Mary O'Daniels

Mary O'Daniels, Dominus Lepus

Aspect 4 5 AMP 12CP
Domain 2 5 DMP 6CP
1 …Breed rapidly
1 …Die rapidly
2 …Are burrowing mammals
1 …Have acute senses
2 …Are cute
Persona 1 5 PMP 3CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: Get proper beer… (1)
Passion: Bring people cheer and solace… (3)
Skill: Barkeep… (2)
Superior Hearing… (1)
Superior Leaping… (1)
Superior (and Alchemical) Brewer… (5)
Cool (4)
Shine (1)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: The wound that killed me never heals… (3)
Affliction: I am the first one hurt in any conflict… (1)
Bond: I will have a decent goddamn beer… (1)
Bond: I can't resist a knight in shining armor who can pull it off… (1)
Bond: My Blood Heals any it touches, save myself… (2)
Bond: My Bar, My Rules… (2)
Bond: I make the Elixir of Immortality, and Distribute it However I Will… (2)
Bond: Rabbits like me… (1)


The Elixir of Immortality
Exactly what it says on the flask:
Treasue 6
Automatic when Appropriate (i.e. after its been drunk by someone) +1
One Target (has to be drunk individually by each person) -2
One Trick (creates Waving Destiny 'The elixir protects me from death and detriment' on whoever drinks it) -3
Uncommon +1
Total: 3



Mary O'Daniels was a fairly simple girl, all things considered. Grew up on a farm, back in the 60s. She was bright enough to end up going to Uni in Dublin. She very nearly got swept up in the Irish Republican Army (the Provisional one, to be specific), but found out the boyfriend who had 'recruited' her was sleeping with about six other women, and decided to cut her losses, finish school, and head back to her uncle's pub, where she worked for some years.

Then, one dark night, she jumped in front of a car to save the life of a complete stranger (to this day she doesn't actually know who it was, but that's not the point) and died.

At the time there happened to be an opening for a new Domina Lepus and, having done the prerequisite self-sacrifice, she got it.

The job kind of sucks, really, and Mary's still upset she didn't go to Heaven straight off (or Hell, really, given her sins), but the Moon isn't too bad. She's opened a pub there, a little bar for wanderers where she serves whatever alcohol she can make there (rice wine and mystical elixirs, mostly, pissing her off to no end), and breeding loads and loads of rabbits.

She's immortal herself, of course, from the elixir, and rather skilled at any number of things. She is growing worryingly rabbit-like of late. The ears, for a start (not popping out of the top of her head, mind you, but her own human ears have warped into long, furry things that can twitch about rather expressively). The jumping power is nice, but the increased sex drive is increasingly worrying (particularly since she's scared to have sex, since the mystical connection to rabbits probably increases her likelihood of getting pregnant by several orders of magnitude).

She's become an accomplished alchemist over the years, and learnt quite a few tricks beyond the elixir of immortality. All related to drinks, mind you, she is still a brewer at heart.

Oh, yeah, and the damn wound from the original car hitting her (an incredible nasty one, since over the course of things a solid iron spike ended up going through her stomach. It bleeds profusely and eternally, but the elixir keeps her going.

Oh, and her family (and many of her exes) know exactly what she is, even if they don't believe it. Uncle calls her a saint, which she can't stand, because she doesn't think of herself as living up to that.

So, right, why was there an opening anyways?
Despite being the bearers and brewers of the elixir of immortality (a sacred position tasked upon the office by a glorious Buddha who also happened to be neck deep in the mysteries of the Cleave of the Botanists).
The problem is, the quality that ensures this task is self-sacrifice, and as the nature of rabbits and the elixir have intertwined, it is a quality of the Nobilis of the Estate.
Naturally this leads to Domini Lepus, immortal or not, meeting rather messy ends rather quickly. Appropriate, for rabbit lords, really.
The one before Mary died rather horribly. He got in between the Dominus Vestis and the Dominus Tedium, having a torrid affair with the former in such a way that the latter found out and was so heartbroken that he was no longer in danger of breaking Entropy's Law.
Naturally, by the time Tedium was through with Leonard Kantz, he had worse mental faculties than a mummified slug, and was soon relieved of duties (he's actually retired on the Moon and Mary keeps an eye on him).
He didn't even know either of the two he saved from the penalty of love. It's just the kind of thing rabbits do.
Like lemmings, really.
Noble lemmings.

Life Path

Lotus Flower
Key of the Descending Angel

Heart: My Power

  • Brewer of the elixir.
  • Make the Moon inviting.

Shadow: My Nature

  • Glorious
  • Set Apart

Key of Something that Hasn't Changed

Heart: My Identity

  • Irish country girl
  • Close with the family.
  • Dreams of being swept off her feet.
  • Catholic.

Shadow: Crisis

  • I have to live on the goddamn Moon.
  • Where is the goddamn beer!?


  • Best Damn Bartender and Brewer you'll ever meet.

Something Cool
She's a no-nonsense bartender with the secret to immortality and a hell of an act.

Beautiful Side of the World
Rabbits may be vermin that eat crops and sully the world, but, damnit, they're cute.

Something you can point to.
Look, there's one there!

Humble Life.
Mary was never exactly exceptional. I mean, Hell, an Irish girl named Mary?
Yeah, go figure.
She lived a fairly unremarkable life, mostly out in rural Ireland, though she went to university in Dublin, before going back home to work at her uncle's bar, where she felt far more at home. It was, after all, home. Hell, her mother had been born in that pub (long story).

Love of the Ordinary
Look, all this stuff with space travel, rabbits, and immortality is all very well and good, but you can't get a proper pint out of it. This rice wine is just crap.

Mortal Friends and Family
Still drops in on her uncle when she can, not to mention ma (pa died years back) and her three brothers and two sisters and their families. She's also on surprisingly good terms with most of her surviving exes (and, sends several of them Christmas vials of the elixir).

Cleave of the Botanists
Comes with the position, really. The Domina Lepus is so tied up in alchemy and its function that she's constantly called in on Cleave business, and calling them in on hers.
They make some good whiskey, but still can't get a decent head on their beer.

The Song of Heaven
Things should be better. I mean, what's the point of doing anything if you ain't gonna do it right?

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