Lucy Godsfollow

Arc: Otherworldly: Changes (but modified, "hunt and eat" instead of burn, "the end of [the age of legend]" instead of "Jade Irinka died") 11/35 - 11/100

Basic Quest: Melodramatic: "It was different at home." 4/15

Bratty and Demanding : 3
Cute : 2
(Magical) From the Deep Dark Woods (a.k.a. Grue magic) : 3

Bond: Always hungry 2

Affliction: My darkness blinds me, worse when I am illuminated, and fear stalks me, the worse when I am brave : 1

Bonus XP: "Aww"

Academic ability: Average for Age.

Athletic ability: Good for age.

Favorite Food: Young men's still beating hearts Rice pudding the way mom made it. (Not the wierd thing they served at the inn)

Animal: Hunting cat, puppy.

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