Nigel Hilton

Agent to the Stars
Dominus Sidera

Theme Song: The Stars (Are Out Tonight) - David Bowie

Skill: Talent Agent (4)
Magic Skill: Celebromancy (1) (The magic of fame, fashion and social perception.)
Passion: “You stick with me, and we’ll set this place on fire.” (2)
Shine: (4)

Bond: I will make you a star! (5) (Miraculous Anchor: A brooch carved from the jewelled heart of Imhotep, the former Power of the Stars. Reaches into the past and creates legends.)
Bond: I am the keeper of ancient gods. (2) (Miraculous Anchor: The Alter-Gods of the Far Suns, who manipulate identity and fame.)
Bond: I have stars in my eyes. (1) (Wondrous Anchor: Eyes of stars, which read destiny and potential.)
Bond: I *do* care. (1) (Wondrous Anchor: The Threefold-Clematis ritual, an occult rite cast upon clematis which grants health and happiness to the one carrying the talisman.)
Bond: Showbiz spirits like me. (1) (Wondrous Anchors: Ygraine and Villamont. Two fairies who joined Nigel’s service as an alternative to an existence in Hell as tiend-slaves. Have the power to create glamours)
Bond: I never pass up an opportunity to network. (1) (Normal Anchors: Collection of various clients and mortal celebrity contacts)

Affliction: The ghost of Guinevere "Gwen" Harvey haunts the stars, wielding the absence of Fame as her principle weapon. (2)
Affliction: I know *everybody* (2)
Affliction: My clients become stars. (3)

Aspect: 0 (5 AMP)
Domain: 0 (5 DMP)
Persona: 3 (The Stars) (5 PMP)
Treasure: 5 (5 TMP)

Unblemished Guise

The Stars:
…shine so brightly. (2)
…dwell in darkness. (2)
…embody our hopes, dreams and fears. (1)
…look down on us from on high. (1)
…endure throughout the ages. (1)

In the halls of power the lords of old had their seneschals and viziers, in the streets below the thieves had their fences and the prostitutes their pimps. So the stars have always had their agents labouring behind the scenes on their behalf.

Nigel Hilton was a low-to-middling tier talent agent operating in Britain from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. What he lacked for in talent (if you’ll excuse the pun) he made up for in diversity and a willingness to put up with a lot of shit in the name of making a bit of cash. Musicians, writers, actors, comedians, a couple of celebrity chefs one time. Never anyone famous enough to be a household name and a good many that never went anywhere.

Then Nigel met Gwen in a chance encounter in a London pub on open mic night. Folksy sort of girl with an acoustic guitar and a bunch of mush that was considered quaint back in the sixties, but her singing was passable enough. They got to chatting after the act and after several beers and a rebuffed attempt to make a pass Nigel gave her his card and they parted ways.

About three months later she got back in contact. Whatever had happened, whatever magic she’d found to burn away the old her and give her a voice that could set the sky aflame, she was the real thing. She’s come around to the idea of stardom and needed an inroad into the business. Three months and a meteoric rise later she was performing before the Rosgrim (Nigel knew a guy, who knew a guy who’d worn the thing. A surprising number of people in the business knew the score and Nigel was a low-ranking member in the Mask’s cult at one time).

What a night that was! The fire consumed maybe a quarter of New York and by the time the being Nigel would come to call Imperator lifted his charred not-technically-corpse from the rubble Gwen had long gone. The whole thing had apparently been some kind of elaborate trap. Or heist. Or maybe a declaration of war.

Nigel never did get the full story, though from what he gathers Guinevere Harvey was a goddess, a *Power* assigned to safeguard the Estate of Fame. In this she had failed, for Fame was now dead, taken from us by the world’s enemies.

The only thing Gwen had left behind was a charred brooch that one of the Powers had managed to snatch from her before the meltdown. The Ymera explained that the jewel within the brooch was a fallen star that once served as the heart of Imhotep, the high priest of the Alter-Gods of the Far Suns and custodian of the stars until his death and the heart-theft, before plunging it into Nigel’s chest.

Since then Nigel has been scouting for talent to feed the hungry gods of fame, creating modern day Orions and Andromedas to exalt and immortalise in the night sky, so that his Imperator’s home keeps a steady supply of shooting stars to fuel the dreams that enable human innovation. The Imperator hints that there’s a further purpose behind recreating the power of the stars, but is mostly just content to play mind games.

Nigel has made a living out of knowing when to come on strong and when to melt into the background. He tends to avoid the limelight if danger threatens, letting his more showy anchors take on the flashier duties of the power of Stars while he takes stock and makes backroom deals with those he identifies as the real players. That said he’s happy to try and steal the spotlight behind the scenes and is something of a narcissist when he cuts loose.

Nigel is a middle aged man, you’d guess somewhere in his forties. His hair was greying when he was first ennobled but has now returned to its former sandy colour. Possibly due to the whim of his Imperator, he has been unable to do anything about the receding hairline. He tends to wear unbuttoned shirts and jewellery and his ennobling into the land of dreams has allowed him to expand his wardrobe considerably while still being (to his mind) within the acceptable limits of showiness. (You can get away with a lot in a realm where dreams take form and walk the streets.)


Lifepath Generation:

  • More than anything else you are… Something cool. (Agent to the stars! Nigel goes everywhere, across oceans, worlds and universes, scouting for talent, bringing forth heroes and turning misery into magic. Of course the price for this is that said heroes have to ritualistically feed their identity to the hungering alter-gods of the far suns in order to keep the flame of human inspiration and creativity alive, but it does come with the benefit of being immortalised as a constellation in the night sky.) Strengthens the shadow of the Gorse.
  • Your Estate is from the… Painful Side of the World. (The stars are beautiful yes, and as close to eternal as humans can properly conceive. But they’re floating in a dark, cold void. Their glory knows neither good nor evil, and they care little if their wisdom and beauty destroys humanity or exalts them. They can’t be real. There’s no room for elder gods in the cosmology of Creation, yet they are. They’re probably a lie that something else is hiding behind.) Strengthens both hearts and creates the circle “The Alter-Gods of the Far Suns”
  • Your Estate is… Something you can point to. (The stars are something humanity observes, rather than what they think and describe. Humans distinguish them from the outer darkness by observing their light, echoing across the eons. The stars observe humanity in turn, and those they spend the most time observing are distinguished from the rest of humanity by stardom. But the stars are hungry.) Strengthens both hearts. Strengthens the Alter-Gods circle.
  • You lived a… Troubled Life. (Nigel wasn’t what you’d call A-list. Extras on soap operas, aspiring artists who got on TV a couple of times, club acts. Then the real thing came along. Whatever it was Gwen had, whatever god came down and blessed her with a voice that could bring a room to tears or a city to riot, she was going to live forever. So naturally Nigel went all out for her. Sold most of his assets to get the money together for the first performance, made a few pacts with a few people who might-or-might-not have been in bed with the Camorra, got the go-ahead from the right people. Yeah it was *never* going to end well.) Strengthens the shadow of Mimulus.
  • What is the legacy of your troubled life? You’re still in trouble! (The fire that destroyed Nigel’s career, ended his life and left him a Noble was the manifestation of a larger, hidden conflict. The Imperator who claimed Nigel and charged him to feed the Alter-Gods knows more but isn’t telling.) Strengthens the Alter-Gods Circle.
  • Contacts:
    • Far and troubled love (Gwen is something miraculous. Maybe a Power or an Excrucian or something powerful enough to be at war with the Stars themselves. Or maybe she’s as much a lie as the Alter-Gods and there’s something else going on.) Strengthens the key of Mimulus.
    • Disciples (Nigel has a small army of clients, most of whom he has anchored. While he works as an agent for all of them, those favoured by the stars attain truly miraculous heights before ascending to the heavens.) Strengthens the Shadow of the Gorse.
  • Affiliation: The song of the dark. (Glory in exchange for sacrifice. That’s the Dark all over. Of course given the people Nigel sacrifices attain a kind of immortality it’s always possible that he’s actually working for the over side and the Alter-Gods are actually deep-cover agents for the Light. Still it’s the Dark that claims him.) Strengthens the shadow of Mimulus.

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