Mean Everything To Nothing Destiny Projects


How we brought Davy Jones into Captivity Once More

  • Made a backdoor into Davy Jones' Chancel (3, Victory)

How we remade Hubris, the Abhorrent Weapon


How I cured my Multiple Personality Disorder
Primary Avatar: Cora

  • Darla's rampage froze the Earth and got me sent to court (5, Failure)
  • Abby was lying to me, but now I know the truth (10, Revelation)

First Stone: Somewhere deep within Cora, Darla is watching, listening, waiting. Her fury is beyond world destruction. The truth had come out, and Darla could feel herself moving closer to Cora, closer to freedom. The large gap had grown smaller as Cora had repressed Darla so much she rarely came out. Now she could feel her power growing. She would make Tifon eat his words. As everything that was bad about Society, the things that Darla feeds on, came crashing into her, she caught a ride, holding onto the negativity the way we all do in our memory, and rode all the way into Tifon himself!

*I successfully journeyed through my darkest memories (3, Victory)
*I have a child!? (Revelation, 10)

How I Became an Excrucian
Primary Avatar: Darla
*I impressed a Warmain (Victory, 3)
*I have something to work towards (Change, 10)

Evelyn Adams

Primary Avatar: Evelyn


Imperial Miracle
And in that moment Jezebeth and Barakiel alike, though the Angel did not know why, wanted Evelyn Adams more than they ever had before, and knew that they could never have it.

How I created Something Original
Primary Avatar: Evelyn


How Benjamin Became a Legend

Primary Avatar: Evelyn


First Stone:
All through the Evil world the crude drawings of cats are scribbled upon the ground, carved into trees, etched into stone, and, because nimblejacks and ogres are behind it, they are carved as well into flesh and seared right down to bone. Throughout things are heard. Even as Benjamin tells Lord Entropy the truth, tells him that this was the doing of Evelyn Adams, he knows, in the core of his being, that this was something grand, something magnificent, and something good, and he would gladly have done it, if he was able.


How I won the hand of Teja Heimerich
Primary Avatar: Blake

  • I met Teja Heimerich for the first time, changing everything (10, Change)
  • She didn't challenge me to conflict when she first met me (3, Victory)
  • We had our first kiss (3, Victory)

First Stone: Teja has dreams/daydreams of the kiss, unable to ever forget it

  • Overflow (1)
  • Teja took my Soul! (5, Failure)
  • Teja came back to Earth to find me (3, Victory)
  • Teja revealed that we were soul mates, and I knew it to be true (10, Revelation)

Second Stone: Teja finds that she feels better/happier when she's with Blake than when she is not

  • Overflow (4)
  • Teja did not take me up on my offer to go on a date, when we talked on the ship (2, Trivial Failure)
  • Personal Destiny (3, Continued Struggle)

How I mastered my Estate
Primary Avatar: Blake

  • I saved the Night from eternal daylight (3, Victory)
  • Even in Oblivion, my Night holds me up (2, Trivial Victory)
  • My contemplation of the Night led my out of the Mirror (5, Resolved Struggle)
  • My Night was shown superior to the deceptions of Bethany (3, Victory)
  • Nara managed to use my Estate, to fight Tifon and free Davy Jones (5, Failure)

First Stone:Nara is suddenly mind-numbingly, mind-shattering terrified of what will happen to her, after she has so insulted Blake - she is convinced that she will suffer in ways unimagined, and she will break

  • Overflow (3)
  • I could not soothe Barakiel's heart (2, Trivial Failure)
  • I walked through the Chancel of Davy Jones, unseen and unknown, and within it, I placed secrets that can give us a way in (3, Victory, from Spymaster on my character sheet)

How I came to understand everything about Nothing
Primary Avatar: Tifon

  • I outsmarted an Excrucian Warmain (3, Victory)
  • My attempt at making my own Chancel didn't work out (5, Failure)
  • I struggled against a nihilistic alternate personality. (5, Struggle)
  • I stripped my being down to nothing. (3, Victory)

First Stone: I became Nobody to save Somebody. Warmain Teja inspired it.

  • (1 left-over)
  • Regathered myself by journeying through Nowhere and other oddities. (5, Struggle)
  • I made a huge career move and retired from the public eye. (10, Change)

Second Stone: I tattooed myself with the heraldry of lost Estates to walk among the enemies of Creation with ease. Deceiver Nara inspired it.

  • (1 left-over)
  • I twisted a Deceiver's words against her. (3, Victory)
  • I killed Elvis - to the dismay of tabloids everywhere - (and used his gore to fuel sweet arcane tattoos of emptiness). (3, Victory)
  • I survived another trek into the eternal wasteland of Nowhere to confront my anti-self, Nobody. (3, Victory)

How I climbed the social ladder of the Nobilis
Primary Avatar: Tifon

  • I failed to stop Nara's plan to free Davy Jones. (2, Denial)
  • I confronted my past caretaker, Doris Crane - she tried to kill me as a kid but couldn't stomach it. (5, Struggle)
  • I tricked Baalhermon and got a particularly Evil black lobelia but then Benjamin was stolen by the fiendish Mirror. (2, Denial)

First Stone: N/A

How I learned to withstand everything
Primary Avatar: Thomas

  • I survived being frozen solid (3, Victory)
  • I vanquished the anti-Nobles (3, Victory)
  • I explored an alternate present and discovered regret (5, Failure)
  • I have attracted the personal enmity of Lord Entropy (5, Failure)

First Stone: TBD

How I united my Familia
Primary Avatar: Thomas

  • Darla rejected her place in the family (5, Failure)
  • Ophelia complicated the case with the Locust Court (5, Failure)
  • I successfully led my Familia into battle against Darla (3, Victory)
  • I helped Cora overcome Ophelia temporarily (3, Victory)

First Stone The Powers of Barakiel cannot be held to account for their actions.

  • My dead brother is now a bloodthirsty monster (10, Revelation)

How I won the heart of Astraea, Power of Law
Primary Avatar: Thomas

  • I couldn't keep my temper around Astraea (3, Trivial Failure)

How I convinced the City-Spirits of Creation to become my anchors.
Primary Avatar: Roy

No milestones

How I came to terms with my role as Canaan Reyes’ successor and became custodian of Lightning.
Primary Avatar: Roy

  • I discovered the identity of Canaan’s murderer. (3, Victory)
  • Canaan Reyes is now a vampire with dominion over the pseudo-estate of Red Lightning. (10, Revelation)
  • After pursuing the undead Canaan Reyes through the streets and skies of LA I finally got him to trust me. (3, Victory)

First Stone I removed the hunger from Canaan Reyes and Red Lightning, though my own estate now knocks order and chaos out of balance.

  • (1 destiny left over)
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