Milo Farella

Milo Farella, Sound's Regal, Dominus Sonus

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0 CP
Domain (Sound) 5 5 DMP 15 CP
2 wants to be heard
1 reverberates
1 gets in your head and plays with your emotions
1 communicates information
1 travels in waves
1 inspires song and dance
Persona 3 5 PMP 9 CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0 CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: Dance every day, party every night (2)
Skill: DJ (5)
Skill: Shine (4)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I can hear the Music of the Spheres guiding me (3)
Affliction: I have flowers blooming in my eyes (1)
Affliction: I can be summoned with the correct notes and tones (1)
Bond: My music is inspirational and enlightening (3)
Bond: I love Natalie Indigo (2)
Bond: I celebrate the things life has to offer (2)
Bond: I seem to have developed fans (1)


Lesser Divination of Purpose 2
Simple Miracle -1
Flexible +1
One Target -2
Rare +1
1 CP Total

With one glance Milo can look at something and hear the purpose of anything. By hearing what the Ygg sings about the person, place or thing, Milo knows what it is for, why it is here and what it needs to do to feel fulfilled.




Milo Farella grew up in the clubs. He had a nice family and a good education, but he hadn't really lived until he first went to an all-night rave. The mixture of dance, drugs and amazing music let young Milo find his purpose. It wasn't long before he was making a living as a DJ, trying to spread the transcendent joy that he felt lying underneath the surface of every Saturday night party. And he did well for himself. He was traveling Europe playing at amazing clubs, meeting amazing people, when over the masterfully interlaced layers of his music he could hear a deeper, truer song.

The Music of the Spheres.

It was the ringing behind all things, it was the symphony crafted from the movements and thoughts of every creature, spirit and world. The Tree of Life itself sang to Milo, and he wept with joy.

From that moment on his DJing took on a near religious devotion. His obsession with getting his songs to hint at even the slightest fragment of the majestic perfection he was hearing all the time now drove Milo to the brink of madness. His career skyrocketed, his new inspiration connecting to lots of people on deep visceral levels. When people danced to his beats he could feel he was getting them in tune with the Music of the Spheres, putting them on the track of universal oneness.

He met a girl named Natalie Indigo who could hear the music too. He knew the first time he saw her dance as he mixed from his stage that she was hearing the real music behind his own. They danced all night, and many nights afterwards, meeting again in Paris, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Tokyo, again and again their paths crossing, the Music of the Spheres pulling them together again and again.

Just when it seemed that nothing could get better, Milo ascended to the ranks of divinity. He became the Lord of Sound, the very embodiment and master of all things sonic. He could bend the sound-waves by his will alone, crafting amazing music with his own hands, designing tones that would touch the very heart and soul. Becoming one of the Nobilis hasn't changed Milo's mission one bit; he still spends his time in the trenches, spinning tiny glimpses of the true Music of the Spheres for those who will dance for a while.

Farella swore allegiance to Heaven, citing their beauteous song, the loudest and purest of all the voices that make up the Music of the Spheres. Though Milo has a deep respect for the ancient beauty they have preached and protected, the young man has moral quandaries with some of Heaven's worst intolerance and ignorance. He can hear, especially with those Angels who spend too much of their time in the Brightest Realm, a discordance in their obsession with beauty over joy. They have become cold messengers of grace rather than exaltant celebrants of glory, and that is something Milo intends to change if he can. If he can't, then he will simply have to bring Heaven in tune with the rest of the universe too.

Life Path


Domain Miracle Chart

0 When Sound is in danger it warns Milo with an Estate Driven Divination with +5 Strike. Milo experiences this cry for help as an ear-splitting din crying out to be silenced.
1 Milo can create Ghost Sounds, audible illusions that sorta resemble other sounds but not really.
2 With a Lesser Divination Milo can know anything about Sound or a particular sound, like its point of origin, any information being communicated through it, the decibel volume, the pitch, tone, note, source and frequency. Another favorite trick of Milo's is his ability to see sound as it moves, a colourful and pleasurable experience as Milo explains it, and useful in the dark.
3 With a Lesser Preservation Milo can make a sound louder, more appealing to the ear, travel further or just last longer. Sounds Preserved to echo repeatedly will lose their volume much slower than regular sounds, bouncing back and forth for days. He can also harden sound into solid constructs, as is common in the Chancel.
4 With a Lesser Creation Milo can make any sound he desires, from exact sounds of other things to new ones of his invention. He can create enough high-frequency noise to shatter all the glass in a city block. Lesser Animations allow Milo to control sound-waves, how they travel, where they're going, and even what exactly they sound like. Milo likes taking a set of sounds apart and 'remixing' them into new shapes. Lesser Summonings call Sound-Spirits to his side.
5 Lesser Destructions allow Milo to silence noise, or just a portion of a sound (like the guitar track on a CD, or your singing voice). He can curse things to be soundless or create anti-sound, a negative sonic energy that cancels out other sounds, echoing inward and concealing information. Major Divinations let Milo hear any noise that has every occurred, letting him eavesdrop on conversations from the past or listen to what Woodstock sounded like from the front row. He can also divine the future by picking out the Music of the Spheres from within other noises, usually abstract nature sounds or white-noise, though some inspired dubstep tracks do the trick as well.
6 For 1 MP a Lesser Motion Milo can decide the purpose, past, future or destiny of a particular sound. He could make a song that will inspire murderers or create a noise that will rip open someone's third eye and let them see the truth inside themselves as well as in the world around them. He can even change history, effecting what music became national anthems and when. With a Major Preservation Milo can make a sound last forever, never ceasing, bouncing back and forth or just emanating without a source at maximum intensity. He could make hardsound constructs stronger than any known material or make a song so catchy that all it takes is one listen and it is caught in your head for literally ever, you corpse will hum it in your casket.
7 2 MP Major Creations of Sound could shatter all the glass in North America or make a speech or music audible across the world. Milo could conjure up heart-breaking symphonies out of thin air.
8 Major Destructions of Sound could silence a the world or create enough anti-sound to blow up my sense of disbelief.
9 Major Motions allow anything you could ever imagine using sound as a tool for becomes possible. You can make sound act in strange ways, and make it so this is how it has always acted, retroactively changing history. It allows Sound to act in ways unlike its normal properties, and Milo can devise all manner of magical enchanted music that keeps it's mighty blessing or curse as it passes from one person to another. He could make a noise that turns people into stone, or make a philosophy out of sound-itself, or make a soul out of sound to give something soulless.

Persona Miracle Chart

0 With The Sight Milo can sense how people relate to sound, what their favorite sounds are, and can easily spot Nobles with Estates related to his own or Excrucians out to get his Estate. This effect gets +3 Strike for free. Milo experiences his Sight through purely auditory means, listening to how the Music of the Spheres rings.
1 With Minor Blessings Milo can make someone slightly more harmonious, make their voice a little melodic and pleasant, give them better taste in music and make them more likely to be heard and understood. With Minor Curses Milo can harm someone's ability to play music, make their voice annoying, make them more discordant and make them less likely to be heard or understood.
2 Lesser Incarnations let Milo leave his body and ride any sound-wave on Earth. He loses all senses beyond the auditory, and experiences the world as the sound itself would. He bounces, he echoes, he reverberates. He can linger in a conversation back and forth or dwell inside a song for a while, but he can just easily travel at sonic speeds to the very conclusion of a sound's individual waveform.
3 With a Lesser Emulation of Sound Milo can don any of the Properties of Sound. He can travel in waves or reverberate, he can become impossible to silence, a master of communication who wants to and will be heard. He can even get inside your head and play with your emotions, both metaphorically with psychology and timing and literally by just soundwaving into your mindspace and manipulating your inner psyche. He can become immaterial or move as quickly as the speed of sound. The most common use Milo has found for it in his career as a DJ is "Milo Farella inspires song and dance"
4 For 1 MP Milo can Enchant others with the nature of Sound. He could tune a TV to a program about the physics of sound, make a person be driven to be heard, move in waves or get into people's heads and play with emotions. He can turn someone into a sound, converting them portion by portion into a sonic waveform. He could make something move at sonic speeds or exist immaterially. He can make random objects inspire song and dance, or make someone a master communicator.
5 For 2 MP Milo can perform two different types of Miracles. First of all, with a Major Incarnation Milo can expand his consciousness into ALL of the sound on Earth, existing as the manifestation of every wave, every note, every voice, every song, every scream, or instead reach to one of the Far Sounds, the very Songs emanating from Heaven or Hell, or the lullabies the Stars sing to baby Aaron's Serpents, or other such otherworldly sounds. Secondly, with a Lesser Sacrifice Milo can remove the nature of sound from a thing, making something completely mute, or simply unable to communicate or unwilling to be heard, silencing them without really taking away their ability to make noise. He can make waves act not like waves, resolving that old physics issue. He can rob something of it's catchy, song and dance inspiring ability, ruining songs if need be. He can also remove everything about sound from a sound until it no longer part of the Estate of Sound; it probably becomes light, Cherenkov radiation, gravity, magnetic force, or other immaterial energies detectable by human senses.
6 For 4 MP Milo can pull out two Miracles. First of all, with a Major Emulation of Sound Milo can become like sound in epic and powerful ways. He can be driven to be heard by the whole world, travel in waves that never stop coming, inspire song and dance festivals that last for weeks and unite people with the Music of the Spheres. He can become a sonic boom that obliterates a city. Secondly, with a Lesser Binding of Sound, Milo can redefine how someone relates to his Estate. He could make a man a master musician, a whiz at making sound effects with their body, a superhero using hardsound technology, give them a scream that can make eyeballs explode or make it so the slightest whisper causes them unfathomable pain. Milo can devise whatever complicated and specific blessings or curses he can devise as long as it is a change in the target's life based around the Sound.
7 Also for 4 MP, Milo can do Major Enchantments upon large portions of Creation, infusing them with Sound Nature, converting a city and it's people into sound-shapes, make a subculture driven to be heard and masters of communicating their viewpoint, make a whole nation inspire song and dance or cause all gravity to begin traveling in waves (that is if they don't already the wave thing is a little higher level physics than I really have.)
8 As a Word of Command, Milo could perform a Major Sacrifice, removing sound-nature from large portions of Creation. He could take away a city's ability to be heard, repeat the Curse of Bable upon a nation, or remove techno music's ability to inspire song and dance (which he would basically never, ever do). He could remove laughter from the Estate of Sound, making it so people use bio-luminescence to react to humorous situations.
9 Also as a Word of Command Milo could change how large portions of Creation relate to sound, creating complicated, powerful and specific blessings or curses upon nations or large concepts. He could make personal ability to create pleasing sounds, usually music or spoken word, but also sound effects and other novelty noises few can make, be the defining feature of human courtship. He could make Canada the noisiest place on Earth. He could give all gypsies a hypnotic voice that can twist minds into knots.
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