I love my family 1
I have many bodies, made with my bowl of poison 5

my words are believed 5
I always have a backup plan 2
I am impossible to read 3
I am imprisoned at the root of the tree of ash 2

aspect 0
personia 0
makes a home 1
protects 1
nutures 1
draws people together 1
warms the heart 1
drives away evil 1
is the center

Domain 0
Treasure 5

Elusive 1
ShapeShifter lv 3
Unblemished Guise (automatic version) 2
Sudden Reversal 4

Inherent Superiority 1
Superior Trickery 5 I can convince a human to bite his own legs off
Shine 5 and than get him to take a walk afterwards
Superior planing 2

mp 2
a 7/7
P 7/7
d 7/7
t 7/7

Aconite (key 5) Key of rage
*destined to bring about ragnarok
*I am still locked up
*Odin makes sure I stay there

What lets me Oppose it
*I love my family

Minulus (Key 13) Key of Something Restless
*always reaching for the bigger score
*I want to break free

Why it feels empty
*It is never enough
*I am imprisoned
*my prison curbs my freedom

I am something cool the ultimate trickster
My estate is from the light side of human experience
I lived a troubled life, I am still in trouble I am locked up
I have odin as a enemy
I sing the song of the wild

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