Melangell Thorpe

Melangell Thorpe, Domina Fortuna, Duchess of the Four Winds and Lady of Fortune

The Duchess of Fortune arose from the lowest classes of humanity into her current exalted position. She was once a mortal pirate on the Indian Ocean, which is still frequented by freebooters under the marque of various nations. Melangell took command of her own ship and eventually her own small fleet, before the previous Power of the Four Winds, a patron of trade and of merchants, took offense at her cutting into his bottom line and challenged her. Thanks to a clever trick, she won, putting an end to the overconfident Marquis. Dukkha, finding itself without a Power of Fortune, chose Captain Thorpe to take his place.

Shortly after her rise to power, Melangell attempted to expand her control over the oceans and to let her pirate fleet spread out across the Earth. However, she came into conflict with Anna Beauregarde, the Water's-Regal, who was unwilling to let the seas become dominated by mercenaries and thieves. The conflict quickly turned nasty, and Melangell was eventually forced to leave the sea altogether. With the resources of Locus Summer, she now commands a fleet of skyships that can move quickly and strike even faster. No stronghold in sky or on land can stand against her men (who have been augmented by the effects of Locus Summer), but Melangell must avoid the sea now, for its waters dislike her and long to swallow her up.

The Duchess is gregarious, forceful, and outgoing- she likes wine, men, and song (thankfully, her singing has improved thanks to her Aspect), especially when all of them have been stolen from someone else. She keeps her hair tied tightly back and wears a traditional, if somewhat oversized, captain's uniform, in bright red and green.

The Estate of Fortune controls the flow of random events and luck. Melangell can control events whose outcome is largely random, and create unlikely coincidences. She also has significant control over the wind. Melangell's heraldic Design combines Laurel and Auricula, the flower of Wealth.

Aspect 2 (Legendary). 5 Aspect miracle points.
Domain 4 (Duchess). 5 Domain miracle points.
Realm 0 (Citizen). 5 Realm miracle points.
Spirit 1 (Hearthfire). 5 Spirit miracle points.

Secondary Domain (Fortune) 3


Affiliation: Code of the Wild
Virtue: Exuberant
Restriction: Must spend money rather than saving it
Restriction: Hated by the Sea

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