Benjamin Abernathy

Benjamin Abernathy, Saint of Energy
Former IT specialist and displaced Georgia peach.

Estate Properties

  • Energy is the best hope for the future [2]
  • Energy is the key to the world and its mysteries [1]
  • Energy is constant, influential, and powerful [1]
  • Energy is a valuable resource [1]
  • Energy is the heart of all technology [1]
  • Energy must be contained and stored to be of use [1]

Skill: Shine 4
Skill: Persuasion 3
Skill: Getting Shit Done 1
Skill: Relentless 1
Skill: Inventing 1
Skill: Cool 1
Passion: The Greater Good 2

Aspect 1 (5/5 MP)
Domain 0 (5/5 MP)
Treasure 2 (5/5 MP)
Persona 4 (5/5 MP)

Keen Reflexes

Bonds and Afflictions
Bond: I’m always aware of my surroundings 4
Bond: I’m an excellent inventor 3
Bond: I’m stronger in a group 5
Affliction: I have to protect those weaker than myself 3

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