of Mystery (name unknown).

<HollyhockGod> Her Chancel is in some wacky non-space somewhere, called Timeheart.

<RyanSherbrig> But we do know how to get there?

<HollyhockGod> Hm, there's an entry-spell in the Almanac.

<HollyhockGod> Name something valuable that you've lost, chant the spell, and step backwards.

<RyanSherbrig> "Convenient! I'll RSVP."

<HollyhockGod> I assume the party is at nightfall, as is traditional because Nobles hate specifying numbers.

<HollyhockGod> Once they've gone on about timezones for a while, they don't feel godly at all.

  • RyanSherbrig Lesser-Creates the aurora borealis in their chancel, which in Celestial Script thanks them for and accepts their gracious invitation, with Aspect 2 floweriness of language.

<RyanSherbrig> (I enjoy Ryan as somebody who casually blows through his MP. That's all my DMP until I do some service to the Light, however.)

<HollyhockGod> Okay, Wastrel's-Regal.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, so Ryan sends his RSVP, and then a Warmain attacks him, along with Joktan and Lucifer.

<RyanSherbrig> "Oh my!"

  • Fiona hides in a rosebush.

<HollyhockGod> Their only weakness is strong light!

  • Alexa dies laughing

<RyanSherbrig> Elemental Form! Suckahs!

<HollyhockGod> "Oh, dear, I forgot about that," says the Devil, and dies.

<Alexa> Negative Gift!

<HollyhockGod> I guess you were a Deceiver after all.

<RyanSherbrig> "I claim the title of Satan by right of conquest!"

<RyanSherbrig> But seriously.

<RyanSherbrig> "Hmmm. So does everyone need to do the something-lost bit, or just one person to open the way?"

<HollyhockGod> "Everybody."

  • RyanSherbrig says this out loud as he looks at the spell.

<Alexa> "What if we haven't lost anything?"

<HollyhockGod> Also you should be dressed for a party!

<HollyhockGod> Alexa: The almanac suggests that in that case it's impossible to go to Timeheart.

<Fiona> "So, what sort of dress is appropriate for a party?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Your innocence, perhaps?"

<RyanSherbrig> "Unless you feel you've maintained that."

<HollyhockGod> Oh, snap.

  • RyanSherbrig didn't say that in an oh-snap sort of way, at least intentionally.
  • Alexa smiles.

<RyanSherbrig> "Or something like a favorite childhood toy lost years ago."

<Alexa> "I think some of the frocks we picked up in Tokyo might work."

<Alexa> (That was to Fiona.)

<HollyhockGod> "Fire in the sky, the King's gonna die," chants a nearby tree (who is also a gardener).

<Alexa> "'Scuse me?"

<HollyhockGod> The tree seems disappointed that you didn't flame Ryan for his impudence.

<Alexa> "Oh, it's not like my innocence was valuable."

<RyanSherbrig> "Well, do you have no other thoughts on something that might be appropriate?"

<Alexa> "Yep. We'll see. But first, Fi, let's take a look at your wardrobe."

<HollyhockGod> I guess if Alexa has never known loss, then she can sit this story out. Which would be boring now, but interesting later.

  • RyanSherbrig whips himself up a comfortable yet elegant suit.

<Fiona> "Fíona. also, I was supposed to keep them in a wardrobe?"

<Alexa> (I'm sure Alexa has lost her virginity, if that counts.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Was it valuable? Ba-DUMPSH.)

<Alexa> (I set them up, Ryan knocks them down. :))

<HollyhockGod> It has to be something you miss.

<Alexa> "Oh, yes. Wardrobe. Did I forget to mention that? Like a tall box to put clothes in."

<Fiona> (Presumably Alexa had friends at some point?)

<RyanSherbrig> "Like this."

  • RyanSherbrig makes one.

<Fiona> "Oh, I had one of those, but it started turning back into a tree, so I stopped trying to keep things in it."

<Alexa> (Ryan makes a friend? :p )

<RyanSherbrig> (He's done that pretty much every story so far!)

<Alexa> :D

<HollyhockGod> The gardener looks askance at Ryan for putting a lump of dead wood in his beautiful garden. "How would you like it if I dropped a corpse in your room?"

<RyanSherbrig> (Giant scorpion-hyena-crystals, miniature winged elephants, dragons…)

<RyanSherbrig> "I'd have numerous pressing questions."

  • RyanSherbrig makes some large creatures to carry it away.

<RyanSherbrig> "Don't step on the flowers as you head out."

<HollyhockGod> "I maybe probably wouldn't even answer them," says the tree. "Nyah!"

<Alexa> "Aren't you supposed to be all respectful of him, Tree?"

<HollyhockGod> The tree hands Fiona a flower, just to prove he can be sociable to people who deserve it.

  • Fiona graciously accepts the flower.

<HollyhockGod> "See, miss? These new crossbreeds are getting closer and closer to a genuine blue rose."

<HollyhockGod> "I think we may have a natural hybrid blue within a decade."

<Fiona> "That's really good. where are you planning to plant them?"

<HollyhockGod> "I was thinking about having the boys move them to the lower border then. I wasn't planning on moving from this spot until 2041, since I've got roots growing under some of the statuary."

  • Fiona talks about gardening with Tree for a while.

<HollyhockGod> "Of course, given the whimsical nature of our Burning Lady, these decisions are somewhat changeable."

<HollyhockGod> While Fiona talks gardening and Ryan is snubbed, any plans for the party?

<Alexa> "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have just called you Tree, unless that actually is your name."

  • RyanSherbrig knows his name! Doesn't share it!

<RyanSherbrig> Because I'm off trying out various suits, and pondering the politics of just appearing in blindingly-brilliant-elemental-form.

<Alexa> (What's in among Nobles this season?)

<RyanSherbrig> (Pray to Fashion for advice.)

<HollyhockGod> That actually is his name.

<HollyhockGod> Bert Tree.

<HollyhockGod> You should see what Rusty Goldmont incarnated as.

<Alexa> Is Bert short for anything?

<HollyhockGod> Nope.

<Alexa> (Darn. I was wondering if he was a Herb.)

<HollyhockGod> Even I'm not that shameless.

<HollyhockGod> Hm, what's in for Nobles?

<HollyhockGod> Sentai!

<Alexa> Bless you!

<RyanSherbrig> "You need to take initiative, Alexa. Make whatever you choose to wear In."

<RyanSherbrig> (Wait, no, that's Sente.)

<Alexa> "Yeah, I guess."

<Alexa> (Alexa will hang out with Fíona in the garden, then help her and Pan frock up.)

<HollyhockGod> Any plans on how to impress the high-ups of the Light?

<HollyhockGod> Remember, you need allies for your sui- for your noble cause.

<Alexa> (Bring a nice bottle of wine?)

<Alexa> (I mean a really nice bottle?)

<Fiona> (Try to refrain from bickering in public?)

  • Pandora has quit (Ping timeout)

<HollyhockGod> Ohnoes! We're down two goddesses!

<RyanSherbrig> (Whuh-oh.)

<Fiona> (We still have two. This is a goddess-heavy party.)

<RyanSherbrig> (You've noticed.)

  • RyanSherbrig idly wonders if the First Powers of the Light would be impressed by dragons.

<Fiona> (Signs point to no.)

<RyanSherbrig> "Asamahia it is, then!"

<RyanSherbrig> (It can provide us bitching entrance music, at the very least.)

<Alexa> "Asawhat now?"

  • RyanSherbrig whistles a jaunty tune as he takes a knife out of his pocket and prepares the summoning ritual.

<Alexa> (Oh, sorry; you're still in your den, right?)

<RyanSherbrig> (Maybe! I could be deliberating in the garden, still.)

<RyanSherbrig> (Ryan, interestingly, doesn't really need a place to keep his stuff, since he can make anything he wants in the chancel anywhere at any time.)

  • Fiona changes a flower into an evening dress, and changes out of whatever she was wearing and into it.
  • Fiona puts the almost-blue rose into her hair.

<Alexa> (Does Ryan need a summoning circle or any other special apparatus, though?)

<RyanSherbrig> (The book isn't really explicit, but I assume the only thing I really need is time to work the ritual.)

<RyanSherbrig> (But I can make such things if I do need them)

<HollyhockGod> (No, it's verbal.)

<HollyhockGod> (It's less a spell and more of a password, really. The Chancel is Ubiquitous.)

<Alexa> (Ah.)

<HollyhockGod> But we have one Power MIA, one disappeared, and one who can't even get into the party.

<HollyhockGod> Perhaps we should call it for the night?

<Alexa> Yeah, I have to go soon anyway.

<RyanSherbrig> I'm sure we can get everyone to the party.

<Fiona> That seems a reasonable idea to me.

<RyanSherbrig> We just need to find out what Alexa values, and destroy it.

<Alexa> I'll think of an old toy for Alexa to have lost.

<RyanSherbrig> Or that.

<HollyhockGod> I'm honestly more entertained by the idea that you've never suffered, and therefore can't go to Timeheart.

<Alexa> "But Ryan, Mr Bunny was your favourite toy!" :P

<RyanSherbrig> "Mr. Bunny!"

<Alexa> Well, it does kind of fit my mental image of Alexa that she has had a fairly trouble-free childhood.

<Alexa> I'll ponder that some more.

<RyanSherbrig> If only she had the teleport-via-flames gift, and could cheat her way in!

<RyanSherbrig> Alternatively, we could wait a few days, and I could try summoning something that has power over time and space to get us all to the party, and still on time.

<RyanSherbrig> Space-time continuum, pah.

<HollyhockGod> I don't know that you could cheat Eternity that way.

<Alexa> I imagine Timeheart's entrances frown on cheating.

<HollyhockGod> I think it would be kind of cool to have one of you be unable to go into the heart of the Light.

<Alexa> Yeah. I like it. I'll go with that for now unless I think of something Alexa really would have lost and missed.

<Alexa> (If it was a less important Chancel, I'd think about turning into fire and having one of the others carry me in on a cigarette or something- though magic portals might stop that sort of thing.)

<HollyhockGod> I'll just have to think of something for you to do on your own next week. Maybe give Ryan an apple-pie bed.

<Fiona> (As an aside, while I remember: are we assumed to have the Rite of Holy Fire up all the time?)

<HollyhockGod> Yes, pretty much.

<RyanSherbrig> Like I don't just make a new bed every time I need to go to sleep.

<RyanSherbrig> And a house around it.

<Alexa> …is "apple-pie bed" American slang for something appalling?

<RyanSherbrig> Not to mention that I don't need to sleep.

<RyanSherbrig> If 'an apple pie in your bed' is appalling.

<HollyhockGod> Especially since you haven't even been Noble long enough for Fiona's to lapse.

<Alexa> Ah.

<HollyhockGod> You rearrange somebody's sheets so that they're folded in the middle,and it's impossible to get into.

<Alexa> That's appalling!

<Alexa> *shudders*

<HollyhockGod> Ahahahahaha!

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  • Alexa bemoans the depths of human depravity.

<RandBrittain> Yep, we've found the Chancel innocent.

  • RyanSherbrig is now known as Benhimself

<Fiona> It's worth noting I can step into and out of Timeheart with Flower's Step, and so can help Alexa, if needed.

<Benhimself> You know, 'teleport between instances of Estate' really should be a common gift.

<RandBrittain> It only costs one point anyway.

<Benhimself> Fair enough.

<RandBrittain> Fiona's is two because she can cross planar boundaries.

<Uqbarian> Neat!

<Uqbarian> Righto, I'm off.

<RandBrittain> Thanks, everybody.

<Uqbarian> Thanks for the session, Rand! Catch you folks later!

<RandBrittain> I wonder where Bob is?

<Fiona> I'm off too. It's been a good session, even if a bit lacking in players.

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