Darryl Collins

…are inevitable (1)
…mean something bad, if you fail (3)
…are always painful (2)
…but are hopefully for the best (1)

Aspect 0
Domain 1
Persona 5
Treasure 0

Bonds and Afflictions

  • Bond (2): Who’s in charge here? I am.
  • Bond (1): I would really prefer not to hurt people.
  • Bond (1): I am required to investigate divine claims of wrong-doing and conduct audits if the situation warrants.
  • Bond (1); I am required to resolve moral dilemmas with reference to the regulations.
  • Affliction (1): I am never without my suit, tie and general’s hat.
  • Affliction (1): I can’t help speculating! The truth is out there!
  • Affliction (2): I always find something to smile about!
  • Affliction (4): The Auditor can be postponed, but nothing seems to get rid of him for long.

Skills and Passions

  • Skill: Talent Scout (3)
  • Skill: Cool (2)
  • Skill: Shine (5)
  • Passion: I think everyone is worth it! (2)
  • Passion: And conspiracy theories are clearly worth it! (1)


  • Elusive (1 CP)
  • Durant (1 CP)
  • Briefcase (5 CP) (Treasure gift, ‘Contains materials and instructions useful and necessary for the commencement of audits.’ 6th-level Treasure Miracles, -1 Simple Activation, -2 One Person or Thing, +1 Flexible, Loosely Defined, +1 Rare)
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