Luke On

Luke On…

Mafdet - My partner in crime! My best frienemy forever! My confidant! Basically? She's MINE.

Inle - Well, he's… but kinda… Yeah, I'd have to sleep with him before I got back to you.

Kal - I want to like him, but he drives a hard bargain. I don't make deals. I take what I want. Just a difference of opinions here.

Elle - Fresh and frisky! Definitely my type. She always has a place at my table. I like to help her find her way.

Samar - He flatters me! How he always wants my stories. Other times, his questions are a bit too personal.

Philip - I've had people "eating away" at me all my life. I don't need him swallowing me whole. Otherwise, I dig the madness.

Kermit - He's unique and he embraces it. Props for that. Otherwise, he bugs me! Get it?

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