Luke Lusk

Luke Lusk, Saint of the Moon, Dominus Luna

Aspect 3 5 AMP 9CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0CP
1 Foreshadows
2 Exerts tremendous force
2 Is magic, madness, and romance
1 Marks the passage of time
1 Waxes and wanes
Persona 5 5 PMP 15 CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0 CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: For every sense, a sensation (2)
Passion: I'm the best damn a role model you've ever had (1)
Passion: I get around, and I do it in style (1)
Skill: Brawler (2)
Skill: Mastermind (1)
Skill: Sorcerer (1)
Cool: 3
Shine: 5

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: My kisses will make it better (4)
Bond: The children of the night are my loyal subjects (3)
Affliction: I must answer an earnest prayer to the moon (1)
Affliction: I can face anything with a smile (5)


Kill With A Glance
Lesser Creation of Death (4), simple (-1), comprehensive (-1), one thing (-2), uncommon (1) = 1 CP total

Luke can kill virtually anything with a glance: from a human being, to the lights of a room, or even your mood.



How I invented defense against the Red-Tooth

  • Destiny: 0

How I caught up with the Sun

  • Destiny: 0
Theme Music:


In spite of his past, Lucavi has blossomed into an exceptionally worldly and sensual man. He has become everything you have ever wanted and more, done everything you could dream to do and more. He's confident and successful. He's carefree and careless. He means well, but he rarely thinks things through. This affords him more likeness to Shekoliel than he ever cares to admit. His capricious nature has been the catalyst for much misfortune in the world. He is a constant source of Dementia Animus, and his boisterous use of miracles leave unspeakable things behind. Most notably, virtually every Excrucian to date can trace their inception to Lucavi. Whether by inadvertently bringing them from beyond the veil, or outright spawning them from Dementia, they all refer to him as their "father." Otherwise, he has spawned a considerable number of monsters, from werewolves to vampires.

At his core, Lucavi retains the desire to please those around him. It is his nature to obey the wishes of others, in spite of himself. It makes him feel whole, in spite of himself. This may offer some insight into the way he lives his life. It's not that he wants to be a lose cannon… it's that he is driven to be one. He embraces his jovial madness to escape all the incessant prayers that come his way, all the condescending glances of people who wish he would conform to their idea of how he should be.

He can be his own person when he is lost in himself.


Lucavi was born to the Illuminati, an ancient mystery cult that worshiped the heavens. They learned the language of the stars to better themselves… but they were tempted by prophecies from beyond the veil. In their studies of the sky, they made contact with the Moon. It promised to guide their people to peace and prosperity, if they carried out its will. To this end, the Illuminati worshiped it, and it bequeathed them the art of magic.

Such sorcery was taxing on the mortal shell. Most practitioners could not contain their power, and they all met untimely deaths before long. The Illuminati began to question the worth of this gift, but the wise Moon assured them that it was a process of elimination. Only the strong would survive. Only the worthy would adapt. Such was the cycle of life. None could refute the truth in that.

And so, the Illuminati endured hundreds of deaths. They withstood such a loss of their kin by a constant influx of children. At last, Lucavi was born, and with him, a moment of reprieve. He was a pure source of magic. He suffered no ill effects from it, but he came to suffer all the same.

During his youth, the Illuminati's exposure to the Mythic World plagued them with Dementia Animus. They no longer desired peace, or prosperity. They desired to conquer this hellish reality before it conquered them. They forsook the Moon, for having wrought this curse upon them, and developed their own dark sorceries. To this end, Lucavi was conditioned to obey. He was placed on a pedestal and worshiped as a God. They siphoned his power for their own through prayer and ritual.

The Moon did not take kindly to this. Lucavi's power was, ultimately, her power. She was not about to let the Illuminati taint her essence. At length, she ennobled the young man, that she could direct her will upon the Earth. This was her second mistake, of many more to come.

All at once, Lucavi became aware of himself and of Creation. He was a stranger to his own people. He was no longer their puppet, but their prayers still rattled his body, and tore at the petals of his soul. Worse still was the Moon. She urged him to obey her, and only her… to crawl back into the cage that he had just broken out of. In a desperate howl of defiance, Lucavi's own voice brought all others to silence. He scream for an eternity, and brought himself down on his people. Not a man, woman or child remained when the night was done… only the pitiful, inhuman monster that he had become.

With no hope of salvaging the trouble she has caused, Shekoliel, the Imperator of the Moon, began her enChancelment of the Illuminai homeland. When she was finished, she made herself know to Lucavi. He tried in vain to destroy her, and wept against her body for three days. She brought him into her arms. She bathed him, and dressed him, and stroked his head without a word. After all was said and done, Lucavi was still just a child.

Shekoliel could never remedy what she had done to the boy, or to his people. But she did her best to provide him with a brighter future.

  • A few of the Illuminati did survive. They continue to berate Lucavi for prayers, and corrupt his power for their own.
  • I'll also add a snippet about Mafdet later.

Life Path


Domain Miracle Chart


Persona Miracle Chart

0 Recognize people, places, and things with a strong connection to The Moon.
1 Make a speech more or less influential. Adjust the size, luminosity, or visibility of an object. Affect gravity on a small scale. Excite or soothe someone's emotions. Make life more magical and celestial, or mundane and serious.
2 Incarnate in The Moon! Live in a moonbeam. Possess moon related memorabilia (tattoo, sticker, drawing).
3 Foretell a breakup by ripping couple's picture in half. Punch someone's socks off with a mean right hook, or motivate a paraplegic to dance. Become too good to be true and do things as if by magic! Sweep anyone off their feet. Decide that I'm CRAZY, or that I drive others crazy, in all sorts of ways. Bulk up with a great surge of power, and then diminish. Determine how long it takes myself to do something.
4 Make passing thoughts and actions foretell the future. Make a raindrop feel like a ton of bricks. Give someone's words tremendous weight. Make someone's life more magical, make them too good to be true. Turn someone into a Casanova. Decide that they are CRAZY, or that they drive people mad. Bulk someone up with a great surge of power, then have them diminish (like turn them into werewolf during the night, normal during the day). Give someone the age-old ultimatum: "you have until sunrise/sunset to do this task!"
5 Incarnate in the moon all over the world, in thousands of things at once! Incarnate in other moons on other worlds. Decide that a moonbeam is really light from a lamp, or a moon tattoo is just a circle. Make an event or action trigger a flashback. Reduce a loud noise to a whisper, or a gunshot to a poke. Take the magic out of a trick, the love out of your grandma's soup, or the heartthrob out of your favorite actor! Promote realism over romanticism. Give a certified psycho his sanity back. Make a daredevil more careful, sensible, and responsible. Forbid the telling or measurement of time.
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