Beatrice, Pawn of Shields

Domina Munimentum, The Shield of Heaven

You would strike at the beauty Cneph has wrought from nothing.
You would strike at my Familia.
At my Ymera.
At Shields.
I tell you this, spawn-of-nothing; You will fail
- Beatrice, to a rather nervous Warmain shard facing down a Noble attack while unable to strike back

Commander, remove your forces from the struggle
We have more important battles ahead of us
This can not be allowed to slow us down
- Beatrice to a commander of her Chancels army, before she raises her shield in front of a warrior race made by an Excrucian Strategist shard

Aspect 4 (9 AMPs)
Domain 0 (5 DMPs)
Realm 0 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 0 (5 SMPs)

Granted Protection

Restriction: Can never break a promise she has given
Focus: Shield (Granted Protection Gift) (+4 AMP)
Affiliation: Code of Heaven


Protecting Heaven (10 points)
Her Familia (5 points)
Sanctity of her Estate (4 points)
Her collection of beautiful paintings (1 point)

The Estate of Shields covers all kinds of protective actions

A tall woman with completely white hair and golden eyes, she is one of Creations and, more importantly (to the Angels at least), Heaven's steadfast defenders
She always wears a completely white suit of armor, to signify her devotion to Heaven, made by one of the finest makers of Heaven, Raphael.

Joan was not the only notable female knight in history.
At least, she wouldn't have been, had the Angel Michael not chosen Beatrice as one of his own.

Born and raised in Arthurian England, she was trained during a time where Arthur walked the land, and the Round Table still stood as a symbol for unity and peace.

After an attack by the Excrucians, that was no more, and Beatrice lost her place as a Knight.
She would have lost more, had not Michael just finished with the rite to make a Chancel and, seeing her devotion to protecting others, stretched through time and made her one of his Nobles.

Now, she walks Earth as an ally to Heaven, constantly ready to defend its cause.

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