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Mafdet on…

Phillip- Mafdet is REALLY curious as to what his deal is. If she doesn't already know about the god-eating thing she's probably doing her best to figure out exactly what he's up to. I imagine people who are working really hard to keep something concealed probably set of fireworks to her Sight, so she knows somethings up, though not necessarily what.

Luke- Probably her closest relationship, the previously mentioned "snarky, slightly younger sister, but has his back" relationship. They're probably somewhat similar to Death and Dream in Sandman, first person they turn to in a crisis.

Mademoiselle- Like I said, she's trying too hard. She probably means well, and when she gets herself into trouble Mafdet will probably help get her out of it. But she's totally getting scruffed like a naughty kitten, with lots of eye-rolling.

Kal- I think this is the brother Mafdet dislikes. Their natures really clash. She doesn't acknowledge that anyone has the right to hold her accountable, only to make a convincing argument that she should do something. Any attempt to make a deal with her is probably enormously frustrating, as she generally gets things from the experience, so whatever tangible thing was offered to her is superfluous.

Inle- Death was probably the first Mystery she conquered. I assume she's died on occasion. That whole mythical cat thing though has a lot of outs. "I have 9 lives", "I came back the very next day", "Without seeing me nobody can be sure if I'm dead or just really pissed off", etc. Death's personal though, her Death is a different mystery from another person's. It's an interesting journey to observe though. Tairte's whole "Peel things apart to show they work" MO kind of mirrors her "Live a Mystery till you understand it, and it's yours" MO. As opposed to Iolithae's "Nope, the answer is no longer X, it's &" madness. She's probably moderately interested in how that conversion thing turns out, though she's more busy with Genseric right now.

Regarding Inle himself, probably guarded interest. He kinda looks like a bus crash waiting to happen, and that's always worth watching.

(Bus crash, running fight with half a dozen Powers of Heaven, same dif).

Krrrr (I doubt she refers to him as anything else, it's just a catty sound)- It's entirely possible that Mafdet periodically tells him that she's been Elsewhere, and then refuses to tell anything else. It's entirely possible she's actually telling the truth, as nobody's quite sure where she went to get the Moon its end.

It's also entirely possible that Mafdet is, at times, a huuuuuuuge troll. In that special infuriating way only cats can be.

(She doesn't mind him so much, but thinks he kind of takes everything too seriously).

Samar- After Luke, Samar is probably the Familia member Mafdet likes best. In some ways she actually considers him like a child of hers, the way Stories are the children left behind by concluded Mysteries. It's a sign of her affection that she will occasionally go around in the form of a cave lion, just to put him at ease. However, he's held responsible for any chancelfolk who get eaten while she's doing so. Those cave-lion myths are a harsh mistress.

Shekoliel- Their relationship is really much like a regular human and its cat. Shekoliel believes that Mafdet is her possession, there to bring valuable things to her and be a sign of prestige.
Mafdet is aware that actually, Shekoliel is there to provide her with appropriate room and board, occasionally give her entertainment, and generally make a big fuss about how awesome she is.
Given that Mafdet wasn't directly ennobled by her per se, it's not clear which of them is actually correct. Fortunately, Shekoliel is good about finding jobs that are also interesting enough that Mafdet would choose to take them. "Counting the stock" is not on the docket.

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