Pawn of Play
An Independent Song

Aspect 1 5 AMP 3CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0CP
2 Play is the true object of all human life.
2 Play is not over as long as there are games.
2 Play is what a child's greatest achievements are possible in.
1 Play is played for fun.
Persona 0 5 PMP 0CP
Treasure 3 5 TMP 9CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: The world should be fair! (2)
Skill: Gamer (1)
Superior Skill: KidTechnician (1)
Cool (0)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I won't stand by when I see innocent children getting hurt! (4)
Bond: I shouldn't do unchildlike things like smoke or drink alcohol (3)
Affliction: I sleep inside stories I can hold, like books, CDs or video game cartridges (3)
Affliction: My age can't be altered from 10-ish years old (4)
Affliction: I'm a cartoon kid and can't be hurt in child-unfriendly ways! (1)
Affliction: I'm too child-ish to fall in love! (1)


NetPack, a school backpack turned jetpack stuffed to the brim with various KidTech gadgets. (Treasure 5-level, 1 CP)
Treasure 5, 5 CP
Simple Miracle, -1 CP
One person or thing, -2 CP
Always have the right gadget, -1 CP
Uncommon, +1 CP

GoggleBoy, a pair of swim goggles which are actually an imagination-powered augmented reality system! (Treasure 4-level, 1 CP)
Treasure 4, 4 CP
Automatically activates when appropriate, +1 CP
Local things only, -1 CP
Stat-O-Vision, -1 CP
Uncommon, +1 CP

Active Immortality (Domain 6-level Preservation of Self, 6 CP)

Scrollers (Treasure 3-level, 1 CP)
Treasure 3, 3 CP
Simple Miracle, -1 CP
Self only, -3 CP
Skate on any terrain, -2 CP
Uncommon, +1 CP


Neo GamePlayer



Mind Map



I don't want to be a real boy or a jackass! I just want to be 10-ish!
Gadg8eer's history, in a sense, predates his existence in Creation. He was originally named Oliver Kind, and he's an author avatar whose author died from having the personality torn out of him, with only the incomplete notes of a tabletop roleplay setting called Kidpunk to define him.

His existence was torn from the internet, scraps of paper and even the mind of the writer who lives on only as him, by Ha-Qadosch Berakha in 2014. Once concentrated into a self-daydreaming unreal boy who never feels a day older than 10, Ha-Qadosch Berakha then had him build the little box that only works on people who are too proud to admit they are wrong.

Gadg8eer was sealed inside it for complaining that it wasn't fair how his Imperator had him build things that were always knocked down for laughs, that Ha-Qadosch Berakha was treating him more like a cartoon character than a Nobilis. What was he wrong about? Characters are ideas which borrow free will that are toys to a writer and an audience. This boy had done nothing but use characters as pawns, it was perfectly fair that he become the Pawn of Play!

Writers are crueler than kids, and writers that don't grow up are the cruelest of all?
After living several stories out for Ha-Qadosch Berakha's amusement, including his own "Kidpunk" and that of a Creation which never existed (among other darker tales), he and the Estate of Play were gifted to Ma'at II, daughter of the ancient Egyptian Magisters Apep and Ma'at.

Instead of a bed, Gadg8eer can only sleep inside any physical copy of a story. Depending on whether it's linear or interactive, he will be either an invisible observer or a player character. He can open a book and be put inside it until he wakes up, put a smartphone on shuffle all to dream a music video of the intended lyrics and tone, or load a game on his Neo GamePlayer to dream of living inside the virtual world while the console sits idle in normal reality. The story medium can't be destroyed with him inside, and will be influenced by his presence if it is interactive. Aside from these effects, there's nothing special about it and no extra protection is offered by sleeping inside stories.

Life Path

Free from events which never actually happened, Gadg8eer has learned from a fake first-time around that stressing out about people getting hurt by his actions doesn't actually prevent him from hurting someone, and gets in the way of actually protecting his Estate. He now explores the world the way he was meant to, but a couple nagging thoughts still bother him, based on what the Songs said about him.

I'm the last hero who never grew up!
"What, what? No, that can’t be true. There’s other stories!"
Homestuck says otherwise.
Once Upon A Time says otherwise.
Undertale says otherwise.
Gravity Falls says otherwise.
Guess what, Kidpunk?
To all this Creation, you’re an anomalous idea leech who bends the rules until they break with your fancy toy machines!
Your “creator” died for a very good reason, you’re just an Avatar in an age that knows better than to make another Ensign Sue!
The worst part? From blockbuster movies to YouTube videos, they agree. You’re a Kid, a monstrous little imp who plays with people's lives.

"People think kids who never grew up are playing god cruelly, are they right?"

Go back a decade and even that assessment is generous…
"You're calling the world dark enough to be purposefully unfair!"
That doesn't change the fact the very childishness you value most about yourself is your chain!
Ha-Qadosch Berakha wanted you to tell him stories, and you did, until he gave you away.
Lord Entropy is no pushover, he wanted to ruin what you value before Ma'at could use you, and he did.
Ma'at II has received you, she wants you to be her pied piper, Kidpunk! Will you?

"No, I won't!"
You lie to yourself, loyalist, false hope that you will ever go free.
"Do I really want freedom, or just an Imperator who I can trust to play nice?"

Domain Miracle Chart Persona Miracle Chart
0: Warning (Cost: 0 MP)
*Know when something endangers Play.
0: The Sight (Cost: 0 MP)
*Recognize people/things with a strong connection to Play, such as people playing a game or sport, a child holding a doll, or a dog chewing a squeaky rubber toy.
1: Ghost miracle (Cost: 1 MP)
*Attract someone to play a specific game or with a specific toy for an hour or two.
1: Blessing/Curse (Cost: 0 MP)
*Make a playground more fun to play in.
*Make a stadium less fun to play sports in.

2: Lesser Divinations, Communications (Cost: 2 MP)
*Find out the rules of a spur-of-the-moment game brought on by Play.
*Find out the owner of a plaything and how its owner treats it.

2: Lesser incarnation (Cost: 1 MP)
*Spend a scene as a video game avatar, or a cardboard box that someone has decided to pretend is a submarine.

3: Lesser Preservation (Cost: 4 MP)
*Reinvigorate enthusiasm in a sport or game that no longer holds interest for its players and spectators.
*Irresistably attract people to play with a toy regardless of its quality or appeal.
3: Lesser Emulation (Cost: 2 MP)
*Make others follow your orders as long as they are entertaining.
*Become someone else's plaything. (Warning: Not recommended!)
*Cause those who choose to play with you to have fun.
4: Lesser Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 4 MP)
*Animate a chessboard to play itself.
*Create a toy sword which can cut anything imaginary.
*Summon and augment a SWAT team armed with water guns, for various purposes.
*Summon a cardboard box fortress.
*Fill the hard drives of a supercomputer right up with video games, tabletop RPG manuals and scripts for live theatre productions in order to cause the machine to grind to a halt.
4: Lesser Enchantment (Cost: 4 MP)
*Turn a tank into a cardboard box with the word "tank" written on it in crayon.
*Turn a formula one race car into a go-kart, or vice-versa.
*Immobilize someone when they're near games or toys.
*Make a free-to-play game actually free.
*Change a cruise missile into a lawn dart. (Warning: Lawn darts are still very dangerous, especially when travelling at Mach .085!)
*Reduce the loading times on a game console by overwhelming the device with the desire to enable more Play.
5: Lesser Destructions, Greater Divinations (Cost: 8 MP)
*Erase the popular sport Calvinball from real life, leaving it a mere fictional game.
*Delete the memory of visiting a broadway play from someone's mind.
*Make a plaything stop being fun to play with.
*Ask Play for the passwords to every World of Warcraft account.
5: Lesser Sacrifice, Greater Incarnation (Cost: 8 MP)
*Make the arcade game "Polybius" a top-secret government experiment in subliminal messaging rather than a plaything.
*Incarnate in a game between two Imperators
*Turn a toy sword into a real one so that you can fight using it.
*Turn an action figure into a collector's item. (Don't take them out of the packaging!)
*Incarnate in every plaything on Earth in an attempt to locate a kidnapped child.
6: Greater Preservations, Lesser Motions (Cost: 8 MP)
*Make a playground unable to be entered by anyone who isn't there to play.
*Make Hockey be played on streets as well as ice rinks.
*Resolve a gang war by playing a game of bridge.
*Turn a game of Monopoly into a game of Dungeons & Dragons.
*Change the space-time continuum of a playground so that entering it reveals it to be a city-sized collection of jungle gyms, swings, slides, treeforts, wooden clubhouses, tetherball poles and basketball courts.
6: Greater Emulation, Lesser Binding (Cost: 8 MP)
*Make John Doe a magnet for toys and games.
*Put someone in a playful mood.
*Make someone else into a plaything.
*Make someone OKAY with losing as long as playing the game was fun.
7: Greater Creation, Summoning and Animation (Cost: 8 MP)
*Make every toy in a 100-mile radus come to life.
*Make an army of invincible paintball players
*Create a cardboard box that, when someone starts to pretend it's a giant robot, actually transforms into a giant mecha made of super-strong cardboardium alloy.
*Summon a giant, rampaging teddy bear made from the Ursa Minor constellation. (This didn't end well last time, though…)
7: Greater Enchantment (Cost: 8 MP)
*Make the sun stop setting as long as you make a game out of seeing how long you can stare at it without stopping.
*Make the population of the Maldives begin playing kick-the-can while simultaneously continuing whatever else they were doing at the time.
*Make a little league baseball team as strong and fast as major league players whenever they are actually playing baseball.
*Reduce the loading times on all game consoles on Earth by overwhelming the machines with the desire to enable more Play.
8: Greater Destruction (Cost: 8 MP)
*Destroy all the playgrounds in an entire nation.
*Remove a curse another Noble placed on the Estate of Play.
8: Greater Sacrifice (Cost: 8 MP)
*Remove the actual Play from the popular game Farmville, making it a massive grindfest which exists only to waste time and make money.
*Make the Disney theme parks into carnivals of fear, paper clip factories, toxic waste dumps, parking lots, hot and humid swamps infested with mosquitos or anything else totally devoid of Play.
*Make it so that, for 30 minutes, every time someone tries to play on Earth it will feel like work.
9: Greater Motion (Impossible with Domain 0)
*Tamper with the results of an election by having someone "play" with the numbers.
*Destine a new superweapon to someday become a common children's toy.
*Create a game which governments send athletes/gamers to play against each other instead of fighting wars through soldiers.
*Break the properties of Play by making it fall apart while imagination is present.
*Turn Play into a type of business transaction.
9: Greater Binding (Cost: 8 MP)
*Turn Denver into the city with the most playgrounds per capita.
*Make it so that everyone in the city of Tokyo plays an epic game of paintball for a week, once every year in early October.
*Make Play so fundamental to the economy of France that it accounts for approximately 30% of of the country's yearly GDP.

Treasure Miracle Chart
0: Claiming An Anchor, Communication (Cost: 0 MP)
*Know where the GoggleBoy is.
*Never have less than 100% battery on the Neo GamePlayer.
1: Possession (Cost: 0 MP)
*Take control of the Neo GamePlayer to spy on someone who stole it, make it emit an annoying screech, or just play the Lavender Town song on repeat.
*Prevent anyone from snooping around in the Netpack if you aren't wearing it, by jamming its zippers shut.
2: Guidance (Cost: 0 MP)
*Get a bonus towards doing things with the Neo GamePlayer remotely.
3: Unleashing Wonders (Cost: 0 MP)
*Turn a corporate computer network into a temporary Anchor, so that you can disable anything preventing employees from playing games on the job.
*Fly using the hairdryer engines of the Netpack or take down an opponent without killing them using the built-in Ratling guns.
*Use the GoggleBoy to provide R&D teams something to reverse-engineer to solve nausea and other design issues with VR goggles.
*Hack non-miraculous technology using the GoggleBoy as an interface.
4: Getting Some Help (Cost: 1 MP)
*The Netpack will keep you aloft and avoid projectiles while you are asleep.
*The GoggleBoy will warn you of any important unknown factors you didn't command it to analyse.
5: Weaponizing Anchors (Cost: 2 MP)
*Kill a Noble temporarily by abusing inventory sorting rules.
*Use the GoggleBoy and/or Neo GamePlayer to hack miraculous technologies.
6: Weaving Destiny, Unleashing Miracles (Cost: 4 MP)
*Use the GoggleBoy to analyse a miraculous effect and thus learn its purpose and properties.
7: Getting Miraculous Help (Cost: 4 MP)
*Summon the GoggleBoy onto your head (if you're not wearing them) from anywhere on Earth and use them to hack the planet, causing all online devices to shut down at once.
8: Communion (Cost: 8 MP)
*Expand the imagination-based KidTech of the GoggleBoy to transform all electronics related to Playing (game consoles, electronic toys) into KidTech and thus make it into miraculous technology with infinite energy supply.

9: Imperial Miracle (Cost: 8 MP)
*Declare that none of Gadg8eer's anchors can be stolen.
*Declare that none of Gadg8eer's anchors can be used to permanently kill, only respawn.

Bonus Story

"You heard me, what gives you the right to play god like people are your toys?!" Gadg8eer asked. He had just been made the Pawn of Play by Ha-Qadosch Berakha, who lived in the Chancel called Simply City.

"You're just a character who wants to be treated like a real boy without actually being one. It doesn't work that way! In the box, or you play by my rules!" Ha-Qadosch Berakha pointed to the box Gadg8eer made.

"Your rules? Screw your rules, I have free will." Gadg8eer insisted, unfazed. "I'm not your slave, I don't bow to you! Besides, that box only works on people too proud to admit they're wrong!"

"First mistake? Being too proud to admit this is fair… to your characters!" Ha-Qadosch Berakha laughed. "Enjoy the toybox, unreal boy!"
Gadg8eer was sealed in the box, forced to live in whatever stories his master thought was entertaining for the next 5 years.

Sooner or later, though, we all have to wake up…
"Where am I?" Gadg8eer asked, stepping out of the box onto a table. According to his goggles, he was in an RV driven by Kavya Rao, travelling north on the I-5 west of Bakersfield. He had dreamed of waking up into so many stories, but leaving the box meant it's for real!

"My name is Ma'at the Second, Pawn of Play, and as of this moment you are one of my Powers that be." Ma'at explained, holding a pillow in her left arm and looking like she'd been up for too long.

Finally awake to the harsh truth, Gadg8eer realized he wasn't really free. "I never shoulda made this dumb box!" he said, kicking it off the table in annoyance. "Ma'at? What happened to Apep?" Gadg8eer asked, and hopped off the table. "That's what the story he had me live called you."

"Ha-Qadosch Berakha still has a petty sense of humor, I see." she said. "Calling me by my father's name, how childish!"

"I'm called Gadg8eer, and I'm not fictional anymore! I'm as real as I need to be!" Gadg8eer turned around, looked at the box he was in and instantly ate those words, as he read what Ha-Qadosch Berakha had written in sharpie on the box. "Oh, no…"

Autonomous Imagination
MetroSys Compatible
Contains Rechargeable Backstory

"…in those stories, I forgot my past 'cause it didn't matter, I was a character." Gadg8eer sighed. "I'm still just a daydream of myself as a kid who doesn't remember what it was like being a grown up!"

"That's probably a good thing, actually. " Alex noted. "Who does this Hack-Dash Barrack Ha guy think he is? You can't put people in boxes!"

"Funny, I have a book filled with names of people buried in boxes." Ma'at said. "Ha-Qadosch Berakha, one of the remaining two of the Original Council of Four after I had Lord Entropy thrown out. Which reminds me!" Ma'at picked up the box, and it crumbled to dust in her hand. "I see you fear the story you were forced to sleep within to make this box. As do I, they mock the Dark and Light, unpunished for inverting both."

"Thanks for destroying it, but I follow my own song!" Gadg8eer said.

"Exactly. You are a quirky Noble, and I need a quirky box for progress to think outside of." she told him. "Make one, those are my orders."

Gadg8eer looked around, his GoggleBoy scanning the inside of the RV. "A qBox? On it!" He grabbed a fidget cube and other junk left on the floor, then assembled a qBox. It made a quirky noise when he flipped the switch. "What? KidTechnologic progress always goes boink!"

~ From the Thought Record of Gadg8eer
January 8th, 2018

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