Michael Cycles

Michael ___, Saint of Cycles, Dominus Gyrus

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0CP
1 … Are about motion and change
1 … Are subtle and are not in a hurry
1 … Are Present everywhere if you look at the right scope
1 … Go round and round for all Eternity
1 … If cycle is hurried and exploited to do work, it slowly eats at matter around it
2 … There to help keep and/or make things right
Persona 3 5 PMP 9CP
Treasure 5 5 TMP 15CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I'm not playing to win, but because I care about the Game (2)
(this describes almost everything I do that can be described as a Game, if it is to broad I could move one point to the next passion)
Passion: I'll try to help you if you ask me (1)
Passion: I'll mess with you to keep you on your toes and out of a rut (1)
Skill: Hustler Supreme (4)
Cool (0)
Shine (3) (From Persona)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I redeem anybody who ever killed, cheated or robbed (2)
Affliction: Always dressed appropriately to the occasion (1)
Bond: I hustle all the chumps I can find (2)
Bond: I NEVER blow my Cool (3)
Bond: I try to turn anything I participate in into a Party (1)
Bond: I win against Tremendous Odds! (4)

Bond: I still carry the first Deck of Tarot cards that was given to me, and "Wheel of Fortune" Trump card in general (miraculous anchor collection, Wheel of Fortune is my sigil).
Due to some shenanigans it is also imbued with the archetypal essence of the Original deck of stars, that was a prototype for the tarot cards. The original deck is believed to be lost though, and various entities that are related to fate also believe that it is their rightful legacy to own this deck, as well as some Powers that represent archetypes of the Major Arcana. One of my contacts is related to the shenanigans in question. Further information is available below.
If you've bet something very valuable to yourself in last 12 hours and offer a prayer to any "Wheel of Fortune" card, I'll answer.

Bond: Adam Tatler, my friend, diviner, alcoholic and card sharp (normal anchor)
We go back quite a bit, and used to operate together from time to time. Although he ended up owing some wrong people, and instead of asking for help absconded with all the winnings from our last job we pulled together, to repay his debts. I have some really mixed feelings about that.

Bond: Christine "Owl" Lanier, my ex, painter, historian, and magician specializes on vice through the ages (wondrous anchor)
She was another part of our team of three, and while Adam didn't work with us all the time, she was my partner in what we did. Most of the time the third person was some unsuspecting guy who we set up to win (stuff like pool or poker tournaments). Either me or her would end up in finals and lose to our mark. And then make sure they get away with it (and also claim 2nd place prize if there was one).

Bond: "Blues mobile" cool car, old, rusty and can get you there no mater what (wondrous sanctuary anchor). Actually it is a wagon, a green WV Transporter (the original hippie mobile). I bought it from some guys who used to play blues, so we still call it "Blues mobile". It has now windows in the back, a sleeping cot and a mini-kitchen. It was kind of a center of operations for us, with some secret compartments.


Elusive (1 CP)


Michael usually looks as either laid back casual guy with reddish brown shoulder length hair and a neatly kept beard. His eyes are usually obscured by dark shades, but now that he is a power they are magenta (to quote tvtropes: magenta which often is substituted for purple does not even exist. It's a transitional color invented by our brains in an attempt to bridge two non-overlapping parts of the spectrum). He's always dressed as is appropriate for the occasion (I actually changed one of the afflictions to reflect this), but more on the muted and unassuming/casual side of the scale.


As far as his background goes, Michael was orphaned when he was around 7 years of age, but before that he was raised by his father, who moved quite a lot (Europe, UK, US, Mexico, Middle east, the works). His father was a good storyteller, and historian. When he died, Michael got to live with some distant relatives, before being sent to a boarding school in Europe (I am going to be hazy on this bit, but that was probably because one of the faculty was a friend of his father). Since his relatives were across the pond, one of the things that he learned to do during the spring/summer breaks is to either go on digs, or by the end of the school by saving up money, and writing some convincing papers going to roam around by himself (running away is for chumps, see?).
On adventures like that is where he learned of his craft, as well as made some connections that served him well in life. It actually began as another kid asked him out to help with a game.
By the time of his commencement he was in his late twenties, and playing cards, pool and the like for almost fifteen years now. During some low period, he picked up this whole Tarot thing from his friend and team mate Adam, and somehow managed to turn the situation around. Out of all the archetypes in the deck, he focused on the "Wheel of Fortune", which most people consider to be about luck, and in some sense it is, but not really to Michael. For him it was about nature of the world, and when asked about his reversal of fortune, he always says that it was just the natural way of things.
Strange thing huh, apparently he got his Emperor Shard by hustling the previous Power of Cycles, who bet it at some point during the game. He was weary of his mantle and wanted to step down, even if it meant his death.
After enNoblement, he continued to meditate on the archetypes, and over time somehow got his deck the power that people thing a Tarot deck should have.

Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart

0 know when someone or something endangers cycles
2 find out things about different cycles

Persona Miracle Chart

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