Mean Everything To Nothing Npcs


  • Jezebeth, The Devil of Art, Blood, Fire and Deception, enemy of Barakiel, corrupting Evelyn
  • Lord Entropy, True God of Destruction, Desecration & Scorn, Rex Mundi of Earth
  • Raphael, the Angel of Gold, Victory and The Sun, nominal ally of Barakiel's
  • Surolam, True God of Law, Willpower and the Broken Hearted, Ruler of the Locust Court
  • Ananda, True God of Murder, The Infinite and the Fourth Age, too beautiful to comprehend
  • Ha-Qadosch Berakha, Wild Lord of Desire, Illusion and Wind, treats the world as his play thing


  • Teja Heimerich, a Warmain and Blake's soul mate
  • Dantalion Fisk, a Strategist who bleeds black lobelias
  • Nara Salamundi, a Deceiver whose eyes reveal her perfect plan
  • Davy Jones, a Mimic and prisoner of Locus Barakiel, 'Imperator' of Jabberwocks, Niscanees, Zachar, Scalacor, Gibor, and Anmarta.


  • Rhys Bellemant, Power of the Sun, friend of Canaan's
  • Sun Wukong, Power of Victory, the Monkey King
  • King Midas, Power of Gold, presumably the dude from Greek myth
  • Astraea, Power of Law, both hates and loves Thomas
  • Baalhermon, Power of Destruction, a bad person but a good tool
  • Meon, Power of Desecration, holds all the evil of the world in his grin
  • Joktan, Power of Scorn, a laughing giant
  • Candalini, Power of Sex, a living Tantric bodhisattva
  • Jude Slakes, Power of Drugs, high on Devil Blood
  • ?, Power of Rock n' Roll, because that's obviously the next one in that Familia
  • The Vampire Canaan, arisen former brother, lord of Red Lightning
  • Graf Orlock, Power of Blood, Canaan's maker
  • UnBethany, Power of Deception, hides behind a mask
  • Marie, Power of Art, literal tortured artist
  • Sir Ignatius DesPlumes, the other member of Familia Jezebeth
  • Casuabon Reyes, Power of Censorship, stuffy British gentleman
  • Eugene Stockman, Power of Insects, a hollow man filled with bugs
  • The Morrigan, Power of War, seven foot warrior woman
  • The Singularity, Power of Science, some sort of Artificial Intelligence
  • Dianne Spinnaker, Power of Illumination, the foremost among the Powers of Heaven
  • The Norns, Power of the Moon, another triple-goddess
  • Mr. Nabisco, Power of Crackers, the flaky tyrant
  • Ava Sparks, Power of Narcism, banged Rhys
  • ?, Dominus Treachery- Mustache twirling, apparently speaks Italian.
  • ?, Domina Movies- Apparently female, got in good with Regal.
  • ?, Baroness of Surprises- Took Canaan’s virginity
  • ?, Oppression- One of “The Man”, terrible tipper


  • The Chancelfolk of Locus Barakiel
  • Nobody, from Nowhere, the ultimate mystery
  • The Society Beast of the Nobilis, a Miraculous Anchor of Tifon's
  • Pygloif, demon-squid and Tifon Leer shipper (DECEASED)
  • Sid Darken, a vampire and Tifon Leer fan-boy (DECEASED)
  • Sawgrin, fishman leader of the rebellion against Barakiel, follower of Tom.
  • Mithras, a Solar Giant who guards the Corona Gateway into Locus Raphael
  • Loki Laufeyson, the Aesir god of mischief, a half-giant
  • Odin Allfather, the Aesir god of death and king of the gods
  • Thor Odinson, the Aesir god of thunder and wielder of the mighty Mjilnor
  • Sigyn, Loki's wife, technically an Aesir
  • Fenrir the Fenris Wolf, the apocalyptic wolf, spawn of Loki
  • Hel, the half-dead queen of the underworld, spawn of Loki
  • Jormungandr, the half-Aaron's Serpent border of Earth, spawn of Loki


  • Abby, Cora's best friend and Anchor
  • Benjamin, Abby's six year old son
  • Arthur Merrow, Tifon's Cammoran handler and Anchor
  • The Cult of the Night
  • The Tifon Leer Fan-Club
  • SchwarzChild
  • The Miltonic Order of the Iron Gauntlet
  • Hannigan & Flannigan, hard-boiled LAPD detectives, Anchors of Roy
  • David Pinprick, a dangerous traitor to the Cult of Night and Locus Barakiel (DECEASED)
  • Dr. Emily Tresalia, Cora's Cammoran psychologist and an Anchor (of Dantalion Fisk)
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