Lords Of Expectations Project And Destiny Tracker

Group Projects

How We Bested the Excrucians and Brought About New Hope For the Fourth Age

  • Victory: Permanently Killed the Strategist Adhemar Hetairh (5)

Individual Projects


How My Wonders Reshaped the World

Azatha Magestis

How I Quelled the War Within
How I Built a Garden of Impossibilities

Cilo Nonesuch

How I Wrote the History of the Third Age
How I Mastered the Ways of the Zweitetrum Library

Lance Jones

How I Brought Forth a New Age of Heroes on Earth

Milo Farella

How I Got the Whole World to Move in Tune to the Music of the Spheres
How I Reformed the Angels and Helped Them Get Their Groove Back

René Tadjo

How I Uncovered My Strange Purpose

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