Marcus Oroboa

Dominus Reincarnatu, Marcus Oroboa, Tempest-Regal, the Once and Again

Player: Nentuaby

Aspect 2 (Legendary) 5 AMPs
Domain 5 (Regal), 5 DMPs
Realm 5 (Tempest), 5 RMPs
Spirit 0 (Candleflame) 5 SMPs
Focus MP: 1

Instant Rebirth
Eternal: Nobles can live forever… Not that this is relevant to Rebirth.
Gatemaker, Wayfinder, Worldwalker: The power of Rebirth is occasionally called upon to act as a psychopomp, and must be able to go where he is needed.
Flight: A true Child of the Phoenix, Rebirth can soar on wings of fire. (1DMP limit If wings of fire turn out to be a particularly inconvenient way to fly.)

Limit: Focus (Scarab of Hope, last uncorrupted relic of Pandora, contains Instant Rebirth, +1 MP)
Restriction: Compromised by his relationship to his wife, and under dark suspicion for the circumstances of his Commencement.
Affiliation: Code of the Healer:

  • Let none suffer needlessly
  • Hold the trust of others sacred
  • Resort to violence last of all


  • Pandora Eve's-Daughter, lost and bedamned as she may be [5]
  • The Sanctity of his Estate [4]
  • Médecins Sans Frontières [4]
  • the Scarab of Hope, his Focus [3]
  • His Reputation [4]

Appearance and Personality
Marcus still appears roughly as he did in the life that entangled his fate with Pandora's- though being recreated through his lover's eyes served to idealize his form somewhat… He is a huge, muscular man (he wasn't, particularly, in that first life) with chocolate skin and a lively face. He wears a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee and shaves his head, in the current fashion. In the brief span of his most recent mortal life he was an MD, and worked for Médecins Sans Frontières, giving humanitarian aid in Darfur.

Marcus displays an urgent intensity and a mercurial mood. Flashes of lively humor and a carpe diem attitude shine through a veil of pain and loss like columns of sunlight on a cloudy day. It's perfectly obvious that his wife's betrayal is a bleeding psychic wound that will not heal for years; mention of her name can ruin his best mood in an instant. He takes his Code very seriously, which makes him restless when there's work to be done.

Marcus doesn't blame those who presume he must be a particularly poorly-disgused Excrucian sleeper agent. After all, for all he knows, he is. On the other hand, he's very short with those who let their suspicions get in the way of what must be done.

The soul that is now Marcus Oroboa was first born hundreds of years ago, into a short, hard life on the Mongolian Steppes. His soul went on to be ground under the wheel of Samsara for hundreds of years more, living lives of misery and want, for from the beginning the lines of his fate were deeply tangled with those of a cursed soul- Pandora Eve's-Daughter, the First Woman Born. It was the beginning of the 19th century when fate finally came to pass, and two souls met. They were called Marcus and Ruth Oroboa, and their love for each other carried them through a life of servitude and poverty. When they died, both souls remained between lives for a time, unable to muster the strength for Rebirth.

Two hundred years later, the Phoenix herself plucked the soul of Pandora from the cycle of rebirth and set her over it instead. Ennobled, she remembered all her bygone lives, and took back her eldest name- but lost none of Ruth's love for Marcus. She brought him back to her side by Noble magics and made him her anchor. It seemed they would be together forever… Yet it lasted only months.

There was some hidden flaw in Pandora's soul, some ancient trap or unsuspected darkness. Perhaps it was simply that she had seen too much darkness in her endless centuries for any being to endure. Whatever the cause, soon after she was made Rebirth, she cast aside her loyalty to Creation and joined the Children of Harumaph in their abhorrent quest.

The last sight anybody had of Pandora before she passed beyond the Weirding Wall was in Darfur, where Marcus was working with Médecins Sans Frontières. She came to his tent, and they disappeared together into the night. It is doubtfull that anyone expected to see Oroboa again. Some time later, though, he resurfaced- mortal no longer, but instead the shepherd of the estate his lost wife once held. He remembers dozens of lives, now, but not what happened that night in Sudan, nor where he has been since.

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