Milo On


Right, so say what you will about Miss Magestis, you gotta admire the dedication to harmony she represents. To think the antithetical songs of Creation and the Lands Beyond could make such a wondrous fusion, it gives me hope for a peaceful resolution to the Valde Bellum. For reals. I can even forgive that one time she put me to her Test. At some point you have to face the idea that the Excrucians are here to teach us a lesson, whether it's one we understand or are ready for. I wasn't ready for mine, but I think I learned something out of it. Endlessness is a curse, having a finite period in which to live your life and make your mark is a blessing! If anyone is capable of bridging the gap between us and The Beyonders, it's my Space Sis.


This chick is alright. Tells killer stories if you get her going. I wanna work with her on a spoken word concept album, I think it could freak the people out! To think that nerdy chick from high school turned out to be such a happenin' girl. Just goes to show not to judge a book by its cover. And she's a Regal too, just like me!


Sometimes party people, y'know freaks and night-monsters like me, get all backwards prejudice on people. They be all, don't trust the man, anyone in a suit is evil, lawyers are the devil, and all that noise. Well Lance is a great example of why that's totally hypocritical bullshit. Lance is one of the most straight up, nicest guys ever, and I can't think of anyone who should fill the shoes of Heroism and wield that funky British sword than this dude.


No kidding, a genie with a lamp? Rad. I don't know what I'd do if I got a wish, which is why I sort of haven't gotten too close to the big buff dude. But music is art, and he represents all the other types. It's all beautiful man. I can get behind whatever cool doo-dads he's pushing.


This cat is my real brother. No-one gets me like the Dominus Penumbra. He is the MC to my DJ. We party hard-core, we do it up right! Dancing, singing, girls, drinks, you name it, we done it. Life is short and this guy, this guy gets it. He's pretty much an eternal adolescent though, never getting out of those awkward teen years. I know he's older than he seems, that's why I'm not super bugged by the age limit laws and so forth. I don't always, like, get Shade and what makes it different from Shadow and Darkness or whatever, but hey, why aren't I the God of Music, eh? Eh? Me and Tadjo, we're cool.


If I got to be the Lord (or Lady, natch) of Time, I would probably wanna be a Regal like me and Cilo. To each their own though. I get that she's this dashing romantic lead chick in her own movie series and all, but I gotta keep asking for my CDs back every time I see her. Not cool.

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