Edward Reynolds

Edward Reynolds, Duke of Etiquette, Dominus Morum

Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 4 (5 DMP)
Persona 3 (5 PMP)
Treasure 0 (5 TMP)

[3] Etiquette turns violent conflicts into non-violent ones.
[2] Etiquette is governed by a complex system of rules, which inevitably contains loopholes.
[1] Etiquette binds people together in society.
[1] Etiquette elevates people above barbarism and savagery.

Afflictions and Bonds
[3] Affliction: I always come out looking good.
[3] Bond: I tell convincing lies, but choose not to do so for selfish reasons.
[2] Bond: I always have a plan.
[1] Affliction: If someone asks me very politely, I have to do whatever they say.
[1] Bond: I serve the Dark, but am really just looking out for humanity.
[1] Bond: I have an amicable rivalry with Decima Ysenda, an Excrucian.

Passions and Skills
Skill: Con-man 3
Skill: Cunning schemes 2
Passion: I want people to like me 1
Passion: I like dogs 0
Cool 2
Shine 3


Cosmic PR (3 CP)
Lesser Destruction of Memory instantly erases the memory of anyone who watches me make a mistake.
Level 5 (Domain), Automatic, Local, One-Trick, Uncommon

Durant (1 CP)
Lesser Preservation of the Self gives me resistance to harm.
Level 3 (Domain), Automatic, Self-Only, Limited, Common

Character Points
12 to raise Domain to 4
9 to raise Persona to 3
1 to purchase the Durant Gift
3 to purchase the Cosmic PR Gift.

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