Anne Fire White Road

In the midst of time travel you got sucked into the attempted destruction of the Event Horizon that is the passing of Ages, in the moment that Lord Entropy attempted to destroy it, thus slipping through the crack as the Actual emerged?

Passion: I can save humanities future. 3
Skill: One crisis at a time. 2
Skill: Tech-stuff 2
Skil: Moping 1
Shine: 5 (from Persona)

Bond: The future is Humanity's birthright! 4
Bond: This age is so [I]primitive[/I]! 3 (meant mostly as a weakness, when her unfamiliarity and frustration get the better of her)
Affliction: My estate bleeds into the world through me, marking those places, things, and people I am near. 3
Bond: My ship is a good ship, the seas of time a good wife. 2
Bond: My Companions keeps me human. 1
Affliction: Creation is sworn to protect me. 2

Aspect: 0
Persona: 5
The Fourth Age:
: is everything's birthright. 2
: is artificial, chrome and plastic, and electronic dreams. 2
: is born from dreams 1
: is built from natural law 1
Domain: 0
Treasure: 3
Elusive: 1

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