Ahura Ablabius, Power of Sacred Geometry (3e Character)

Ahura Ablabius
Power of Sacred Geometry
(Song of the Wild)

Aspect 0 0p
Domain 4 12p
Persona 2 6p
Treasure 0 0p
[3] Geometry is Perfect
[2] Geometry is Theoretical
[1] Geometry is Logical
[1] Geometry is Descriptive of the Natraul

Gift: Active Immortality 6p
Gift: Magical Symbol 1p

[1] Bond: I dislike non-geometric shapes

[4] Affliction: I am unable to stop deep thinking
[4] Affliction: I cannot affect those who are illogical
[3] Affliction: I am unchanged by non-geometric objects
[1] Affliction: I feel more pain and pleasure than mortals

Treasure (mundane anchor): Dimitri Woolworth
Treasure (mundane anchor): Illustration

Skill: Communication 2
Skill: Philosophy 3

Cool 5
Shine 2+2

Modus Operandi



Domain Miracle Chart
0 - Warning; Knows when the platonic solids are in danger
1 - Ghost Miricle; A single object becomes geometrically perfect
2 - Lesser Divination; Questions people about geometry and philosophy
3 - Lesser Preservation; Increases the geometic properties of something or increases its durability
4 - Lesser Creation, Summoning and Animating; Creates solids of force
5 - Lesser Destruction and Greater Divination (1 MP); Learns everything about geometry or removes a geometric property such as length from an object
6 - Lesser Motions and Greater Preservation (2 MP); Make something's spacial properties completely unchanging or transfer something's properties to another
7 - Greater Creation, Summoning and Animating (4 MP); Summon Mettatron (archangel) or cause a geometric object to be animated
8 - Greater Destruction (4 MP); Destroy and entire category of shapes or another Noble's geometric interfering
9 - Greater Motion (8 MP); Completely redefine a type of shape

Persona Miracle Chart
0 - The Sight; Can sense platonic philosopher's presence
1 - Blessing/Curse; make something more or less theoretical
2 - Lesser Incarnation; Gain the experience of something geometric
3 - Lesser Emulation (1 MP); Become theoretical, logical, or perfectly made
4 - Lesser Enchantment (2 MP); Turn something into a shape made of philosophical thought
5 - Lesser Sacrifice and Greater Incarnation (4 MP); Declare something to be unrelated to geometry or gain the experience of all platonic philosophers
6 - Lesser Binding and Greater Emulation (4 MP); Destine someone to become a philosopher or mathematician or create an army of theoretical selves
7 - Greater Enchantment (8 MP); Make an entire population platonic
8 - Greater Sacrifice (8 MP); Declare a shape to be mathematically flawed
9 - Greater Binding (8 MP); Make a country become a source of math and philosophy

Treasure Miracle Chart
0 - Claiming an Anchor; Make something an anchor
1 - Possession (1 MP); Gain control of Dimitri or Ablabius' illustraions
2 - Guidance (2 MP); Transfer knowledge with Dimitri
3 - Unleashing Wonders (4 MP); Cause illustration to become real
4 - Getting Some Help (4 MP); Cause Dimitri to contact imperator
5 - Weaponizing Anchors (8 MP); Give Dimitri heroic abilities
6 - Weaving Destinies (8 MP); Destine Dimitri to become a great philosopher and mathematician
7 - Getting Miraculous Help (8 MP); Cause Dimitri to help from another world
8 - Communion (8 MP); Gain the powers of all the illustrations
9 - Imperial Miracle (Impossible with Treasure 0)

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