Ma'at II

Creator of Locus Ma'at, and the Imperator of Video Games, Writing, Play and Libraries.

Ma'at II is the daughter of Apep and the original Ma'at, both of Ancient Egypt. She can be recognized by her oddly human form (for a Magister of the Dark), urban clothing and the pillow she carries on the rare occasions she meets with her Powers in person. She really likes disappearing behind corners to exit such conversations.

At present, her Nobles include Alexander Chase, Gadg8eer and Kavya Rao.

Ma'at is a unique example among her fellow Dark Imperators. While most want humanity to bring about their own downfall, Ma'at is almost halfway to Light; while on an individual level she would like nothing more than to see True Love tear at society with its irresistible pull, on a larger scale she has focused on changing mankind and making them immortal… to the point of not being human anymore. Like a twisted version of the Light's goals, her plans of transhumanism and technological, economic and habitation singularities are the addictive underside of progress. Should she have her way, humanity's empire would become a world (or worlds) of pacifistic mind uploads, sentient computronium planet godheads and genetically-customized anthromorphs who expand ever outwards.

This also puts her at eternal odds with Lord Entropy, who has banned love and represents the concept that even the Singularity will not last forever.

Locus Ma'at

A few miles outside Fresno, there is a small convenience store called Feeney's.

If you have a souvenir keychain bought from Feeney's, you can unlock the access panel of the freight elevator around the back of the store. If you enter the right floor number, you will end up in Sky City, an arcology of Vaporwave surrounded by a small amount of cyan sky with lime-green grasslands and a whole lot of empty white canvas.

Sky City

Locus Ma'at was created by an unorthodox method, rather than the typical 100 deaths. By killing 100 companies over 100 months, ranging in obscurity from Enron (Ma'at has friends in high places) to The Twisted Tomato, she was able to construct her chancel out of all the missing jobs.

Alexander Chase, the Duke of Video Games and Writing, never fully accepted the life of a Noble and still resides in the Prosaic Earth, only travelling to Locus Apep when his presence is required. He has a condo in Sky City but only uses the apartment when he needs to host Noble-related guests or is in need of rest while undertaking a project from inside the Chancel.

Kavya Rao, the Erus of Locus Ma'at, is a 17 year old hitchhiker and freelance journalist who wrote an online blog on mortal magic and various other abnormal things.
Now the librarian of the Library of Life (floor 108 of the arcology), she's annoyingly aware of the clever jabs at her by Alexander Chase related to obscure writing communities, usually involving Mary Sues and/or infinitely large libraries and/or toast. She resides in an apartment directly above the library, and is mission control for the Powers of Ma'at.

However, Kavya Rao is there because Ma'at owes a debt to Lord Entropy's replacement in the Council of Four, in the form of one service per estate per Power of Ma'at. Kavya Rao might convey a request and the Powers of Ma'at will be forced to fulfill them or the number of services owed will double.

Gadg8eer, the Pawn of Play, sleeps inside physical copies of stories, music and games where he dreams of living and playing in those worlds instead of Creation. This apparently includes being in the chancel, but not other Chancels or really anywhere else in Creation. A nearly immortal and otherwise useless little Kidpunk, he's taken to being the team's scout and having fun as he restores Play and tries to re-integrate the mysteriously absent Estate of Fair Play.

Chancel Properties

  • We always have wifi up here (Alexander Chase)
  • If you kill, you die with them (Kavya Rao)
  • You can use VidWindows! (Gadg8eer)
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