Natalia Koutolika

Natalia Koutolika, Pawn of the Bleak, Domina Caeruleae

Aspect 5 8 AMP 15CP
Domain 0 8 DMP 0CP
The Bleak…
2 … looks upon the world and finds therein no good
2 … is lacking in warmth, life, or kindliness
1 … tells you not to go on
1 … is exposed and barren and often windswept
1 … drains the joy and color away
Persona 0 8 PMP 0CP
Treasure 0 8 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Skill: Mathematics (3)
Skill: Martial Arts (3)
Skill: Dance (1)
Skill: Student (1)
Skill: Russian Emigre (0)
Cool (5)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: My heart must be frozen (2)
Affliction: I must be an Outsider (1)
Affliction: My Flaws, Memories, Regrets, and Problems have a tendency of slipping away and turning into monsters (1)

Bond: I must have Mad Skills (5)
Bond: I am driven to be a Hero (3)
Bond: Heartfelt expressions of emotion leave me deeply embarrassed (1)


Durant (1CP)
Inviolable (3CP, aka Elusive++)
Palimpsest, Hint-Giving Fairy (1CP)
Chi-Blocking Strike (1CP, aka Soul-Cutting Sword)
Strumming the Ethereal Chords Stance (2CP)

For ease, we'll call this a Domain 4, Lesser Animation of Any Energy, its flexibility is probably -2, it's mostly about energy, catching it and throwing it back, wielding it as a weapon (like a whip or spear), and maybe one or two other relevant tricks… But it's definitely not anywhere near as flexible as animations usually are, and since its only stuff she can grab I'll say one target so -2. Animation Simple -1. its probably Uncommon so +1. Strike +1 (to balance). Thats a total of 1 x2 for multiEstate.


Image slightly modified from an image by Jake Wyatt
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Here is the True Thing, beyond perception.
Here the red world and the falling stars.
Here is the dream that dreams do dream of.
Here is the nightmare that nightmares hath.
Here the wish that is beyond wishing.
Here is the thing beyond the world; the Bleak Academy, that is beyond the end of life.

Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart

0 0MP: Know when the Estate of the Bleak is in danger
1 1MP: Make a person or situation feel "blah", create a cold and ill wind that rustles pages, make the ambiance seem unpleasant and grey
2 2MP: Find out how long someone has been a bad mood or when the last time rain came to a barren wasteland; suggest to a case of the blahs that it move on, or convince a cloudy November day to stick around a while longer
3 4MP: Make a place that is already dry and unpleasant, an arid and unforgiving wasteland, cement someone's gloom so that it refuses to change, lock someone in a spiral of hatred of the world
4 4MP: Create a barren wasteland, or a gale of chill wind; force someone into a depressive fugue or even suicidal ideation; call forth a specific feeling of depression or a despair creature from the dark between the stars
5 Word of Command: Make someone happy, raise spirits, instill love of the world, cause desert to become lovely and farmable, dispel grey curses; learn the secrets of the Not that whispers beyond creation, stare into the empty grey distance and see the terrible future waiting
6 Word of Command: Turn someone into an emissary of gloom or a dark lord of despair, render a desert unlivable for an eon, make someone's sadness into a scouring wind that tears away the hope from others
7 Word of Command: Create a great impossible desert that swallows up nations, sink an entire continent into despair, summon an army of nightmares
8 Word of Command: Remove fear and worry from a world, unlock the wishing power of a frozen heart, banish gloom back from whence it came
9 Word of Command: Fill the night sky with the aching song of the Bleak, so that all who look up can know that everything they love will some day end

Persona Miracle Chart

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