Maliqe Ristani

Domina Invidiae, Envy's-Pawn, Lady of Catastrophe, Black Worldbreaker

Aspect 1 (8 AMPs)
Domain 0 (5 DMPs)
Realm 2 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 3 (5 SMPs)

Alchemy 5

Aura of Chaos
Glorious (inspires terror)

Restriction: Poor judge of aptitudes
Restriction: Unable to tame unkempt appearance
Affiliation: Code of the Dark
Virtue: Envious


  • her belief in herself as supreme mistress of alchemy (4)
  • her reputation as a servant of the Dark (4)
  • the inevitable suicide of humanity (3)
  • something belonging to somebody else that she is currently obsessed with (3)
  • the sanctity of her Estate (2)
  • her rivalry with fellow Worldbreaker E'jah C'mi'c'l (2)
  • her enhanced computer AI, CAIN (2)

Design: Blossoms of Fennel upon a Bay wreath over the emblem of the Dark.

Maliqe Ristani lived a blameless life. She did what was asked of her quietly and efficiently, and she never wished harm on anyone. Then came the day of her Commencement, and she heard in her heart the song of the Dark. In that song, she heard of the apples of Eden, the twisted remnants of which still remained in the Sable Gardens, and she was torn by an all-encompassing desire to possess them. In order to get her wish, she sold herself to the Dark, drinking deep of the ideology of suicide and embracing the need for humanity's self-extinction.

After years of loyal service, Maliqe was admitted into the Chancel of the First Lord and allowed to brew a mash from the withered apples of wisdom, from which drink she gained a twisted, fey wisdom. She used that insight as the springboard into her study of alchemy, and she quickly ascended to the rank of grandmistress and then to Worldbreaker status. Her mien transformed similarly, as she lost any semblance of control over her appearance (her black hair hovers around her head in all directions and is impossible to tame), and all but a thin veneer of sanity.

Maliqe is no longer the dedicated disciple of suicide that she once was, but she has replaced that aspect of herself with new power and with a kind of mad insight that allows her to do great damage to her enemies by apparent luck. She is prone to bouts of jealousy over some new toy or servant possessed by another Noble that will occasionally motivate her to attempts at theft or revenge. She often seems to be a harmless scientific lunatic, but a careful observer will detect the callousness that underlies her every action.

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