power of Infiltration ……..(name unknown)

I am undetected 5
I leave no trace 4
I am in charge of what used to be odin's ravens 2
I notice everything 2
I have contacts among the Cammorae 1

Bond/Affliction: I maintain my anonymity at all times. 1

Infiltrators are undetected 3
Infiltrators leave no trace 2
Infiltration will get you anywhere 2


Aspect 0
Domain 0
Persona 3
Treasure 2

invisibility 1 I got this before I became a power. You know a bribe. But may new power makes it much better
Wayfinder [1 CP]
Worldwalker (strike 5) 6
Teleportation (Translocation/Colocation/Jumping) 2 This was a bribe too, but now that I am a power I can go places I would not have dreamed of before.

computer operations 4
thief 2
detective work 2

Teleportation (Translocation/Colocation/Jumping):
[Lesser Motion of the Self (6), Simple (-1), Self (-3), Comprehensive (-1), Uncommon (+1)], 2 CP total
A Noble with this Gift may transport himself through the first three spatial dimensions as he pleases with nothing more than a thought (and perhaps an Estate-appropriate special effect). This Gift requires the practicioner to possess at least a minimal awareness of his destination, and he may not cross through "twisted space" such as the boundaries of a closed Chancel or the Earth's atmosphere unless he also possess the Worldwalker Gift. He may still translocate as normal within the bounds of a Chancel. Whether he may teleport from point to point upon the World Ash is left to the discretion of the individual Hollyhock God.

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