Miranda Holland

Miranda Holland, Power of Shields, Domina Scutorum

Aspect 1 (5 AMPs)
Domain 5 (5 DMPs)
Persona 0 (5 PMPs)

  • Shields protect the vulnerable from harm. 3
  • Shields are tough. 2
  • Shields keep things apart. 2

Treasure 0 (5 TMPs)

Gifts: Active Immortality, Living Shield (Lesser Emulation of Shields, miracle level raised to 5, automatic, self only, one trick, uncommon, 1 CP)

Affliction: People look to me for leadership. (3)
Affliction: The Power of Lightning both attracts and repels me. (2)
Bond: I can save you. (3)
Bond: I take my responsibilities seriously. (2)
Bond: I am wracked with guilt and sorrow. (1)
Bond: I can't accept that Praxael is really gone. (2)

Appearance: Miranda is a thin, red-haired woman, seemingly in her late 20s with an accent from somewhere on the American East coast that has grown rather dodgy after many years of absence.

Passion: "I care about Justice." 2
Skill: Cop 2
Skill: Karaoke. Tell no one. 2
Skill: (Religious) Faith 2

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