Carmen, Lady of Thieves

Domina Furtificus, Exemplar

- Domina of Thieves, after stealing the crown jewel of the Aelfscienne Queen on her wedding day.

Aspect 5 (6 AMPs)
Domain 0 (5 DMPs)
Realm 0 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 0 (5 SMPs)

Open Locks (Lesser Destruction of Barriers (5), Automatic (+1), One Barrier (-2), Limited (-2), Common) - 2 CP
Find Treasure (Major Divination of Treasure + Penetration 4 (9), Normal (-2), Global (+1), Limited (-2), Uncommon (+1)) - 7 CP
Hide Objects (Lesser Creation if Illusion (4), Simple (-1), Local (-1), Limited (-2), Uncommon (+1) - 1 CP

Restriction: Can never resist stealing something that she wants, no matter how inconvenient
Restriction: Can never admit there is something she can't steal, and will continue to try no matter what
Limit: Hunted in Aelfscienne (+1 AMP)
Affiliation: Code of the Wild

Sanctity of her Estate (5 points)
Her personal art collection (4 points)
Her own freedom (4 points)
Freedom of her Ymera, a Wildlord who has no name, refusing to take one (3 points)
Her personal manor, in Spain (2 points)
Her reputation as the greatest thief in Creation (2 points)


The Estate of Thieves deals with the act itself, as well as all things illegal or considered taboo in a society.
It deals with a sense of loss, coming from the free act of someone else.

Wearing a feodora alongside a red coat, the Lady of Thieves is someone that it is hard to miss - as long as she wish for you to see her.

Carmen first existed in the form of a woman in an animated series, concerning a women in a feodora who stole whatever she might please, while being hunted by others.
Her Ymera appreciated such acts, paying no heed to those who spoke of the fact that she wasn't technically real.
According to it, neither was Creation, so what did it matter?
Creating a perfect copy of her, the Wildlord granted her the Estate of Thieves, and bluntly told her to protect it from anything that might wish it lessened.
Quickly putting her Estate to use, she found another Word where she would be capable of

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