Astara Raynes, Power of Stars, Domina Astra

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0CP
1 Stars … are numerous and uncountable
1 …are steadfast and reliable
1 … guide our fates
1 … shine brightest in the dark
1 …show the way for the lost
1 …keep watch in the night
1 … are ever-distant, but always reached for
Persona 5 5 PMP 15CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I know how to deal with Weird Shit (5)
Skill: Adventurer Archaeologist (3)
Cool (5 + 0 Aspect)
Shine (0 + 5 Persona)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: The Book of my Life is written in the Stars (3)
Affliction: I will not die until all the Stars have gone out (1)
Bond: I'm Unflappable (5)
Bond: My uncle is cool (1) (mundane anchor)
Bond: The Cult of the Night Sky (1) (collection of mundane anchors)
Bond: My Trusty Crowbar is the best tool for solving problems (2) (wondrous anchor/foci)


Active Immortality

Flight (Treasure based)
Astara can unfurl wings made out of stars. They also allow her to blend against the night sky, but are extremely noticable in the daytime or against clouds.

Trusty Crowbar (focus)
Treasure 5, Simple -1, Local -1, Handful of uses -2, Uncommon +1. Total 2 CP.
One of the first things Astara did was tie her crowbar to the fabric of Stars. It is still a mundane crowbar that can do mundane crowbar things, such as pry open chests, break down doors, bash Weird Shit violently over the head etc. It can also do those things miraculously: pry open or bash things that crowbars can't normally pry open or bash.


Astara is a young woman with jet-black hair that flows down to her shoulders.


When beggars die, there are no comets seen;
The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes. - Shakespeare, [I]Julius Caesar[/I]

If you ask an astronomer why stars fall, they'll tell you about comets and asteroids and little balls of rock whirling through space. But this is the truth: A star falls every time a Noble dies.

On the night that Astara Raynes was born, the same night the previous Power of Stars died*, a dozen stars fell, and a new constellation took their place. To most mortals it had always been that way, but the Cult of the Night Sky had been watching the Heavens for just such a moment. They knew what it meant, and what they needed to do. For the time being, they waited, as they had for centuries.

Astara Raynes is used to Weird Shit. When she was born, her mother drifted into a weird trance, before announcing her name in a voice that brooked no descent (they were going to name her Mary). At the age of four, her imaginary friend (his name was Herbert) pushed her out of the way of a runaway car and died in her stead. At the age of five, she fell from the fifteenth floor of a building and was entirely unharmed. When she was six, she was kidnapped by a shopping cart - a nice man returned her to her parents and apologized profusely for letting that one get by him. At the age of seven, her parents were killed by a rampaging stegosaurus (the local museum didn't even have a stegosaurus) and she was taken in by her uncle, an adventurer (or so he always said) slash archaeologist (more likely). When she was eight and kept awake by monsters under her bed her uncle (who apparently took his parenting lessons from Discworld) taught her how to effectively wield a crowbar ("saved my life more times that I can count" he said). The monsters were duly chastened, and her till then subdued alarm clock wished her a cheery good night. At the age of twelve, her uncle began to take her on his expeditions, which somehow always resulted in them being chased by mummies or boulders or cannibals or something. When, at the age of fifteen, a bunch of suspicious people dressed in in many-starred robes contacted her to tell her that she was the Chosen One whose coming had been Foretold many generations ago, it wasn't even the weirdest thing that happened that week.

At the age of eighteen, she became the Power of Stars, and finally fulfilled her destiny. Astara kind of hoped that meant things would settle down for a bit. And then, of course, some joker decided to smash up the sky, leading to a year of frantic running back and forth trying to keep the stars from falling down all over the place.

The nature of her life means that she values the mundane as much, or more, than the miraculous, the ordinary as much as the beautiful. She was thus drawn most to the cause of Hell, determined to see the value of all things, even the least and the worst.

One downside of being so used to Things happening to her, unfortunately, is that she is a bit at a loss about how to happen to Things instead. Which is something she needs to figure out if she is, as it seems, destined to be the Goddess of Stars for the rest of Eternity. Still she has taken her new position in stride, confident in the sagacious advice of her uncle: be prepared for anything, never show them that you're scared, speak softly, and carry a crowbar, and you will go far.

*Who was the previous Power of Stars? I'm inclined to think that either there wasn't one or that he or she or it was just a placeholder until Astara - who has in fact always been the Power of Stars but was until now indisposed due to not having been born yet - came along. If the latter is true, that can't be good for your self esteem.

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